Better book a cab than having your own car if you are not willing to even have a test drive

Abiah Moor (name changed) came back from India in October of 2018 and she was amazed to see some extremely stupid people there. Abiah met a family there in the city called Ghaziabad, it is a Punjabi Khatri family and they own a Dhaba (a Punjabi Indian restaurant) which is over 45 years old and is popular throughout the Ghaziabad city, you are not called a Ghaziabadwala (a citizen of Ghaziabad) unless you have eaten at this Dhaba of this family.

They invited Abiah to live with them in their house, they are total 6 members in the family including a son, a daughter-in-law, a grandson, a granddaughter, owner of the house and Dhaba and his wife. Abiah accepted their invitation.

Abiah really liked the courtesy that they provided her, one thing that she hated the most was that the son was staring at her all the time like he had never seen a woman before. Abiah really felt scared at times but the funny things that the entire family did made up for it.

The family owned 2 cars by the moment Abiah arrived there, one Hyundai i10 and a Honda Amaze (a compact car by Honda which is perhaps not available in most countries). They sold out the Honda Amaze to buy a Toyota Innova. None of the members in the family even took a test drive before planning to buy the car or MPV, whatever word you would like to use for it. Anyways, they started regretting buying the MPV by the moment it arrived, the son and father started arguing over selecting the MPV, the son blamed the father for choosing the particular MPV and the the father blamed the son for the same.

Abiah is planning to go to India once again this month, she is thinking about first landing in New Delhi, then eating at this Ghaziabad Dhaba, either of the son or father is always there, the moment one of the two has a look at her, they are going to invite her again to their home, she will go there and check what’s going on in there.

Anyways, Abiah was in Thailand the last time I spoke to her, she was booking a taxi to Hua Hin from Pattaya.

This American Jew traveled all the way to Hastings UK to relive the way her ancestors lived back in the day

Zita Kiehl (name changed) is an amateur anthropologist who claims that the first homo sapiens that evoluted from the monkeys, chimpanzees and Orangutans were in their adolescence age. Zita claims that only adolescents are capable of evoluting and the life after the adolescence is a rinse and repeat of what we learnt during the adolescence.

Zita is the daughter of a Jewish couple. Zita’s great-great-great grandfather immigrated from the city of Hastings, East Sussex, England to New York. Zita is very obsessed with knowing about the lives of her ancestors. To know more about how her ancestors and how the Jewish people lived in the England in those days, Zita traveled to Hastings and was really amazed to see the infamous English courtesy at Airport Taxi Hastings that she hired.

Zita has seven brothers and two sisters. Zita looks almost completely different from all her siblings but still looks more like her parents than any of her sibling and perhaps all her siblings combined. She even cares about her parents more than any of her siblings.

Zita claims that the World Trade Tower conspiracy theories are a plot by the catholic church to take over the assets of the Jews and ultimately destroy the Protestantism. She says that if you can believe the World Trade Tower conspiracy theories, you can believe anything.

Like most successful and intelligent Jewish people, Zita cherishes each and every moment of her precious life and she has some harsh things to say against the people and religions that believe in reincarnation, no matter how good their relationships with the Jews and/or United States are.

Zita is a very courageous businesswoman who doesn’t let the giants of her industry threaten her with their money, power and brand name.

Had a feud with your girlfriend? Visit Thailand to chill and forget about everything

Vaan Phan (name changed) is a Vietnamese lawyer from the beautiful coastal city called Da Nang in Hau Chau province of Vietnam. Vaan Phan has a love-hate relationship with beautiful women. Just a couple of months ago, he was in a relationship with this beautiful woman 2 years older than himself until she found out his profile on a matrimonial website. Instead of getting his feet shaking and body aching, Vaan Phan asked his beautiful ex-girlfriend – “How do you know that I have a profile there? Do you also have a profile on the same matrimonial website? Are you taking me for a ride by dating me?”

Vaan even argued and wasn’t ready to accept that the profile was created by himself or any member of his family or a friend, but Vaan claimed that it was created by some troll. Vaan says that he is so handsome that some scammer was trying to extort some money out of some desperate women by creating a fake profile on a matrimonial website with his picture. Her ex-girlfriend replied to Vaan that it is a paid website, trolls don’t create profiles on websites where they have to pay money to place an ad on. Vaan replied back that the modern trolls are very smart, they only create profiles on websites where they have to pay to place an ad on. Vaan’s ex-girlfriend replied “How do you know so much about the online troll industry? Are you one yourself? You told me that you are a lawyer. Did you mean a liar instead?” After saying that, Vaan’s ex-girlfriend threw the phone down and Vaan hasn’t tried to contact her ever since.

In the first week of December, Vaan traveled to Bangkok to chill for a while and forget all the stress and tensions. After enjoying with beautiful chicks of Bangkok, Vaan traveled from Bangkok to Koh Chang to enjoy some more.

Vaan says that the beautiful women act like the world owes them everything, and about the ones working to serve the tourists of Bangkok, he says that the world really owes them something.

Popular Downtown Omaha Restaurant Owner going to Jogja to meet online girlfriend

Isaac Navon (name changed) owns a very popular drive-by restaurant in Downtown Omaha and his restaurant has been featured in several TV programs that cater to foodies.

Isaac’s mother is 22 years younger than his father and Isaac loves her for that. Isaac is proud of the fact that she didn’t marry his father for his looks or sexual prowess but rather for his prudence.

Isaac has currently been studying and researching the anthology of medieval Arab poetry.

Isaac loves Asian women and he is going to meet a girl from Indonesia that he met online in January 2019. She lives in Yogyakarta aka Jogja and Isaac has already booked all the arrangements required for himself and her on the vacations including hotel room, rental mobil Jogja, etc. Isaac believes that the institution of marriage is ridiculous and he is also interested in fathering a child which he says he will do through surrogacy after the age of 40. Isaac just wants to have fun with the women and doesn’t want any serious relationship.

Isaac is already a millionaire but he wants to be a billionaire during the course of this lifetime. Isaac has the guts, determination and the grip required to accomplish the task.

Isaac met this beautiful cougar online once who was raised by an adoptive mother. Isaac made out with her twice until he learnt that she used to be his dad’s girlfriend before his marriage. Isaac felt very ashamed and embarrassed after that and couldn’t sleep for nights. The woman was a certified nurse and was trying her best to play a victim.

Isaac firmly believes that you can never be too fair and too kind to the other people.