Angelica Haddad claims she successfully discovered the offsprings of JH Kellogg and her android app had nothing to do with it

Angelica Haddad (name changed) says that drinking wine or beer socially once in a while is okay as long as you are certain that you are not going to get addicted.

Angelica has a sister named Ryan who drinks beer as the first thing in the morning. Angelica and her family is very upset with Ryan for the same but Ryan threatens them with warnings of committing suicide if they try to hard to stop her from drinking alcohol so much. Ryan says that she cannot imagine living without the alcohol.

Angelica likes to research a lot, she recently did an extensive research on what Dr John Harvey Kellogg’s 48 foster children turned out to be in the future and she has successfully located and discovered what all of them do for a living. Angelica says that 9 of those are still alive and the offsprings of the 48 foster children are living in all over Europe, United States of America, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Russia and even UAE.

Angelica fears that the majority of the world will soon become Muslim as the Muslims are reproducing like rabbits, rats and other animals while the Whites, Jews and Japanese are denying to reproduce. Angelica says that the United Nations and other similar organizations must give an ultimatum to the Islamic countries to check their population and don’t marry more than once.

Angelica doesn’t have many good things to say about the other religions either. Angelica accuses Hebrew bible of having very few talks and mentions about civil rights than there should have been.

Angelica is thinking about becoming a foster mother to several beautiful and intelligent kids that she can find as she now have enough money to take care of them. Angelica got a tour and travel related android application done by one of the best android application creation services (jasa pembuatan aplikasi android) in Indonesia. Angelica has been making 20 times the money with this app that she does with her full time fitness training business.

Amateur author and a wannabe historian won millions playing lucky day

Bayla Gurvich (name changed) is a descendant of Jewish refugees from Ukraine who came to Brazil from Ukraine during the 1940s. Bayla never wrote a book before in her life but owing to her obsession with the Indian history, mythology and the land itself, she has done an extensive research on India and Hinduism and now she is returning the favor with writing a book on the life of Karnavati, the one and only wife of the legendary Rajput Indian king of Mewar.

It took Bayla an extensive research of 18 months to get to know almost everything about Karnavati. Those 18 months include her rendezvous with some of the most popular Indian historians, Indian history professors, school teachers and the common people of Mewar, Rajasthan. Bayla has also written a great deal about the life of Rani Karnawati’s personal maid who sacrificed her own son in order to save the life of Udai Singh (Karnavati’s son).

Bayla’s e-book will be available for free. Yes, Bayla is not making any profits at all on this book. You may be wondering why is she working so hard on this book when she is only going to spend money on its marketing and going to get nothing out of it? The answer is Bayla is not much of a materialist and she recently won millions playing a game which is very popular in Brazil currently called the lucky day (dia de sorte) in Portuguese. Bayla is not ever willing to get married and she is not even ever willing to have babies. The prize money that Bayla won is enough for the rest of her survival, she told me.

Compulsive reader can’t appreciate his newfound zero hair loss hairline enough

Juliusz Adams (name changed) used to drive an old Toyota Pick Up truck in his 20s. His friends and family used to tell him that he will never be able to make it but he was always quite confident about himself.

Juliusz Adams recently read Robert Glover’s infamous book “No More Mr Nice Guy” and found it full of cliche and lacking applicability in real life.

Juliusz recently gave his life a brand new start with a new hair transplant hairline. He had lost 65% of the hair on his head but no need to worry anymore, to his good luck, he found Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu aka Dr T to his rescue. Juliusz is an expert search engine surfer and he was shrewd enough to find nothing but the best for the hair on his head.

Juliusz loves to read in the free time and his all-time favorite writer is Mircea Eliade. He has read his Sacred and the Profane, History of Religious Beliefs and Youth without Youth multiple times each. Juliusz recently became a great fan of Robert Kiyosaki after reading his book – “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.

Juliusz is a car enthusiast too. He only drives cars with automatic transmission.

Juliusz is an optimist and looks for good in every bad situation and the funny thing is that he always succeeds in finding something good in every bad situation.

Juliusz hates people that maintain double standards. He particularly hate the people who become religious in difficult times or old age and act all atheist or agnostic in the good times or young age. “These weak and stupid people lack vision”, Juliusz says.