Kathe always asks for a yellow Honda when she calls her favorite car rental company in Crete

Kathe Shenton (name changed) drives nothing but Honda cars and she drives nothing but yellow painted cars as she believes that it is her ‘lucky’ color. Kathe visits Crete each winter season and she always uses Cosmo Cars for Car Rental Crete and it goes without saying that she demands nothing but yellow car from the Cosmo Cars, now even the employees working for years with Cosmo Cars can identify that it is Kathe when she asks for a yellow car.

Kathe has traveled around the world and she knows a lot about the different cultures of the world. She claims that the brother-in-laws (sister’s husbands) show ton lot of attitude in the Indian subcontinent.

Kathe owns 15 pink luxury bags which she all bought online.

Kathe knows a satanist who named his son ‘Lucifer’ and his daughter ‘Afrodite’. The kids get bullied a lot in the school but the satanist father is too happy with the kids being bullied in school as he claims that these experiences will make the kids stronger spiritually and emotionally this way. He says that his kids soon will soon start bullying the bullies, we all just need to wait and watch the miracle happen.

This satanist friend of Kathe on the contrary also claims that the physical wounds and bruises have a huge impact on the victim’s willpower, they can either make your willpower stronger or destroy it completely altogether.

This satanist also claims that the satan himself will appear to tell the mystery of the different seasons, weathers and temperatures. Human beings need not bother about these things.

Anyways, I just called Bertha and she was busy writing a positive review for car rentals Crete that she always uses.

Jaguar cars ain’t as unreliable as they are perceived to be and Super Bowl Liii is going to be more fun than you can even imagine

Amie Egerton (name changed) recently bought a Jaguar F-Pace after seeing nothing but negative comments against Jaguar, Mercedes Benz and Audi to defame Jaguar as Amie was sure that these commentators couldn’t even afford a Renault. So, Amie went ahead with her decision to buy the Jaguar. After driving Jaguar F-Pace for 15000 miles, Amie has come to the conclusion that Jaguar is not as unreliable as mentioned by those commentators but it is extremely unreliable when compared to its Japanese and Swedish counterparts – Infinite, Acura, Lexus and Volvo but it is on the same level of unreliability when compared to its German counterparts. Amie is still pretty happy with her decision of buying a Jaguar.

Amie runs a clothing retail store and Amie claims that the internet has only increased her business due to positive honest reviews and what comes as surprising is that Amie never tried to sell anything online.

Amie’s sister-in-law – Miley had a pretty unsuccessful run with her online book store. Amie says that all online book stores start with the dream of becoming the next Amazon or Flipkart but only 0.00001% ever make it to the top.

Amie offers special discounts on Hindu, Muslim, Jewish and Christian festival at her online clothing store.

Miley claims that sky is purple, in the night time it becomes darker and appears black, in the day it appears brighter and hence looks sky blue. Miley says that sooner or later, the scientists will also agree with her ‘purple sky’ theory and call it a reality.

Miley is not  Super Bowl Liii fan but she is super-excited to watch it this time as it is going to be a get together time for her family.

This Thai Happy Taxi Driver is one of a kind, he takes you from Bangkok to Damnoen Saduak asking about your culture and traditions

Von Lange (name changed) is a driver for Thai Happy Taxi company. On his way from Bangkok to Damnoen Saduak he keeps meeting several different sorts of passengers, for example, last month by coincidence he met several Deobandi Muslims as passengers in his cab, Von Lange is amazed that Deobandi Muslims are much smarter than he believed them to be.

One of the Deobandi Muslims told him that what the Muslims call the Maghreb region used to be the most materially rich region on earth during the ancient times, he said that when most historians or people with some historic knowledge think of ancient riches, the pictures that come up in their minds are of India, Persia or China but in reality Maghreb used to be the richest place on earth.

When Von asked one of the Deobandis “Why is inbreeding allowed in Islam though all the medicine practitioners are against it?” To the question, the Deobandi replied that inbreeding makes the progeny smarter in the long run, he gave the examples of the most persecuted race ever – “The Jews”. He said that a great number of the Jewish people are inbred and they are unparalleled when it comes to the intelligence and brilliance. He also agreed with the claim of the medical science practitioners that inbreeding leads to more cases of osteoporosis and other bone related diseases but he also said that the people born out of inbreeding have less cases of depression. He knew the accurate suicide rates of different countries and the suicide rates in Islamic countries and Israel were among the least.

One of the Deobandis that Von met was a psychologist with a very deep and distinctive voice. Von didn’t dare ask him any question.

21 year young man goes for fishing to Yellowstone National Park with his grandparents

Aharon is a 21 year young man who was born and raised in the state of Wyoming. During the vacations, Aharon and his grandfather go to Yellowstone National Park for fishing, and it has always been that way for the last 8 years. The only difference is that Aharon also loves to fish now, earlier he used to get bored of it.

Aharon knows a lot about the best spinning reels. The spinning reels that can catch anything from a catfish to a trout.

Yellowstone National Park is where Aharon’s grandfather met Aharon’s third grandma. Aharon’s grandma loves Aharon like she is his real grandma.

Aharon drives his black BMW 7 series all the way to the Yellowstone National Park from the city of Cheyenne. His grandfather is proud of the young man. Aharon bought his BMW 7 series with the money he earned from the business he started online.

Aharon wants to go to Alaska to see seals, sea lions and walruses. Aharon gets carsick while his grandpa enjoys the tour. This time they had to confront several dragonflies as well.

Aharon can’t forget the day back in 2016, he met a small kid who came to the Yellowstone National Park in hope of seeing Penguins there. He started crying and screaming when he found no Penguins there, while Aharon was laughing.

Aharon has this peculiar quality of self-diagnosing himself. Whenever he visits the doctor’s office, Aharon is always accurate in telling the exact disease/disorder he is having. Aharon hadn’t been feeling good for a while, it wasn’t any physical or mental disease, but Aharon started disliking each and everything around him. He knew it was a spiritual disease and he was considering going to India until his grandpa stopped him from going there and told him about Osho and Sadhguru whose videos he now watches online whenever he has some spare time.

Pakistani landlord can’t get enough of hunting

Babur is a 45 year old filthy rich Pakistani man who comes from a family of landlords and village chiefs. Babur’s father was a MNA (a parliamentarian) and his grandfather was a senator. Babur himself doesn’t like politics and never got involved into it personally ever.

Babur got married to his step-cousin when he was 22. They both were in love for a long time. His wife has an electronic engineering degree from one of the best engineering colleges in Pakistan. Babur only completed the matriculation school only. His wife was a really marvelous student and wanted to work after getting married but Babur and his family didn’t allow her to.

Babur’s wife was initially uncomfortable with being a homemaker, but after having kids, she realized that it wouldn’t be feasible working and raising her kids simultaneously, so she forgot about her engineering degree and her love for the engineering.

Babur’s wife is a stunning beauty and with stunning looks, come occasional tantrums. She loves to go hunting while Babur is not a huge fan of hunting himself. Babur is always forced to go hunting whenever his wife demands so, and she never forgets to take along her best bow sight for hunting with herself. She loves to hunt down Turkeys, Chinkaras, Black Bucks and Wild Sheeps.

Babur is thinking of marrying once more and he cannot dare to tell his wife that he is in love with this 21 year old lady who is a model by profession. She also has shown her interest in Babur and they both have made out a couple of times. Babur is a horse and I am not sure whether this model is interested in Babur’s money or his stamina. Whatever the case may be, I am against polygamy and I wouldn’t suggest him marrying for the second time, especially when he already has a loving wife, a son and two daughters.