This female bodybuilder feels like she can lift a full-size bus up with her bare hands since she started using CrazyBulk

Zoran Fox (name changed) is a single businessman with one of his companies being the one that manufactures toilet cleaners. Zoran is a huge believer of “No pain, no gain”. Zoran regularly participates in marathons and since he started bodybuilding as well, he is working harder than he ever did before. Zoran only gets to sleep 5.5 hours a day and he says that he has never felt any better.

Zoran is a believer of Nostradamus’s predictions and he claims that the black sea will disappear by 2025. Zoran says that Bosnia and Herzegovina will be a bankrupt state by 2020.

Zoran recently learnt Egyptian Arab dialect. Zoran says that the Quasars were well known by the ancient Arabs. The Arabic name Qaisar comes from Quasar only, says Zoran.

Zoran claims to have interviewed several CIA, MI6, Mossad, RAW and ISI spies. Zoran says that none of these guys reads newspaper regularly but most of them hit the gym regularly.

Zoran’s sister – Nikita is an astrologer and tarot card reader and a fitness model as well. Nikita is very much interested in female bodybuilding and bodybuilding for her has become much easier since she discovered CrazyBulk. Zoran enjoys Pizza twice a week.

Being an astrologer, Nikita has several unusual things to say. Nikita claims that Supernova are well-mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, Quran and Bhagavad Gita. Nikita says that Supernovas have a special connection with the earth. She says that whenever a Supernova occurs, a great communal violence takes place on the earth.

Nikita believes in achieving great benchmarks – long and short. Nikita wants to pursue a career in wrestling as well and since she has started using CrazyBulk, her confidence has picked up new heights. She says that she can lift a full-size bus up with her bare hands.

Don’t tweet against your loyal and beautiful wife or you will have to drive a taxi for the rest of your life

Ettore Marley (name changed) is not an antisemitic guy but he was recently perceived to be one when he wrote a post on his blog with the title “Ancient Jews used to breed like rats and that’s why they look like rats too”.

Ettore gave so many reasoning, logic and argument in his post giving several references like the number of King David’s kids, number of famous Jewish patriarch – Jacob’s kids and a reference in the Genesis that the number of Abraham’s descendants will be too many to count.

Ettore loves to read and he loves to read love genre novels, his most favorite novel of all time is “Midnight Fantasies” by Vickie Lewie Thompson, Stephanie Bond and Kimberly Raye.

Ettore says that there are lots of commonalities between the Hindu Priests and Rabbis which makes him believe that either over half of the Hindu Brahmins used to be ancient Jewish priests or all of Hindu Brahmins have their roots in Israel and Judaism.

Ettore says that Jacob’s ladder has no mystery behind it – the ladder only showcases some angels traveling down to the earth and the other angels who have gone bore while staying on earth traveling back to the sky or heaven. Ettore claims that the Jews have been taking the entire world on a long ride by portraying this very simple picture of Jacob’s ladder into something extremely mysterious.

Ettore’s wife recently divorced him after he kept tweeting against her. Ettore’s wife has bore him 5 kids (2 daughters and 3 sons) in 11 years and he still doesn’t have the etiquette enough to respect her. Ettore used to be an unemployed and he didn’t have anything that his wife could take away from her. Ettore’s wife was the one who used to run the household, the day Ettore got single, he realized that he needs to do something in order to make a living so he checked out the Lyft driver sign up bonus and has been working at Lyft ever since.

We are living in the end times, get your bathrooms renovated before we disappear from the face of the earth – Mannequin Rockefeller

Mannequin Rockefeller (name changed) is an author from Newmarket, Ontario. Mannequin is a firm believer of the notion that we are living in the end times and it is evident from her books. Mannequin recently wrote a book called “Good news for the Antinatalists – End Times and Dajjal”. I have read the complete book and I must say that Mannequin makes it look real that we are really living in the end times. According to Mannequin, the real Dajjal is Angela Merkel – the Chancellor of Germany. To back her claim up, Mannequin says that according to the Islamic and Christian eschatology, the Dajjal will be the greatest deceiver and although it is perceived to be a male, it is a female in reality and her name is Angela Merkel.

Mannequin claims that Angela Merkel has made her best efforts to destroy the catholicism in Germany and she has done it quite successfully. Mannequin claims that Protestantism ultimately leads to the atheism and that’s what Dajjal wants. Mannequin says that Feminism, Protestantism,  LGBT and other things that are happening in the modern times will turn a regular straight man into a wanker and a wanker is good for nothing. Mannequin has written over and over again in her book that these groups of wankers will not be able to save themselves from Dajjal and ultimately either the whole mankind except the Jews will be wiped out or everybody will have to submit to the Jews and the whole mankind will be on the mercy of the Jews.

Mannequin rejects the Islamic belief that the Muslims will kill everybody else and take over the earth. Mannequin has literally told the Muslims to forget about it in her book.

Mannequin wrote this whole book while all the bathrooms in her house were going through bathroom renovation Newmarket.

You can get an ios app done on anything and make a bank with it like Jan Koum and Brian Acton

Kamille Takahashi (name changed) has a sister – Kim who has been a citizen of India for the past 2 decades. Kim recently got bluffed by a fraud who has been luring potential customers of vintage and classic cars by making Youtube videos. Kim fell for an Opel Astra 1.6, a car that used to be available in India from 1996-2003, she was told by the seller that the car was bought in 2002 which he had the proof of but he lied about how much the car has run, he knows the art of busting miles aka odometer fraud. He changed the odometer to 20, 000 Kilometers and the car ran so smoothly for a week that Kim was sure that it has only done 20, 000 Kilometers whereas a voice in her head was telling her that she has been bluffed which turned out to be true. After a week, Kim started noticing that the car has done not 20, 000 but rather somewhere around 150, 000 to 200, 000, the car started needing workshop all the time and finally Kim decided to sell it, nobody was willing to buy it, Kim felt like a complete fool for buying it and sold the car finally to a scrap dealer who paid her only 1000 USD for the same.

Inspired from Kim’s story, Kamille has decided to create an app that will help the car buyers to check if the deal they are getting is worth it or not, Kamille or any of her kids or family members doesn’t know how to code but no problem, she has already hired an ios application services (jasa aplikasi ios) from Indonesia for the purpose. Kamille is certain that the company she has hired will do a great job and she has her fingers crossed till the app is created.

This driven and ambitious million dollar couple is getting married in South Beach, Miami next month


Zorka Fuss (name changed) says that she is related to the primary national founder of the State of Israel and the first Prime Minister of Israel – Late David Ben-Gurion; although Zorka has nothing to back her claim up, she never fails to convince most others that she is really related to Late David Ben-Gurion.

Zorka says that doctors, inventors, scientists are not as smart as they are believed to be. Zorka orchestrated a dating scenario for her one and only sister, Sabrina, who is 2 years younger to Zorka with a doctor and inventor. The dating scene didn’t went as Zorka expected and Zorka puts the blame on that doctor-inventor.

Zorka is getting married next month to a leading motivational speaker and author of several books in Miami whom we will refer to as Johnny Daniel here. Zorka and her fiance have already booked the venue and they are too excited about their wedding.

Johnny Daniel has several free self-help, personality development and motivational audio books available on the Youtube for free in his own voice which he passes out for free voluntarily and makes sure that it reaches to as many as people as possible as a way of promotion for his paid programs, CDs, DVDs and books.

Johnny himself started out his career working at the laboring jobs and worked his way up to become a million dollar motivational speaker owing to his marvelous communication skills, drive and excellent time management skills.

Johnny won the heart of Zorka when he said “I am profoundly sorry” in a huge gathering to Zorka when they weren’t even dating. It was a very little mistake for which Johnny said that to Zorka and Zorka fell for his down-to-earthiness.

Hair restoration network forum

Sharwin Aksoy (name changed) is half-Indian and half-Turkish, he is amazed at the stupidity of the Hindu people and their stupid beliefs. They blame all the bad things on luck and other nonsense factors including bad karma in the previous incarnation.

Sharwin claims that Narendra Modi is a stooge of the European and American conglomerate that runs the world. He says that he has been hired like a donkey by the conglomerate to buy their weapons with all the taxes that he collects and he has been collecting it with both hands, Sharwin claims. Sharwin says that he is working on the American and European policy of dividing the Indian subcontinent into several different parts, containment of China policy of America and to destroy the Muslim world. Sharwin says that there are hundreds of billions of dollars in Modi’s Swiss and Panama bank accounts, all deposited by the conglomerate.

 Sharwin is a part of several online forums and especially the hair restoration network forum. He is very regular there and makes several posts each week.

I have read some of the funniest posts by Sharwin on different online forums including a post where he made a claim that premarital sex is beneficial for both physical health and mental well-being. He says that people who have already had premarital sex are expected to have ever-lasting marriages as they already know how to make their spouse happy and content.

In another post, Sharwin claimed that extramarital sexual relationships make the marriages stronger contrary to the popular belief that they worsen it. He says that if the spouses are not so obsessive and possessive about their so-called soulmates, then extramarital sex is a boon and he says that like masturbation, extramarital sex too will be recommended by the medical practitioners, experts and therapists soon enough.

Catholic man claims that women cannot attain the state of eternal bliss

Samuel Davis (name changed) says that anime has destroyed countless lives. He is a strict catholic who is very against the lewd material including the images of the bikini models on the magazines, sexually explicit material on the television and the internet, pro-sex and pro-masturbation articles and television shows.

Samuel has a son named Les who believes everything that he reads on the internet. Samuel has a CCTV camera installed in his room to check whether he is reading and believing some pro-masturbation or pro-sex material. He always stays vigilant about the videos that Les watches on the television and the internet.

One of Samuel’s beliefs which he calls scientific truth is that women can never attain enlightenment or the state of ‘choiceless bliss’ or ‘nirvikalpa samadhi‘ as they call it in Hinduism. A part of this belief is of Samuel is that women cannot be celibate in thought, word and deed. He says that they can be pure and pious in their deed and word but they can never be pure and pious in their thoughts and dreams. In their subconscious minds, they always desire men, he says. Samuel says that the chastest women he knew turned out to be wankers who would rub themselves out in the private unlike chastest men who practice abstinence of all sorts, when Samuel was young, he would fold origami whenever he had an urge to jerk off.

Samuel says that in order to enjoy the eternal and choiceless bliss, you just need to be a celibate in thought, word and deed, you don’t need any other religious or spiritual instructions once you have attained that state. That’s the biggest reason why he respects the catholic religion so much.

This successful pizza restaurant chain in Karachi accepts cryptocurrency

Diya Kwatra (name changed) is one of the very rare Punjabi-Arora Christians living in Pakistan, Indian Subcontinent. Most of the converted Christians living in the Indian subcontinent used to be Dalits (the untouchable people) before becoming Christians. Diya’s ancestors were one of the very very few Arora people (considered a very high caste in the Indian subcontinent) to choose to convert to Christianity and even one of the fewer to retain their Arora surname.

Diya’s father owns 5 pizza restaurants in the financial capital of Pakistan – Karachi. Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan and the capital of one of their four provinces – Sindh as well. All of the 5 pizza restaurants have two things in common, first – they make some of the finest pizzas in Pakistan, and second – they all accept major and popular cryptocurrencies, all thanks to the cryptocurrency market, anyone can stay updated with the latest cryptocurrency price with this website.

It is hard for Diya to survive as a minority in one of the most dangerous countries that is Pakistan. Diya is such a stunner that Judah wouldn’t have been able to resist her even if Er were alive, and Onan would do nothing but make love to her all the time. Imagine a foursome between Onan, Er, Judah and Tamar, the God would have felt so happy if he saw the father and sons appreciating the beauty that he created with such great effort.

Diya has tinnitus. She is a very career-oriented lady which is very rare in Pakistan. She uses HabitBull (a habit tracking app) to track down her habits. She has the free version which can track only 5 habits, lol.

Diya has been following the Pomodoro technique to make the best use of her time for the past 3 months and she claims that it has increased her productivity by a huge margin.

Major ceramic supplier, sigil magic performer and conspiracy theorist has got the best natural gas tankless water heater

Allison Waters (name changed) owns a ceramic company that is responsible for supplying ceramic to one of the most popular microwave oven companies of Europe. Allison claims that since performing sigil magic, she has signed endless contracts with big customers.

Allison loves to read and write sexual poems and she is a regular contributor to the most popular sex stories site – literotica.

Allison claims that sexuality is greater than spirituality and if people are happy sexually they don’t need any spiritualism. Allison and her husband – Richard make tremendous love taking a hot shower with the best natural gas tankless water heater.

Richard is a complete pervert, he loves to see his secretary bending in the office and he cannot get enough of making excuses to make her bend over. Allison knows how big of a pervert Richard is but she doesn’t care or bother about it.

Allison says that sex is about bringing a rhythm in life and she says that she herself and Richard are living a very rhythmical life.

Allison says that Tesla was the real deal and Edison was not. She says that Edison stole many of his ideas and took all the credits. She also claims that the belief that Nikola Tesla died a virgin is untrue, he lost his virginity at the age of 35.

I don’t know where Allison is learning all these stories from, I don’t trust them at all but her posts and threads on Reddit are getting crazy upvotes.

Allison also made a crazy claim on Reddit and her own blog recently that Arabic is the world’s oldest language and because other races fear Arabs in many respects, the historians are trying to bury the Arab legacy in all possible ways.

Biggest camel milk importer in Balkan peninsula loves trading bitcoins

Lada Abramov (name changed) always does what is best in her capacity. She is like a lioness, she hunts with all her heart. She has developed an idiosyncratic shorthand writing for personal use which only she understands and she has never even tried to teach it to anyone else. She claims that her shorthand writing style is a lot more advanced and time saving than that of Pitman, Gregg and Teeline.

Lada loves how Volkswagen and Skoda cars look but she only bought a Yeti once only to regret it later. Recently, she wanted to buy a luxurious German car and all her friends were recommending Audi A6 to her but she rather went for a BMW 5 series because she is never buying an Audi, Skoda or Volkswagen again.

Lada’s husband – Gojko is a professional bodybuilder and businessman. One of his businesses is importing camel milk from Saudi Arabia and selling it under his brand name which is one of the most popular camel milk brands in Balkan peninsula.

Gojko trades bitcoins and dogecoins as a hobby and is the only one who uses QIWI wallet in his friend circle. He regularly exchanges his QIWI money to bitcoin (киви на биткоин).

Gojko’s main focus is always on work, critical relationships, career and health, he doesn’t care about the rest at all.

Gojko recently started a street wear clothing brand which failed disastrously. Gojko didn’t bother about what the customers were demanding, he didn’t even care about what the competitors were doing, he just went ahead with his own imagination and creativity, only to fell on his face later on.

Gojko hates automatic transmission cars and only drives cars with manual transmission.

Obsessed with staying young forever? Read Hasan Akbas’ story for inspiration

Hasan Akbas (name changed) is a 40 year young Turkish gentleman from the city of Ceyhan in the Adana Province. I used the word “young” instead of old because since Hasan turned 30, he has been obsessed with getting his youth back. He regularly visits his school building to bring back the memories of his teenage years and feel like a teenager again.

Hasan likes to keep a journal about all the important things and one of those things once was getting a hair transplant by one of the best hair transplant specialists in the world whose name is Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu aka Dr T. Hasan spends more time eating health food and exercising that he gets a very little time to work at all and this describes his not-so-well financial condition. Hasan very much wanted to get a hair transplant done on his head after losing a lot of hair in his 30s but he was extremely concerned about the hair transplant price 2018.

Hair transplant is very cheap in Turkey when compared to Scandinavian countries or USA and the quality offered by the hair transplant clinics in Turkey is also much better when compared to the hair transplant clinics in the USA and Scandinavian countries.

One of Hasan’s friends who has a habit of disrespecting everybody was mocking Hasan a lot on social media including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for no hair on crown and temples, but after seeing him having his hair back, he has been spreading the message everywhere that Hasan has been wearing a wig. Hasan laughs off at those allegations and minds his own business. For the last couple of months, Hasan has been spending more time and energy on his business than on his health too.

96 year young mama presented her old son a capillary hair transplant on his 60th birthday

Brian LaRoche (name changed) is a French-American gentleman who was popular for his long hippie style hair back in the college days. Brian never lived in San Francisco but he was asked every time everywhere whether he was from San Francisco.

Brian is heading for his 60th birthday in the December of this year. Brian’s mother is 96 and she will also participate on the event of her son’s birthday, when Brian went to invite his mother to her home to his birthday party, she noticed that her son has lost most of his beautiful hair. She asked him to do something about it and Brian replied that hair transplant is the only solution and he doesn’t have money for it.

Brian’s mother has at least a few hundred thousand dollars in her bank account which she is going to give to Brian before she dies and she is confident that her death is not going to happen anytime soon. She decided to give some of it for the capillary transplant (Greffe Capillaire) to him. Brian’s mother called Brian and told him that she wants to present him a capillary hair transplant as the birthday present and he can ask her for whatever it costs. Brian decided to have a little vacation as well if his mother is willing to pay all the amount that it is going to cost. Brian looked for the best hair transplant clinic abroad and found out that Dr T Hair Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey has the best reviews and looks most promising. Brian called his mother and told her that he is going to have his capillary hair transplant done in Istanbul, Turkey and he will be more than happy if she pays whatever it costs. His mother agreed and next week Brian is going to Turkey to enjoy his vacation and new hair.

Young Indian Alpha Female enjoyed her tour to Jogja with family thoroughly

Anushka is so full of energy all the time. She unlike her friends, doesn’t care about petty things like gaming. She doesn’t care about whether what she said hurt her friends or made them happy. She doesn’t care at all.

One of her friends whines all the time and Anushka doesn’t like her at all. Anushka used to be a very talented music student and she is now considering starting her own Youtube channel which she is going to monetize as well.

Anushka is a great believer of evolution and she claims that homo sapien sapien is a possibility not yet a finished product. She also claims that the more advanced and upcoming form of homo sapiens sapiens will be able to fly.

Anushka’s mother is 22 years younger than her father and the family has a great bonding together. They recently traveled to Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia together. At a glance, they traveled all of Indonesia, thanks to paket wisata jogja, the company offered them a wonderful package and a wonderful vacation experience that they can’t ever forget.

Anushka never asked her parents for financial aid since she turned adult. Anushka hates the retards who believe everything and anything that media tells them to.

Anushka recently built a new Hindu temple with all her savings. She did her best to upsell the temple to cater to high class devotees. The temple was built with the help of some of the best architects in Anushka’s hometown, the parking costs Rs. 100 for only a few hours. Anushka replaced the free parking with paid parking scheme in order to discourage cheap devotees to come into the temple.

Charismatic and Magnetic but needs to lose weight

Owen’s best friends call him the agitator and seducer of the people because of his astounding charisma, magnetism and aura. Owen is currently learning the wiring mechanism of the brain (Owen is no neurologist).

Owen used to stay ill at least a few months of the year when he was a kid. Owen condemns psychiatry and psychiatrists and says that they took him for a long ride telling him that he had disorders which he never did and put him on the medications.

Owen recently fell in love with a 19 year young homeless mom. She and her son have been living with Owen since they met each other. They both make love almost every night and Owen believes that him being overweight is coming a lot in his way to a great love-making experience. Owen recently hired an online personal trainer Australia to lose those extra pounds.

Owen’s friends are condemning his decision of losing weight’s motive for a better sex instead of better fitness. Owen doesn’t care at all. Owen’s newfound lover on the other hand is feeling so happy and lucky that he is doing so much to make her happy and that’s what all Owen needs at the moment.

Owen looks up to Ayn Rand a lot. Owen has watched all of her interviews available on the Youtube and also has read all of her books. Owen also believes that females can do and achieve things males find impossible. He says that they just need a few more decades to become much more successful financially and in other fields.

Owen loves to watch Australian Television programs and his favorite is Wentworth.

Super-energetic, super-smart and super-charismatic lady can’t stand bathtub scums

Arete loves to travel the hills. Arete is a very charismatic lady and she can captivate even the most asocial person with the way she talks. Arete is always so full of energy that she feels so much alive all the time. Arete’s mother introduced her to the eastern mysticism and she always overemphasized on the fact that the life is energy. Arete always takes it so seriously and spends her energy so wisely. Not only energy, Arete spends her money very wisely too. She hates the soap scums on her bathtub and she only buys the best bathtub soap scum remover.

Arete is a do-it all girl. She drives a Mercedes E Class and still says that hatchbacks make more sense than the sedans. She also has an automobile blog and currently she is writing an analysis on Ford vs Volkswagen for her blog. Arete was still a high school student when she bought a brand new Daewoo Lanos with her own money that she earned doing businesses online when the internet was very new.

Arete says that it is always the smartest and most prudent decision to buy the most popular vehicle in the segment if you don’t have much knowledge about the vehicles and are looking for value for money. She says that mostly it is the fuel economy that is the most critical thing to look at while buying a car nowadays. Arete herself is looking to buy a new Audi Q8 herself in upcoming few months.

Arete is prone to taking decisions quick. She recently chose a companion for her life without thinking much. They both arrest attention wherever they go together.

Spiritual Young Guy loves everything about his new life but misses that daily jog

Oswald is a half-Indian and half-American young man who was born and raised in the small town of Robertsdale, Alabama. Oswald currently lives in the Moundsville city in West Virginia. Previous to this, Oswald shifted to the New York from Arlington after completing his senior high school. He wanted to become rich quick and he thought college and universities are a waste of time.

Growing up in the small town of Robertsdale, the idea of rich people’s lives in the mind of Oswald was totally different than what it really is. After coming to New York he saw that most of the rich people are not happy at all, and he moved towards spirituality due to that.

After becoming more spiritual than materialist, Oswald studied a lot about the Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism. Hinduism appealed to him the most and he shifted to the Moundsville city in West Virginia. Oswald applied for a job in all the towns and cities of the United States where they have an ISKCON temple. He got a job in the Moundsville city and hence shifted there.

In this sex-crazed world, Oswald is a young voluntary celibate. He wants only a platonic relationship with his future wife. There was a time when Oswald used to have hallucinations about being a child of the god. Luckily, those times are over and Oswald recognized it only after a few months.

Oswald is loving his life in the Moundsville city, and the only thing that he misses once in a while is his daily jogging routine. He used to go for a jog every morning wearing his favorite Madoxx sweatshirts and sweatpants. He really misses that daily morning jog.

Swiss woman chooses Yolong for Yeast Propagation System over any other

Carleigh is a 36 year old Swiss woman who just started her own beer brewery in the city of Lugano. Carleigh had to buy the beer brewery equipment from her best friend otherwise she would get angry on her and their friendship would have been in trouble, otherwise Carleigh was interested in buying the brewery equipment from the undisputed best Chinese brewery equipment company that goes by the name Yolong.

Carleigh had to finally deal with Yolong after getting to know that her friend’s company doesn’t make Yeast Propagation System. Carleigh didn’t take a minute to decide where she is going to get the Yeast Propagation System from. She immediately called the people at Yolong Brewtech in Ningbo city, China and ordered one.

Carleigh also does bitcoin trading at a major level along with running her brewery. Recently she lost 500, 000 Euros with the falling price but it doesn’t bother the rich lady so much. She is certain that the prices will be up soon and they will be much higher than ever before.

Carleigh is the kind of a lady who never cares about what the society thinks of her. Carleigh married her boyfriend when she was 25 and divorced him just a year later. Her husband is a broke guy now living with her broke and ugly new wife while Carleigh is a self-made millionaire living her life.

Carleigh believes that success is the greatest revenge and after being successful she has never looked back, and her husband is so envious and jealous of her. He wants to ask her for a job but he never will, even if he dares to ask, I am certain that she is never ever going to recruit her ex-husband who is so jealous and envious of her.

There was a time after her divorce when Carleigh became very anti-social, but now she is very social and loves socializing.

Motivational Speaker became a millionaire overnight

Griffin (name changed) used to be a broke motivational speaker. Yes, most motivational speakers are broke. They tell you all the useless techniques that never work. Their time management lectures are the biggest waste of time. Just search on the Youtube for “Motivational Speaker” and you will see thousands of those. 99% of the motivational speakers don’t even have their own car. They all travel in a bus or some other public transport.

Griffin like all the other motivational speakers spoke so confidently to his audience, while in reality he was broke like all other motivational speakers. Every single one person in the audience would cheer up when they heard his name, it was obvious, because most of them were paid audience. Griffin’s Youtube earnings and the money he earned by the tickets sold weren’t enough to cover the expenses, but the hope of becoming another Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Zig Ziglar or Brian Tracy kept him going.

Griffin’s family was upset with him. They knew that Griffin is never going to succeed on this path and he will never be another Anthony Robbins or Jim Rohn. His girlfriend left him for a guy who owns a Ferrari. She didn’t like going on dates in a metro train.

Griffin approached many other women but they all rejected him. After Griffin lost all the hopes, he tried sorteio da tele sena. Instead of investing in paid audience, Griffin would now spend all his money on television draws. Griffin was lucky, he won 1.6 million US Dollars after only investing 3000 US Dollars.

After winning the jackpot, Griffin is confused where to invest the money. His family wants him to invest it in the real estate, Griffin personally wants to invest half of it in growing his motivational business and half in the real estate.

UK born, Trinidad and Tobago raised Brianna is excited about the Halloween

Brianna was born in Slough, United Kingdom, but her family moved to the island country of Trinidad and Tobago when she was only 3. Brianna would always ask her parents about the life in the United Kingdom and she always wished that she was born there. When her parents would tell her how great the parties used to be there in the United Kingdom, especially the Halloween Party, Brianna would have tears in her eyes.

Brianna’s family lives lavishly in Trinidad and Tobago and that’s the biggest reason why they moved all the way from the vast and great United Kingdom to the tiny island country of Trinidad and Tobago. Many people even tend to think that the name Tobago has something to do with tobacco.

Brianna is 23 now and on her 19th birthday, she asked her parents a tour of United Kingdom as a gift. Her parents took her there, and after only a couple of days Brianna decided that she will only marry some citizen of United Kingdom in order to permanently stay there.

Buying most expensive perfumes, driving a Porsche, living at a mansion by the beach doesn’t give Brianna the happiness that sitting in a cab in the United Kingdom did.

About an hour of everyday, Brianna wastes daydreaming about the United Kingdom, and browsing pictures of the country. One great thing has happened to Brianna though, she used to very pessimistic about life and everything until she visited the country of United Kingdom. Another great thing that has happened is that they celebrate Halloween with great revelry in Trinidad and Tobago now.

I really wish that Brianna gets to meet a nice and loving guy from the United Kingdom to get married to.

30 year old lawyer getting married and her wedding dress is stunning

Hoa is a 30 years old lawyer living in the Ho Chi Minh City since the day she was born. Both her parents are from the Ho Chi Minh city itself. Hoa is getting married this year in the month of November. Hoa and her family are too excited about it and Hoa is so curious that she traveled all the way to Hanoi city to buy váy cưới đẹp.

Hoa used to be a bit overweight too until the end of the year 2017, but she went on a Paleo diet to lose the extra flabs and weight. She goes to the gym 5 days a week as well. All because of her special day is coming near.

Hoa never had a boyfriend, she is already 30 and she was always so busy studying law, then fighting cases and she is also a social activist. Hoa never got the time to date. So, we think Hoa deserves more love and that’s what we expect from her soon to be husband.

One great thing about Hoa’s marriage is that she will never need a legal advice from anyone else, lol, but she needed a lot of relationship advice as she had never been in a relationship before this one. So, she has been spending about an hour everyday looking for relationship advice on Quora, Reddit and Yahoo answers for months now.

Hoa has never lost a case in her 7 years long law career. She is an absolutely fantastic lawyer and she plans on doing lots of philanthropic work once she becomes filthy rich. Hoa’s most favorite hobby is singing and I personally think that if Hoa is so curious to do some charity work, she can do it by singing on events and donate all the money that comes in through the event. She must be considering it, I think.

A psychologist’s job is very stressful but they needn’t worry anymore

Rehan is a Psychologist. Rehan has been practicing psychologist in the beautiful country of Malaysia for the last 10 years. Rehan is very happy with his psychology practice but his wife ain’t. After coming back home after a long day, Rehan feels like eating and then sleeping. Even if he tries to make love to his wife, it becomes very difficult for him. He lives in such a stressful condition all day. Treating the psychologically ill patients all day long is a very tough and stressful job.

Once Rehan’s mother in law came to stay at their home. After living there with Rehan and her daughter, she saw that things weren’t so good between them. She decided to spy the couple and find out what’s wrong. Initially, she came to stay with the couple for only 3 days, but she extended her stay to 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, she discovered that the couple is staying celibate. They don’t even touch each other.

After 2 weeks, the mother-in-law of Rehan extended her stay even further and mixed a couple of Ubat Kuat in Rehan’s drinking water. After 30 minutes, Rehan whispered something in his wife’s ears and they both excused to go the bed. That’s exactly what his mother-in-law wanted, her plan was being implemented absolutely well.

The next day when the couple woke up, Rehan’s mother-in-law observed a glow of happiness on the faces of both the husband and wife. Rehan’s mother-in-law then took whispered in her ears that she wanted to speak to her. They both then went to a different room and she told Rehan about Ubat Kuat that she mixed in his water the last night. She gave her 2 strips and went back her home. Since then, Rehan has been taking Ubat Kuat every night and he and his wife are living in heaven.

Electrician friends making it big with the top radar detector

Pablo is an electrician. He and his friend have been running this electricians company for the last 2 years and the main USP of their company is round the clock service. Pablo works from 12 am to 12 pm and his friend works from 12 pm to 12 am. They both live in Austin, Texas and their company is also situated there.

They both are busy all the time and always on the field. They used to reach the client’s house very late and they would seldom get any business. It all changed when after reading a post on Quora about the radar detectors, Pablo thought that they could use “Our electrician reaches to your house within 1 hour or the service free” as a marketing tool and make it big.

Pablo was so sure that their idea is going to work that he had a small party as well on that very day with his couple of friends. Pablo bought one of the best radar detectors that was available in the market and fit it in his Toyota Pickup. Pablo and his partner friend prefer Toyota over any other brand because of the reliability that it offers. Toyotas are cheaper to maintain too.

Since both the friends started giving 1 hour guarantee, they are one of the most popular electrician companies in Austin and perhaps the state of Texas. They couldn’t have achieved what they have without the amazing radar detector that they bought. You too can buy the same for yourself, click here to buy one or more.

Smart guys choose smart magazines

It can’t be a trend if it is something that only a few can afford. I don’t want to name that magazine here on my blog, but there is a magazine that recently published an article that claimed Brioni suits are the latest trend. You have to be absolutely peanuts in your head to believe that or even to say that. Brioni suits look awesome, but how many men do you know that own one? If very few people own something, what makes one say that it is the latest trend?

There are thousands and thousands of mens fashion magazines available online today, but are they really fashion magazines or they just publish anything and everything that they see on the TV or on some popular website and claim that it is the latest trend?

I lost my trust In the fashion magazines long ago until a friend of mine told me about Equimen. If you don’t know about Equimen and you call yourself a man, you are doing yourself a great injustice, Equimen, without a doubt, is one of the best men’s magazines available online today. I recommend that you keep Equimen your best kept secret if you wanna be ahead of your friends in terms of fashion and related stuff.

Equimen is not only limited to the clothing, they have a hair and grooming section, a dating section, a health section and a lot more. It all comes down to who runs the magazine, if it is a basement prowler writing it all from his basement with his fat stomach hanging all down and he hasn’t showered for like a week, do you think he can write something when it comes to the latest fashion?

Chan Brothers is the fastest growing A/C repair company in Singapore

Is it possible for you to answer a question if you are a Singapore resident :- Where to find the best aircon repair company in Singapore? Do you know the answer already? I think you do, you surely do if you are a Singapore resident for decades and the answer is Woodlands 11. The Chan Brothers is a registered Private Limited company with a history of nothing but client’s satisfaction.

The only difference between the Chan Brothers and the other A/C repair companies is that the Chan Brothers work for your satisfaction and your A/C’s health while the other companies work for the money.

I have a friend who has come back from the Turkey to my country and he told me how hard it is to find a reliable air conditioner repair company there.

Indians are making fortunes selling China made products in India

Several Indian small firms are making a great living by importing and selling China made plastic products. Some have turned into what they call in their indigenous language ‘crorepatis’. crorepati is a person whose worth is over Rs. 10 million. One US Dollar roughly equals 65 Indian Rupees and one crore means 10 million rupees, it is considered a great value there, especially in the small towns and villages.

I personally know an Indian guy who studied with me together at the University of Bristol who has made a fortune selling plastic products imported from China to India. He just buys from this one plastic molding company in China and sells the products all over India.

He drives a BMW X6 and also owns a boat of his own. A boat is considered a great luxury in India. It is funny how the Chinese economy is growing so rapidly. The Chinese people are very hard-working indeed.

Are there any Phenq reviews that you can really trust? Yes, here is one.

Most fat and overweight people waste 50% of their productive time thinking about losing weight and 10-20% of their time working out in the gym. Whenever you hit that gym, ask yourself a question while working out, “Am I using my time wisely?” The answer would be quite obvious. Physical exercises were meant for the ancient people, they had to work hard to survive and they didn’t have to waste hours and hours of their precious time jumping from here to there in a gym. They needed to work hard physically in order to survive. We are living in the era of computers and internet. In order to survive, we need to invent new stuff that saves up time, not waste time sweating uselessly like monkeys in the gym.

This is the most honest Phenq review that you will ever find. You wanna know why? If you are expecting that Phenq will make you lose your weight ten times than you were losing at the gym exercising for 2 hours a day, you are wrong. It is a miracle pill but your expectations are too high. I was exactly the same, I thought that after just taking one pill a day I would be a slim guy within a month. I had fatty flabs all over my body and all the time I just thought about losing weight and nothing else. Nobody should go through what I went through when I was fat. My relatives would make fun of me, my friends would do the same, but it was my wife who was the worst. She wouldn’t even sleep with me.

My kids were ashamed of me. They would never make me meet any of their friends. After using Phenq for over 6 months by now, I am happier and more energetic than ever before.