Cotton and Canvas Bags business is definitely a profitable one but do your research before getting into any business – Thanong Jensen

Thanong Jensen (name changed) is a half-Thai half-Swedish businessman who owns a coffee shop chain that is prevalent all over Thailand. Thanong’s coffee shop company believes in serving only what it specializes in; they only serve espresso and cappuccino at Thanong’s coffee shops.

As you may have already noticed from Thanong’s full name that his mother is a Thai and his father is Swedish. Thanong spent most of his childhood in Uppsala, Sweden but came to Thailand after completing his senior high school education.

Thanong started his business career as a translator and a guide. Thanong was a guide with an edge as he spoke 8 different major languages including Swedish, English, Thai, Vietnamese, Norwegian, Finnish.

Thanong even sold potteries after working as a guide as he was misguided and mislead by a friend of his that there is tons of money to be made in the pottery business. It is funny that a guide got misguided; how can someone trust a guide who can be misguided himself so easily? Pun intended.

Since being misguided by his friend, Thanong does an enormous amount of research, reading and a lot more before starting a business and that’s one of the main reasons why he is such a success today.

Thanong has a very choosy wife who wants to start a cotton and canvas bags (กระเป๋าผ้าแคนวาส) business, Thanong has advised her to do a whole lot of research before getting into it. Thanong always keeps sharing his past and present business experiences with his wife so that she doesn’t make the same mistakes that he did. Thanong even keeps telling her the future predictions about the business world. Thanong’s wife is a very smart lady who is half-Filipino, 25 % British and 25% Thai. She is a regular scene at the most high profile parties and functions of Thailand.

Popular on Soundcloud, pro-formal education, capitalist and successful businesswoman, meet Terri Frank

Terri Frank (name changed) has a great fan following on Soundcloud. She makes great music and once you hear her, you don’t go back.

Terri says that formal education is not overrated, it is just that few people have the quality to think beyond it. She is a pro-formal education in short.

Terri owns several successful online businesses and the secret to her businesses’s success is google bewertung abgeben.

Terri is a huge fan of the legendary steel tycoon – Late Andrew Carnegie. She says that Andrew Carnegie contributed more to the steel industry than anyone else.

Terri says that fear and worry are the greatest enemies of success, wealth and creativity. Terri used to be broke when she traveled from Czech Republic to Germany, today she owns several different businesses. She recently made an alliance with a cousin of her who is a tycoon. Terri couldn’t think of coming in parallel to this cousin of her just years ago. Terri herself is a proof that fear and worry are the greatest enemies of success, wealth and creativity because she never fear or worry about anything.

Terri’s mother who lives in Prague, Czech Republic suffers from several diseases, Terri always prefers private hospitals over public hospitals because she can afford to send her mother there.

Living in Germany, Terri has met thousands of Jews throughout her life and she says that each one of them was a mastermind. Terri has also met several bible students living both in Czech Republic and Germany and she says they are some of the most passive people she has ever met.

Terri says that all the creative people she knows are very extrovert and don’t lie in general. She says that creative people including herself have great characters.

Cryptocurrency trader wife makes more money than the hard-working young immigrant husband

Diana Roosevelt (name changed) believes that common sense is not common. Diana has been married twice and her current husband is 7 years younger than  Diana. He is lucky to have a wife like Diana who is bright, bubbly, fun, intelligent, witty, a pleasure to spend time with, slender, leggy, beautiful who is always perfectly dressed, very open-minded and adventurous. Diana is still a head-turner at the age of 43. After making love to her husband, she gets very chatty for some reason that she doesn’t know herself.

Diana’s husband Vladimir is from Russia. He speaks fluent English and Russian. He likes cocktails, vodka, Chinese cuisine, gerberas and sports. Vladimir believes that life is about leadership and being truthful to yourself.

You will always find Vladimir working, he seldom feels any tired. He owns a popular Pizza restaurant that guarantees delivery within 30 minutes. He has disguised his Pizza restaurant in a way that it looks like it is owned by some Italian gentleman. His Pizza restaurant’s name is ‘Don Luciano’s’ with nothing but Italian chefs and Italian waiters and waitresses. Vladimir’s restaurant has so many everyday eaters that the waiters and waitresses now seem like family members to them.

Diana spends her whole day trading top cryptocurrencies and she makes almost as much money with her one intangible business as Vladimir does with his several tangible businesses.

Vladimir’s parents divorced when he was 5 and he was raised up by his mother who never married again. His father had a series of wives after that. Now when the doctors told Vladimir’s dad that he has got only 6 months to live. He wants his children to give him a second chance but the children don’t seem interested in having any relationship with him anymore.

Commitment, dedication and Prudence can take you far ahead in life

Gie Tran (name changed) is an Australian businessman from the city of Melbourne. Gie was born in Melbourne, he grew up there and he now owns a supermarket there which he wants to extend so badly and with the commitment, dedication and pace he is going, I am certain that he will be able to achieve his business goals.

Gie used to be a cashier at one of the Woolworths store in Melbourne before starting his own. Gie is a heiress and he was about to inherit enough money to build his own supermarket in any prominent neighborhood of Melbourne after the death of his grandfather but he worked at the Woolworths to gain some experience.

After receiving millions as inheritance after his grandpa’s death. Gie went on to build his own supermarket in one of the most popular neighborhoods of Melbourne and he did it against his every wellwisher’s wish. The neighborhood had several top supermarket stores already including Woolworths, Coles, IGA, ALDI and Star Mart. Every friend and relative of Gie advised him to not open up a supermarket there but Gie was determined to win over all the rivals.

Gie with all his determination, commitment, dedication, shrewdness and experience really won and he did it within a short span of 8 months. His supermarket is currently the most popular in that neighborhood of Melbourne and receives at least double the amount of business than any 2 rival supermarket stores combined. To add to his rivals’ injury, yesterday Gie made a deal with Tie Store Australia that he will buy bulk quantities of bow ties from them and sell it in his store. Tie Store Australia usually doesn’t enter any such contracts but watching Gie’s immense and rapid success they couldn’t resist.

Real Estate Agency Chain Owner relies on XMEyepc to manage his 20 branches

Grayson is a very courageous, wise, intelligent, spiritual and ambitious young man born and raised in Annapolis, Maryland. Grayson’s parents moved to the Miami, Florida in the late 70s looking at the opportunity that the city could offer them. They could still get nothing but laboring jobs there in Miami, Florida, the only difference was that they were getting more tips there.

Grayson’s parents also lived for a while at the Osho Commune. That was only for a couple of months. Grayson himself is very spiritual and materialist at the same time. He has a positive attitude about everything and his positive attitude is what transformed him from a chauffeur of one of the real estate’s kingpins to the owner of one the largest real estate agency chains in America.

It wasn’t easy for Grayson to create one of the largest real estate agency chains, but he did it. He doesn’t have a degree in business, he didn’t even go to the college. He just completed high school.

Grayson owns more than 20 real estate agency branches in some of the biggest US cities and one of the ways he keeps a check on his employees is by using a marvelously great remote viewing app for cameras at

Grayson made his first million when he was 29 and he tells like most other multi-millionaire and successful people that the first million is the hardest to make. Another great quality that Grayson possesses like many other self-made millionaires is that he doesn’t care about the triumph or the failures, he just gives his best after analyzing almost everything about the market.

Grayson recalls how at one time he used to compare himself with the others all the time but then he changed and put all his focus on improving himself only.

Xingtai is where they make the best decorative glasses in the world


Efrain is a 28 year young ex-male model currently running his very popular furniture store in the city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. But Efrain’s store wasn’t popular at all until about an year ago.

Efrain has come a long way in 1 year and he has been running this store since he was 21. Efrain was born to a career criminal father and a small-time actress mother. Efrain’s father was killed in a shootout with the rival gang and that’s when Efrain’s mother with him to Ottawa from the city of Toronto. Efrain still misses Toronto very much, but he likes Ottawa as well.

Efrain used to work for a taxi company as a driver from the age of 18 to 21. After that, he somehow managed to start a furniture store with the money he borrowed from friends, family, loans from the banks, and his own personal savings.

Efrain’s store never did well until he decided to do something creative. Efrain was selling furniture like all the other furniture sellers in his city. Efrain once by accident went through a popular Chinese glass  company that goes by the name ginde glass website.

Efrain was astonished to see the designs of their decorative glasses and decided to use them for some of his good. Efrain decided that he will buy their decorative glasses in bulk to use them on the table tops. Efrain ordered 200 decorative glasses as his budget was low. With his expert employee, got it fixed on the tables as table tops and posted the pictures on his website with the rates. Efrain’s best friend is an internet marketing expert and he helped Efrain a lot in popularizing his website. Within 6 days, all the tables got sold and then Efrain ordered more.

That’s how Efrain became the most popular furniture store owner in Ottawa. He has some more creative plans in his mind which he isn’t sharing with anyone at the moment.

Pakistani Microwave Crockery Company getting units manufactured at Dongguan, China

Thundpuria Limited (name changed) is a Pakistani microwave crockery company that has been in the business for over 15 years. They manufactured their own products for the first 5 years until they figured it would be easier for them to outsource the manufacturing to some full-fledged plastic mold company.

Thundpuria Limited was now getting its products manufactured at a local plastic molding company in the city of Lahore. The manufacturing company did a good job in the first year. The products were good and so was the cost. After about an year, the company started manufacturing low quality plastic crockery that could only comply with the Pakistani government standards. The product couldn’t be sold in any other country. The cost remained the same though.

Anybody from Thundpuria Limited didn’t say a word for the first 2 years about the quality of the product they were receiving from this Lahore based plastic manufacturing company, but they couldn’t say silent for long after watching the quality getting downwards each month. They broke up with the Lahore based company and went to Karachi to find another one. The manufacturing unit in Karachi offered them even lower prices and they also showed them the prototypes. The prototypes looked too good for the price and Thundpuria Limited ordered 18000 units.

After the units arrived, Thundpuria Limited found out that the prototypes were fake and the quality is 10 times worse than that of the Lahore factory. Thundpuria decided that they will not deal with another Pakistan based factory anymore and moved to Dongguan, China to look for a perfect manufacturer. To their surprise, they were getting better and cheaper products at Dongguan, China that they ever could in Lahore or Karachi.

It has been over 8 years now since Thundpuria Limited has been buying their products from the same Chinese manufacturer.