Well-read Sophia Ince never misses the Oscar Awards program

Sophia Ince (name changed) is an avid reader of religions and history. Sophia has studies several texts about Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and several extinct religions like the ancient Greek, Roman and Babylonian religions. Studying so many different religions, Sophia has found thousands of similarities among the different religions across the world, for example, Sophia says that the Luv and Kush of Ramayana in Hinduism show several similarities to the Ishmael – the son of Hagar and Abraham in Torah and Quran.

Sophia has studied a lot of history and she claims that the Indian Muslims used to be one of the wealthiest communities during the Mughal rule in India. Sophia says that the Khatri, Brahmin, Gujjar, Rajput and Jatt Muslims were the richest among these Indian Muslims as they were all wealthy landlords during this era. Sophia says that almost whole of the world had the system of feudalism in the medieval times and the Indian subcontinent was for the feudalism what United States of America is for the democracy. First feudal society didn’t appear in the Indian subcontinent but Indian subcontinent was really the greatest hub for the feudalism due to the large number of varied tribes and their chiefs.

Sophia has read a lot of stories about the resurrection of the Jesus and she claims to know a lot about the Kingdom of Judah and the Roman empire. She says that there is no hard evidence of Jesus being crucified.

Sophia is a huge Hollywood fan too. She never misses the Oscar awards and she is too excited about the Oscars 2019. She has already made a list of all the actors that can win the award this year and she claims that if 50% of the actors that she has shortlisted don’t win the lottery she will stop watching the Oscar awards after this one.

Kudchod – A Columbine high school massacre witness was folding Christmas Origami when the incident happened

Kudchod Lundeera (name changed) is the one and only son of a wealthy landowner. Kudchod was born and raised up in Columbine, Colorado, USA. Kudchod was in 5th standard and present in the Columbine High School when the infamous Columbine High School Massacre happened. If Kudchod can go back in time, that Columbine High school shooting is the one thing that he would change, Kudchod was folding Christmas origami back then with his classmates when the incident happened.

Kudchod hates everything fan-fiction and fan-art. He calls it a disgusting cancerous garbage.

Kudchad is a bit socially awkward and he attributes his lack of social skills to not being socially active from a very young age. Kudchad says that just like all skills social skills are also learnable.

Kudchod still drives a Honda Fit. His father has been persuading him to buy a luxury European car for so long but he wouldn’t listen, he says that he has some goals to achieve and until he achieves those, he wouldn’t drive anything but the same Honda Fit.

Kudchod got into a bad addiction of amphetamine abuse while he was in college, one of the guys whom he Kudchod was great friends with in school had a great reputation of being an alcoholic, he would sometimes drink more than 2 bottles of Scotch whiskey while he was still in school and he would brag about it to everyone. One day Kudchod was out to buy some Red Bulls at a nearby Costco, he saw that alcoholic friend of his wearing a ripped pants like a romper. Kudchod couldn’t believe his eyes, Kudchod went towards him and he was smelling worse than a fish. He came to Costco to buy some beers for himself and he was counting pennies while paying at the counter. Kudchod stopped taking amphetamine that very day after looking at this guy’s condition.