Made a lot of money with digital marketing now watches Bollywood movies during spare time

Lance Moshe (name changed) is a Brazilian gentleman who hates his Pakistani customers. He says that they bargain all the time and do it even though it is clearly written everywhere in his store that it is a fixed price store. Lance recently went to India and he met several Bollywood actresses there include the Chopra sisters (Priyanka and Parineeti). Lance has been watching the Bollywood movies since he was a teen.

Lance made a lot of money with mkt digital when it was still in its infancy and with the savings opened this departmental store that I mentioned about in the beginning of this post. After Lance got rich, he started looking down upon his poor friends.

Lance wants to redesign his store before the Christmas festival begins. With the kind of crowd that Lance’s store has been entertaining for the last couple of months due to the festive season, it looks like it would be impossible for him to redesign his store.

Lance has been taking a lot of nutritional yeast supplements for the past 6 months as he has a very weak immune system and he was told by a college friend that nutritional yeast really strengthens your immune system. Lance is very happy with the results nutritional yeast provided him. If it were someone other than that friend to tell Lance that nutritional yeast is beneficial, he would have never tried it.

Lance has a habit of calling his lawyer immediately no matter how petty the issue is. Even his lawyer gets annoyed by this habit of him many times and doesn’t pick up his phone.

Sneaker company made 700 million dollars in the first year

Deenana (name changed) is a new sneakers manufacturing company. Deenana started in the business just about 18 months ago. Deenana’s founders believed that only creating quality product is enough to get a lot of business. They spent all the money on creating a quality product and kept only 0.2% budget for the advertisement.

Deenana’s founders had no idea that their strategy is going to be a total flop. It is not workable at all. Today, sneaker companies are spending as much as 90% on the advertisements and only 10% on the products. To their good luck, Deenana understood the problem very early and went on a hunt to find a perfect marketing company. They came across several of those, but the only one they trusted was mtsyconsulting. MTSY had a fixed price and they had already made so many sneaker companies popular.

Deenana’s first priority while looking for a marketing company was experience, and they found that in MTSY. They wanted a marketing company that has already worked with many sneaker manufacturing companies.

MTSY made Deenana more popular in a shorter time than Deenana expected. In the last 2 quarters of 2017 and the first 2 quarters of 2018, Deenana sold sneakers for over 700 Million US Dollars. Deenana is a family company, so a couple of members sell the stuff at online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, etc. Their job is to take the manage the orders that come through these websites.

Only a 0.2% advertising budget is not going to do anything for any company these days, you need at least 5-10% advertising budget and that too if you have a product that is of unparalleled quality. Just like in the case of Deenana, they are spending 7% on the marketing and made a revenue over 700 million dollars in the first year. Marketing + Great Product = Fantastic revenue, great profits, happiness and prosperity.

Homemaker learnt French with VF website and is now exporting her handmade jewellery there

Kiran is an Indian jewellery designer who has been designing Indian traditional jewellery for over 2 decades. The demand for traditional Indian jewellery has ever been decreasing in India and it has been rising in other parts of the world, mainly in Europe. In France alone, it is a multi million Euro industry.

A friend told Kiran how major the Indian traditional jewellery industry has become in France. Kiran wanted to know more, so she researched the internet. She found out that to export her products to France, she will need to learn the French language. Kiran is a homemaker as well and she figured that she cannot hire a tutor for the French language with her busy schedule. Kiran was still determined that she wanted to learn the French language for the better present and future of her children. An idea came to her mind that watching French movies and programs can help her to learn the French language, so she searched the Youtube for the same. She could find very less of the French language shows on the Youtube. She didn’t know what to do next. Her husband came to know about it all. He told her that she is wasting her time and she should relax and focus on homemaking, it is not that easy. These words made Kiran even more furious.

Kiran searched the internet thoroughly and found out a top Streaming VF website. She found out that there are thousands of movies and TV programs that she can watch in order to learn the French language at any time that she wants, and all for free. Watching a nice movie or a Television program is also a great form of entertainment along with learning. She did it for 6 months and finally speaks next to fluent French and is exporting her handcrafted jewellery to France.

Motivational Speaker says that he had the best ever experience in Massachusetts


Ian is a motivational speaker who gets to travel a lot. Ian has read almost every popular book that is available on the topic of personal development, success stories, etc. Ian truly believes in what he does. Ian claims that he has changed several lives within a couple of years. Ian was invited to speak at a 5 star hotel in Massachusetts last month and he tells that he had an incredible experience there. He says that the great experience started at the arrival on the airport, when the Airport Taxi arrived to take him to the hotel.

Ian got to visit some of the best places in Massachusetts. The place he liked the most is the Freedom Trail. He also enjoyed visiting the Martha’s Vineyard. Most of all, he loved the special Massachusetts’ street food. He cannot forget the delicious taste of the Minsky’s Pizza and has learned to cook it himself after watching several Youtube videos. He says that he plans to take his wife also to Massachusetts the next time. He doesn’t have any kids yet and he says that he will take them there every year when he has them.

Massachusetts is very underrated when it comes to the tourism. Anybody who has visited Massachusetts will tell you that it is one of the best places on earth. So beautiful with some of the friendliest people on earth, and too cheap as well. If you are not a vegan, you are going to love the Massachusetts food. And did I tell you that the Acorn Mush is also a Massachusetts’ local dish which restaurants all over the world are serving with different names and claiming as their own personal recipe.

Ian’s experience with his local SEO company had been very bad. He was looking for an SEO company with good reviews and he found that as well in Massachusetts. CPL Marketing Group is one of the best SEO companies you will ever come across.