Materialist and Ambitious American Woman Won 10 Million Brazilian Reals


Melody was born in Valdez, Alaska but she has lived in almost every part of the world throughout 31 years of her life. She lived in India, she lived in Mexico, she lived in Japan and currently she is living in the small and one of the coldest towns of Brazil that goes by the name Bom Jardim de Serra, Santa Catarina.

Her worst experience was living in India. She lived in Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru and Goa. She found Indian people extremely annoying, selfish, stupid, rude and irrational. They don’t obey the traffic rules, they swear on each other like it’s nothing (for no big reason most of the times), she couldn’t criticize her experience in India enough.

When Melody was in Sayulita, Mexico. She experimented with Kabbalah magic for a long time only to find out that it never works. Melody loved her overall living experience in Mexico.

Melody and her husband are very faithful to each other and they can never stop missing each other when they are in different countries. Currently, Melody’s husband has been living in the Guadalajara City, Mexico for the past 13 months while Melody has been living in Bom Jardim de Serra, Brazil for the past 7 months. Melody claims that these past 7 months have been the best time of her life. Last month, she won 10 million Brazil Reals in the popular Rio de Prêmios (River of Awards).

Melody and her husband are extremely materialist and ambitious and they are not willing to have children until they fulfill their dream of owning a mansion in the Beverly Hills, California.

They also have a website where they campaign against the gun laws in United States and ask for a donation to keep continuing the ‘good job’.

41 year old plays games or reads books all day while Financial Planners do the work for him

Lewis has a PhD in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Lewis is now 41, never married, adopted 2 daughters about 5 years ago; Lewis and his daughters live the lives of millionaires while Lewis does nothing but takes care of his daughters or play video games or reads books all day.

Lewis didn’t inherit a fortune. Lewis didn’t win a lottery. Lewis is no loan shark or a drug dealer. But still, Lewis makes on an average 250k USD in profits a year. Lewis loves to listen and read Earl Shoaff. In one of his books, Earl Shoaff wrote “Don’t work yourself as long as you can make others work for you and with the ever-growing population you will always have someone working for you. There is no shortage of such people.” Lewis took it very seriously and invested a small amount that he had on a Financial Planner company in Prescott, Arizona.

Lewis is an anti-racist and he volunteers a lot against the racists on internet forums, chatrooms and other places visible to large crowds. Lewis never discriminates among black, white, ugly, beautiful, tall, short, poor, rich. Lewis is a real humanitarian and that may be one reason why he commands respect anywhere he goes.

Lewis has a very deep and interesting voice. Everywhere he goes, he is asked whether he does broadcasting? His voice is very similar to that of Ted Williams, a homeless American man who became very popular in the year 2011 with his video getting viral. It is the most viewed video on the RT yet with over 44 million views.

Lewis’ favorite book is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and he has read it over 5 times. It is the only book which he has read more than once.

Rich and Happy – A story about rags to riches

Nicolau is a 36 year old man born and raised in the Teresina city, Piauí, Brazil. Nicolau now lives in one of the most beautiful cities on the planet that goes by the name Recife.

Nicolau never ate a candy in his childhood because he was raised in abject poverty, but he opened a candy store on demand of his son and daughter.

Nicolau wore torn shoes all his childhood and window shopped Nike, ASICS and Adidas stores all the time. His kids now wear designer shoes.

Nicolau always wondered what coffee tasted like after seeing so many rich and handsome suited booted men visiting the Starbucks. He is now very regular to the Starbucks and other expensive coffee shops.

Nicolau bought his son a PS4 on his 9th birthday and his daughter a XBox on her 9th birthday too. The family is also planning to visit the Disneyland at the end of this year.

His kids drink smoothies twice a day. They have two chefs at their house making whatever the kids ask for. The kids choose the car they want to travel in when they have to go anywhere. From G-Wagon to Porsche Panamera, they have it all.

Nicolau didn’t want a middle-class life for his kids. He wanted to become rich first and then have kids. To his good luck, he became rich way too earlier than he believed. By the time Nicolau was 23, he was a millionaire. How did all that happen? Nicolau had a great business plan in his mind since he was 19. Nicolau put that plan into action with his hard work when he was 21. Nicolau wanted to get rich early on in life. He was certain about his plan but didn’t have the money to put it in action.

How he got the money, find out at this website – como aumentar o score do cpf

Best Aluminium Die Casting Manufacturing Companies are located in the R.A.C.

When you look for Aluminium die casting manufacturing on Google or any other search engine, from which region of the world do most websites pop up? The answer is R.A.C., aka Republic of China. It is astonishing how much China has accomplished in such a short span of time. They are on top of almost everything. Take their ACs for example, I use Haier and recommend Haier to each and everybody that asks for my recommendation for a new AC. I have used Hitachi, Samsung, Kenmore, LG and several other brands but nothing is as good value for money as Haier.

Take their latest mobile phones for example as well, can any mobile phone beat Redmi when it comes to the value for money smartphones?

It is unbelievable to see that it is the same China that used to have a GDP of 132 US Dollar per capita in the year 1962. Same is the case with the countries that used to be part of China once. I am talking about Singapore and Hong Kong. Singapore and Hong Kong’s GDP per capita are on par with the USA, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

One of my friends who works for one of the most popular German car brands told me that their company’s headquarters in India was getting their aluminium gearbox die casted in Tamil Nadu, India until the number of complaints started growing like topsy. That’s when the company decided that they will get their aluminium gearbox die casted in Dongguan, China. Now, they don’t receive any complains and they plan to get all the aluminium gearbox die casted in Dongguan, China. Whether it be for the cars they sell in Arabia, China, Europe or North and South America. The quality of aluminium die casting is so good in Dongguan, China.

Ex-Uber Driver making over 100, 000 Dollars doing almost nothing

Young Boston lady named Mindy is no astrologer but she prophesied that her cousin Manuel who was an Uber cab driver back then will become very rich and happy by the end of the year 2017. Manuel didn’t believe her and thought that she is saying the same to console him because he wasn’t happy with his life. The thought that he is a mere driver and one day he will be unemployed when each and every American will have a car of his/her own and there will be self-driven cars would give him nightmares and kept him depressed.

One friend of Manuel once told him that he is making over 100, 000 Dollars per year doing web scraping and creating niche websites. Manuel wasn’t interested initially but after his depression increased, he determined to change his life forever by hook or by crook. He went to his friend’s home and learnt what web scraping is. His friend also told Manuel about Rank Tracker API, and he also told him that he doesn’t need proxies to perform the act which will make it too easy for the kind of money involved in the business.

Manuel cut his driving hours and started working with his friend with all his heart and energy. Manuel learnt faster than his friend expected and by the end of 2017, he was making over 10000 Dollar a month. His cousin’s prophesy was real.

Make your employees work to their fullest

HR Consulting Companies are plenty in today’s time, especially in the first world countries and the major cities, but is your HR consulting company the finest. Is the HR consultancy company that you have hired is what you would consider a world class HR company?

Several major HR companies look like a chachki when compared with the HR companies run directly by the founder/owner of the HR company. Take John Accountancy Company in London for example, the company is run directly by it’s founder and is one of the best that you can ever consult. This company gives the Accenture and Mercer a run for their money. Like in a Hindi saying they say “One boss can take care of one hundred employees but one hundred employees can’t take care of one boss.”

We know several small HR companies that are better organized and have better ways and tactics than the whole major corporations combined, but John Accountancy is the best of them all.

You go golfing while the HR company takes care of all your employees. You pay your employees well, then take full advantage of their performance and caliber. Make sure that you hire the best HR company, as the happier your employees are, the more money you make, the more your company grows.

Building a business can be a really pleasurable experience if you play all your cards right and coming to work for your employees can be full of pleasure too if you consult a HR company that really knows what it is doing. Your employees will give 100% of them if you make them feel like they are working for themselves, not for some ugly mean and bald boss.

Get yourself Spotify Premium APK, get yourself some life and stay out of depression always

An Indian teenager (we will call him Arjun here) dropped out of the college in the first year because he thought he was too smart for the college and wasting his time there. He started off an online business thinking that he will be able to make millions soon enough. His idea went flop, the business did nothing but made him even poorer. He was about to hit the depression but his parents cheered him up and gave him lot of motivation and asked him to do whatever he want next, either college or business, they will give him all the money that he asks for.

First, he didn’t ask them for any money thinking that it would make him feel like a loser. After he wasted 4 months, he went to his parents to ask for Rs. 50, 000 to start a website (About 775 US Dollars). His parents happily gave him the money. He started dreaming himself driving a German car within an year if his website goes successful, which he was 100% sure would happen. He worked very hard, all day and night trying to make his website popular. The website became popular but didn’t make any money.

He went into depression. His parents again came into the picture and offered him help. They said let us know whatever you want. He said just get me a Spotify Premium APK Offline and I am all good, I don’t need anything else. I am tired of life at the moment. I just want to listen to my favorite songs, random songs and the songs that I don’t even understand the language of right now. His parents right away got him what he asked for and after a couple of days, he was cheerful, happy and started planning another venture.

It has been 2 years already since that event happened, he is not as successful as he wanted to be but Spotify is what keeps his left foot above the right one.