This female bodybuilder feels like she can lift a full-size bus up with her bare hands since she started using CrazyBulk

Zoran Fox (name changed) is a single businessman with one of his companies being the one that manufactures toilet cleaners. Zoran is a huge believer of “No pain, no gain”. Zoran regularly participates in marathons and since he started bodybuilding as well, he is working harder than he ever did before. Zoran only gets to sleep 5.5 hours a day and he says that he has never felt any better.

Zoran is a believer of Nostradamus’s predictions and he claims that the black sea will disappear by 2025. Zoran says that Bosnia and Herzegovina will be a bankrupt state by 2020.

Zoran recently learnt Egyptian Arab dialect. Zoran says that the Quasars were well known by the ancient Arabs. The Arabic name Qaisar comes from Quasar only, says Zoran.

Zoran claims to have interviewed several CIA, MI6, Mossad, RAW and ISI spies. Zoran says that none of these guys reads newspaper regularly but most of them hit the gym regularly.

Zoran’s sister – Nikita is an astrologer and tarot card reader and a fitness model as well. Nikita is very much interested in female bodybuilding and bodybuilding for her has become much easier since she discovered CrazyBulk. Zoran enjoys Pizza twice a week.

Being an astrologer, Nikita has several unusual things to say. Nikita claims that Supernova are well-mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, Quran and Bhagavad Gita. Nikita says that Supernovas have a special connection with the earth. She says that whenever a Supernova occurs, a great communal violence takes place on the earth.

Nikita believes in achieving great benchmarks – long and short. Nikita wants to pursue a career in wrestling as well and since she has started using CrazyBulk, her confidence has picked up new heights. She says that she can lift a full-size bus up with her bare hands.

Kathe always asks for a yellow Honda when she calls her favorite car rental company in Crete

Kathe Shenton (name changed) drives nothing but Honda cars and she drives nothing but yellow painted cars as she believes that it is her ‘lucky’ color. Kathe visits Crete each winter season and she always uses Cosmo Cars for Car Rental Crete and it goes without saying that she demands nothing but yellow car from the Cosmo Cars, now even the employees working for years with Cosmo Cars can identify that it is Kathe when she asks for a yellow car.

Kathe has traveled around the world and she knows a lot about the different cultures of the world. She claims that the brother-in-laws (sister’s husbands) show ton lot of attitude in the Indian subcontinent.

Kathe owns 15 pink luxury bags which she all bought online.

Kathe knows a satanist who named his son ‘Lucifer’ and his daughter ‘Afrodite’. The kids get bullied a lot in the school but the satanist father is too happy with the kids being bullied in school as he claims that these experiences will make the kids stronger spiritually and emotionally this way. He says that his kids soon will soon start bullying the bullies, we all just need to wait and watch the miracle happen.

This satanist friend of Kathe on the contrary also claims that the physical wounds and bruises have a huge impact on the victim’s willpower, they can either make your willpower stronger or destroy it completely altogether.

This satanist also claims that the satan himself will appear to tell the mystery of the different seasons, weathers and temperatures. Human beings need not bother about these things.

Anyways, I just called Bertha and she was busy writing a positive review for car rentals Crete that she always uses.

Jaguar cars ain’t as unreliable as they are perceived to be and Super Bowl Liii is going to be more fun than you can even imagine

Amie Egerton (name changed) recently bought a Jaguar F-Pace after seeing nothing but negative comments against Jaguar, Mercedes Benz and Audi to defame Jaguar as Amie was sure that these commentators couldn’t even afford a Renault. So, Amie went ahead with her decision to buy the Jaguar. After driving Jaguar F-Pace for 15000 miles, Amie has come to the conclusion that Jaguar is not as unreliable as mentioned by those commentators but it is extremely unreliable when compared to its Japanese and Swedish counterparts – Infinite, Acura, Lexus and Volvo but it is on the same level of unreliability when compared to its German counterparts. Amie is still pretty happy with her decision of buying a Jaguar.

Amie runs a clothing retail store and Amie claims that the internet has only increased her business due to positive honest reviews and what comes as surprising is that Amie never tried to sell anything online.

Amie’s sister-in-law – Miley had a pretty unsuccessful run with her online book store. Amie says that all online book stores start with the dream of becoming the next Amazon or Flipkart but only 0.00001% ever make it to the top.

Amie offers special discounts on Hindu, Muslim, Jewish and Christian festival at her online clothing store.

Miley claims that sky is purple, in the night time it becomes darker and appears black, in the day it appears brighter and hence looks sky blue. Miley says that sooner or later, the scientists will also agree with her ‘purple sky’ theory and call it a reality.

Miley is not  Super Bowl Liii fan but she is super-excited to watch it this time as it is going to be a get together time for her family.

Don’t tweet against your loyal and beautiful wife or you will have to drive a taxi for the rest of your life

Ettore Marley (name changed) is not an antisemitic guy but he was recently perceived to be one when he wrote a post on his blog with the title “Ancient Jews used to breed like rats and that’s why they look like rats too”.

Ettore gave so many reasoning, logic and argument in his post giving several references like the number of King David’s kids, number of famous Jewish patriarch – Jacob’s kids and a reference in the Genesis that the number of Abraham’s descendants will be too many to count.

Ettore loves to read and he loves to read love genre novels, his most favorite novel of all time is “Midnight Fantasies” by Vickie Lewie Thompson, Stephanie Bond and Kimberly Raye.

Ettore says that there are lots of commonalities between the Hindu Priests and Rabbis which makes him believe that either over half of the Hindu Brahmins used to be ancient Jewish priests or all of Hindu Brahmins have their roots in Israel and Judaism.

Ettore says that Jacob’s ladder has no mystery behind it – the ladder only showcases some angels traveling down to the earth and the other angels who have gone bore while staying on earth traveling back to the sky or heaven. Ettore claims that the Jews have been taking the entire world on a long ride by portraying this very simple picture of Jacob’s ladder into something extremely mysterious.

Ettore’s wife recently divorced him after he kept tweeting against her. Ettore’s wife has bore him 5 kids (2 daughters and 3 sons) in 11 years and he still doesn’t have the etiquette enough to respect her. Ettore used to be an unemployed and he didn’t have anything that his wife could take away from her. Ettore’s wife was the one who used to run the household, the day Ettore got single, he realized that he needs to do something in order to make a living so he checked out the Lyft driver sign up bonus and has been working at Lyft ever since.

Better book a cab than having your own car if you are not willing to even have a test drive

Abiah Moor (name changed) came back from India in October of 2018 and she was amazed to see some extremely stupid people there. Abiah met a family there in the city called Ghaziabad, it is a Punjabi Khatri family and they own a Dhaba (a Punjabi Indian restaurant) which is over 45 years old and is popular throughout the Ghaziabad city, you are not called a Ghaziabadwala (a citizen of Ghaziabad) unless you have eaten at this Dhaba of this family.

They invited Abiah to live with them in their house, they are total 6 members in the family including a son, a daughter-in-law, a grandson, a granddaughter, owner of the house and Dhaba and his wife. Abiah accepted their invitation.

Abiah really liked the courtesy that they provided her, one thing that she hated the most was that the son was staring at her all the time like he had never seen a woman before. Abiah really felt scared at times but the funny things that the entire family did made up for it.

The family owned 2 cars by the moment Abiah arrived there, one Hyundai i10 and a Honda Amaze (a compact car by Honda which is perhaps not available in most countries). They sold out the Honda Amaze to buy a Toyota Innova. None of the members in the family even took a test drive before planning to buy the car or MPV, whatever word you would like to use for it. Anyways, they started regretting buying the MPV by the moment it arrived, the son and father started arguing over selecting the MPV, the son blamed the father for choosing the particular MPV and the the father blamed the son for the same.

Abiah is planning to go to India once again this month, she is thinking about first landing in New Delhi, then eating at this Ghaziabad Dhaba, either of the son or father is always there, the moment one of the two has a look at her, they are going to invite her again to their home, she will go there and check what’s going on in there.

Anyways, Abiah was in Thailand the last time I spoke to her, she was booking a taxi to Hua Hin from Pattaya.

We are living in the end times, get your bathrooms renovated before we disappear from the face of the earth – Mannequin Rockefeller

Mannequin Rockefeller (name changed) is an author from Newmarket, Ontario. Mannequin is a firm believer of the notion that we are living in the end times and it is evident from her books. Mannequin recently wrote a book called “Good news for the Antinatalists – End Times and Dajjal”. I have read the complete book and I must say that Mannequin makes it look real that we are really living in the end times. According to Mannequin, the real Dajjal is Angela Merkel – the Chancellor of Germany. To back her claim up, Mannequin says that according to the Islamic and Christian eschatology, the Dajjal will be the greatest deceiver and although it is perceived to be a male, it is a female in reality and her name is Angela Merkel.

Mannequin claims that Angela Merkel has made her best efforts to destroy the catholicism in Germany and she has done it quite successfully. Mannequin claims that Protestantism ultimately leads to the atheism and that’s what Dajjal wants. Mannequin says that Feminism, Protestantism,  LGBT and other things that are happening in the modern times will turn a regular straight man into a wanker and a wanker is good for nothing. Mannequin has written over and over again in her book that these groups of wankers will not be able to save themselves from Dajjal and ultimately either the whole mankind except the Jews will be wiped out or everybody will have to submit to the Jews and the whole mankind will be on the mercy of the Jews.

Mannequin rejects the Islamic belief that the Muslims will kill everybody else and take over the earth. Mannequin has literally told the Muslims to forget about it in her book.

Mannequin wrote this whole book while all the bathrooms in her house were going through bathroom renovation Newmarket.

You can get an ios app done on anything and make a bank with it like Jan Koum and Brian Acton

Kamille Takahashi (name changed) has a sister – Kim who has been a citizen of India for the past 2 decades. Kim recently got bluffed by a fraud who has been luring potential customers of vintage and classic cars by making Youtube videos. Kim fell for an Opel Astra 1.6, a car that used to be available in India from 1996-2003, she was told by the seller that the car was bought in 2002 which he had the proof of but he lied about how much the car has run, he knows the art of busting miles aka odometer fraud. He changed the odometer to 20, 000 Kilometers and the car ran so smoothly for a week that Kim was sure that it has only done 20, 000 Kilometers whereas a voice in her head was telling her that she has been bluffed which turned out to be true. After a week, Kim started noticing that the car has done not 20, 000 but rather somewhere around 150, 000 to 200, 000, the car started needing workshop all the time and finally Kim decided to sell it, nobody was willing to buy it, Kim felt like a complete fool for buying it and sold the car finally to a scrap dealer who paid her only 1000 USD for the same.

Inspired from Kim’s story, Kamille has decided to create an app that will help the car buyers to check if the deal they are getting is worth it or not, Kamille or any of her kids or family members doesn’t know how to code but no problem, she has already hired an ios application services (jasa aplikasi ios) from Indonesia for the purpose. Kamille is certain that the company she has hired will do a great job and she has her fingers crossed till the app is created.

Well-read Sophia Ince never misses the Oscar Awards program

Sophia Ince (name changed) is an avid reader of religions and history. Sophia has studies several texts about Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and several extinct religions like the ancient Greek, Roman and Babylonian religions. Studying so many different religions, Sophia has found thousands of similarities among the different religions across the world, for example, Sophia says that the Luv and Kush of Ramayana in Hinduism show several similarities to the Ishmael – the son of Hagar and Abraham in Torah and Quran.

Sophia has studied a lot of history and she claims that the Indian Muslims used to be one of the wealthiest communities during the Mughal rule in India. Sophia says that the Khatri, Brahmin, Gujjar, Rajput and Jatt Muslims were the richest among these Indian Muslims as they were all wealthy landlords during this era. Sophia says that almost whole of the world had the system of feudalism in the medieval times and the Indian subcontinent was for the feudalism what United States of America is for the democracy. First feudal society didn’t appear in the Indian subcontinent but Indian subcontinent was really the greatest hub for the feudalism due to the large number of varied tribes and their chiefs.

Sophia has read a lot of stories about the resurrection of the Jesus and she claims to know a lot about the Kingdom of Judah and the Roman empire. She says that there is no hard evidence of Jesus being crucified.

Sophia is a huge Hollywood fan too. She never misses the Oscar awards and she is too excited about the Oscars 2019. She has already made a list of all the actors that can win the award this year and she claims that if 50% of the actors that she has shortlisted don’t win the lottery she will stop watching the Oscar awards after this one.

Conspiracy theorist from the Miami of Greece loves to watch movies with her kids more than anything else

Adele Belz (name changed) is a 35 year old Greek woman who was born and raised in what is called the Miami of the Greece, that is a coastal city called Chalcis in Greece. Adele has traveled the world and she has come to a conclusion that most Hindus and Muslims around the world except in western countries and Australia are oblivious of what is going in the world.

Adele says that almost no Indian is aware of what conspiracy took place in the 2015 Delhi elections. Adele says that the real contenders for the position of becoming Chief Minister from the current largest political party of India were Mr Satish Upadhyay and Mr Vijay Kumar Goel but the party chose to represent Mrs Kiran Bedi as the real contender instead and made Kiran Bedi believe that she is the most deserving candidate which she clearly was not. The day the party selected Kiran Bedi as the most eligible candidate for the Chief Ministership – Kiran Bedi had already started believing that she has won the elections and the same was evident from the way she gave interviews, election speeches and her body language.

Adele says that the real conspiracy of the BJP behind this tactic of announcing Kiran Bedi as the candidate for the Chief Ministership was to not disappoint the real contenders Mr Vijay Kumar Goel and Mr Satish Upadhyay contrary to what the mainstream media of India portrayed. Adele says that the Indian government was given orders from above somewhere to lose the elections deliberately in order to make Arvind Kejriwal come into power. Adele says that it is quite evident from every step and every major action of Arvind Kejriwal that he is an agent of the foreign powers in India.

Anyways, I will write more about this matter some other time, right now I myself and Adele are busy watching movies with our kids (παιδικεσ ταινιεσ). This is our way of celebrating the New Year, we just love to be happy, not shout out to the world loudly that the New Year has arrived, get drunk and harm ourselves, that’s not our style.

Angelica Haddad claims she successfully discovered the offsprings of JH Kellogg and her android app had nothing to do with it

Angelica Haddad (name changed) says that drinking wine or beer socially once in a while is okay as long as you are certain that you are not going to get addicted.

Angelica has a sister named Ryan who drinks beer as the first thing in the morning. Angelica and her family is very upset with Ryan for the same but Ryan threatens them with warnings of committing suicide if they try to hard to stop her from drinking alcohol so much. Ryan says that she cannot imagine living without the alcohol.

Angelica likes to research a lot, she recently did an extensive research on what Dr John Harvey Kellogg’s 48 foster children turned out to be in the future and she has successfully located and discovered what all of them do for a living. Angelica says that 9 of those are still alive and the offsprings of the 48 foster children are living in all over Europe, United States of America, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Russia and even UAE.

Angelica fears that the majority of the world will soon become Muslim as the Muslims are reproducing like rabbits, rats and other animals while the Whites, Jews and Japanese are denying to reproduce. Angelica says that the United Nations and other similar organizations must give an ultimatum to the Islamic countries to check their population and don’t marry more than once.

Angelica doesn’t have many good things to say about the other religions either. Angelica accuses Hebrew bible of having very few talks and mentions about civil rights than there should have been.

Angelica is thinking about becoming a foster mother to several beautiful and intelligent kids that she can find as she now have enough money to take care of them. Angelica got a tour and travel related android application done by one of the best android application creation services (jasa pembuatan aplikasi android) in Indonesia. Angelica has been making 20 times the money with this app that she does with her full time fitness training business.

This American Jew traveled all the way to Hastings UK to relive the way her ancestors lived back in the day

Zita Kiehl (name changed) is an amateur anthropologist who claims that the first homo sapiens that evoluted from the monkeys, chimpanzees and Orangutans were in their adolescence age. Zita claims that only adolescents are capable of evoluting and the life after the adolescence is a rinse and repeat of what we learnt during the adolescence.

Zita is the daughter of a Jewish couple. Zita’s great-great-great grandfather immigrated from the city of Hastings, East Sussex, England to New York. Zita is very obsessed with knowing about the lives of her ancestors. To know more about how her ancestors and how the Jewish people lived in the England in those days, Zita traveled to Hastings and was really amazed to see the infamous English courtesy at Airport Taxi Hastings that she hired.

Zita has seven brothers and two sisters. Zita looks almost completely different from all her siblings but still looks more like her parents than any of her sibling and perhaps all her siblings combined. She even cares about her parents more than any of her siblings.

Zita claims that the World Trade Tower conspiracy theories are a plot by the catholic church to take over the assets of the Jews and ultimately destroy the Protestantism. She says that if you can believe the World Trade Tower conspiracy theories, you can believe anything.

Like most successful and intelligent Jewish people, Zita cherishes each and every moment of her precious life and she has some harsh things to say against the people and religions that believe in reincarnation, no matter how good their relationships with the Jews and/or United States are.

Zita is a very courageous businesswoman who doesn’t let the giants of her industry threaten her with their money, power and brand name.

Had a feud with your girlfriend? Visit Thailand to chill and forget about everything

Vaan Phan (name changed) is a Vietnamese lawyer from the beautiful coastal city called Da Nang in Hau Chau province of Vietnam. Vaan Phan has a love-hate relationship with beautiful women. Just a couple of months ago, he was in a relationship with this beautiful woman 2 years older than himself until she found out his profile on a matrimonial website. Instead of getting his feet shaking and body aching, Vaan Phan asked his beautiful ex-girlfriend – “How do you know that I have a profile there? Do you also have a profile on the same matrimonial website? Are you taking me for a ride by dating me?”

Vaan even argued and wasn’t ready to accept that the profile was created by himself or any member of his family or a friend, but Vaan claimed that it was created by some troll. Vaan says that he is so handsome that some scammer was trying to extort some money out of some desperate women by creating a fake profile on a matrimonial website with his picture. Her ex-girlfriend replied to Vaan that it is a paid website, trolls don’t create profiles on websites where they have to pay money to place an ad on. Vaan replied back that the modern trolls are very smart, they only create profiles on websites where they have to pay to place an ad on. Vaan’s ex-girlfriend replied “How do you know so much about the online troll industry? Are you one yourself? You told me that you are a lawyer. Did you mean a liar instead?” After saying that, Vaan’s ex-girlfriend threw the phone down and Vaan hasn’t tried to contact her ever since.

In the first week of December, Vaan traveled to Bangkok to chill for a while and forget all the stress and tensions. After enjoying with beautiful chicks of Bangkok, Vaan traveled from Bangkok to Koh Chang to enjoy some more.

Vaan says that the beautiful women act like the world owes them everything, and about the ones working to serve the tourists of Bangkok, he says that the world really owes them something.

This driven and ambitious million dollar couple is getting married in South Beach, Miami next month


Zorka Fuss (name changed) says that she is related to the primary national founder of the State of Israel and the first Prime Minister of Israel – Late David Ben-Gurion; although Zorka has nothing to back her claim up, she never fails to convince most others that she is really related to Late David Ben-Gurion.

Zorka says that doctors, inventors, scientists are not as smart as they are believed to be. Zorka orchestrated a dating scenario for her one and only sister, Sabrina, who is 2 years younger to Zorka with a doctor and inventor. The dating scene didn’t went as Zorka expected and Zorka puts the blame on that doctor-inventor.

Zorka is getting married next month to a leading motivational speaker and author of several books in Miami whom we will refer to as Johnny Daniel here. Zorka and her fiance have already booked the venue and they are too excited about their wedding.

Johnny Daniel has several free self-help, personality development and motivational audio books available on the Youtube for free in his own voice which he passes out for free voluntarily and makes sure that it reaches to as many as people as possible as a way of promotion for his paid programs, CDs, DVDs and books.

Johnny himself started out his career working at the laboring jobs and worked his way up to become a million dollar motivational speaker owing to his marvelous communication skills, drive and excellent time management skills.

Johnny won the heart of Zorka when he said “I am profoundly sorry” in a huge gathering to Zorka when they weren’t even dating. It was a very little mistake for which Johnny said that to Zorka and Zorka fell for his down-to-earthiness.

Million Dollar Woman trying her best to make a website like texnologia

Bailey Hatzis (name changed) is an amateur political thinker and analyst who is notorious for claiming on her personal blogs that it was Russia that created and nurtured Taliban not the United States of America.

Bailey is a very rich businesswoman but she still always wears nothing but artificial jewelry, I don’t think that she even owns any pure gold jewelry. Being a conspiracy theorist, Bailey must be aware of another infamous conspiracy theorist – Sheikh Imran Hosein’s advice to his students and followers to invest most of their wealth into gold and silver. Sheikh Imran Hosein is against buying bitcoins and Bailey owns hundreds of bitcoins. I believe that Bailey believes in the opposite of what Sheikh Imran Hosein preaches or maybe Sheikh Imran Hosein is taking all of us for a long ride. Why do I say that? I say that because I know Bailey personally and she is a wonderful person and a great human being, she has nothing to gain from preaching those conspiracy theories but I cannot trust someone like Sheikh Imran Hosein.

Bailey is a very intelligent lady, one of her businesses retails top electronics and gadgets, to popularize and promote her electronic retail business, Bailey has created a website just like texnologia which she has been constantly updating and improving for the past 2 months. Unfortunately, Bailey has not yet come close to the level of texnologia but she will soon get there, she just has to keep trying.

Bailey divides her goals between being purposeless or purposeful; you will perhaps be surprised to know that Bailey considers formal education as a purposeless goal. Bailey claims that formal education didn’t help her anywhere in any of her businesses. I don’t fully agree with Bailey here but I certainly believe that formal education is overrated and only good for the followers, not the leaders.

This Thai Happy Taxi Driver is one of a kind, he takes you from Bangkok to Damnoen Saduak asking about your culture and traditions

Von Lange (name changed) is a driver for Thai Happy Taxi company. On his way from Bangkok to Damnoen Saduak he keeps meeting several different sorts of passengers, for example, last month by coincidence he met several Deobandi Muslims as passengers in his cab, Von Lange is amazed that Deobandi Muslims are much smarter than he believed them to be.

One of the Deobandi Muslims told him that what the Muslims call the Maghreb region used to be the most materially rich region on earth during the ancient times, he said that when most historians or people with some historic knowledge think of ancient riches, the pictures that come up in their minds are of India, Persia or China but in reality Maghreb used to be the richest place on earth.

When Von asked one of the Deobandis “Why is inbreeding allowed in Islam though all the medicine practitioners are against it?” To the question, the Deobandi replied that inbreeding makes the progeny smarter in the long run, he gave the examples of the most persecuted race ever – “The Jews”. He said that a great number of the Jewish people are inbred and they are unparalleled when it comes to the intelligence and brilliance. He also agreed with the claim of the medical science practitioners that inbreeding leads to more cases of osteoporosis and other bone related diseases but he also said that the people born out of inbreeding have less cases of depression. He knew the accurate suicide rates of different countries and the suicide rates in Islamic countries and Israel were among the least.

One of the Deobandis that Von met was a psychologist with a very deep and distinctive voice. Von didn’t dare ask him any question.

Cotton and Canvas Bags business is definitely a profitable one but do your research before getting into any business – Thanong Jensen

Thanong Jensen (name changed) is a half-Thai half-Swedish businessman who owns a coffee shop chain that is prevalent all over Thailand. Thanong’s coffee shop company believes in serving only what it specializes in; they only serve espresso and cappuccino at Thanong’s coffee shops.

As you may have already noticed from Thanong’s full name that his mother is a Thai and his father is Swedish. Thanong spent most of his childhood in Uppsala, Sweden but came to Thailand after completing his senior high school education.

Thanong started his business career as a translator and a guide. Thanong was a guide with an edge as he spoke 8 different major languages including Swedish, English, Thai, Vietnamese, Norwegian, Finnish.

Thanong even sold potteries after working as a guide as he was misguided and mislead by a friend of his that there is tons of money to be made in the pottery business. It is funny that a guide got misguided; how can someone trust a guide who can be misguided himself so easily? Pun intended.

Since being misguided by his friend, Thanong does an enormous amount of research, reading and a lot more before starting a business and that’s one of the main reasons why he is such a success today.

Thanong has a very choosy wife who wants to start a cotton and canvas bags (กระเป๋าผ้าแคนวาส) business, Thanong has advised her to do a whole lot of research before getting into it. Thanong always keeps sharing his past and present business experiences with his wife so that she doesn’t make the same mistakes that he did. Thanong even keeps telling her the future predictions about the business world. Thanong’s wife is a very smart lady who is half-Filipino, 25 % British and 25% Thai. She is a regular scene at the most high profile parties and functions of Thailand.

Popular on Soundcloud, pro-formal education, capitalist and successful businesswoman, meet Terri Frank

Terri Frank (name changed) has a great fan following on Soundcloud. She makes great music and once you hear her, you don’t go back.

Terri says that formal education is not overrated, it is just that few people have the quality to think beyond it. She is a pro-formal education in short.

Terri owns several successful online businesses and the secret to her businesses’s success is google bewertung abgeben.

Terri is a huge fan of the legendary steel tycoon – Late Andrew Carnegie. She says that Andrew Carnegie contributed more to the steel industry than anyone else.

Terri says that fear and worry are the greatest enemies of success, wealth and creativity. Terri used to be broke when she traveled from Czech Republic to Germany, today she owns several different businesses. She recently made an alliance with a cousin of her who is a tycoon. Terri couldn’t think of coming in parallel to this cousin of her just years ago. Terri herself is a proof that fear and worry are the greatest enemies of success, wealth and creativity because she never fear or worry about anything.

Terri’s mother who lives in Prague, Czech Republic suffers from several diseases, Terri always prefers private hospitals over public hospitals because she can afford to send her mother there.

Living in Germany, Terri has met thousands of Jews throughout her life and she says that each one of them was a mastermind. Terri has also met several bible students living both in Czech Republic and Germany and she says they are some of the most passive people she has ever met.

Terri says that all the creative people she knows are very extrovert and don’t lie in general. She says that creative people including herself have great characters.

Hair restoration network forum

Sharwin Aksoy (name changed) is half-Indian and half-Turkish, he is amazed at the stupidity of the Hindu people and their stupid beliefs. They blame all the bad things on luck and other nonsense factors including bad karma in the previous incarnation.

Sharwin claims that Narendra Modi is a stooge of the European and American conglomerate that runs the world. He says that he has been hired like a donkey by the conglomerate to buy their weapons with all the taxes that he collects and he has been collecting it with both hands, Sharwin claims. Sharwin says that he is working on the American and European policy of dividing the Indian subcontinent into several different parts, containment of China policy of America and to destroy the Muslim world. Sharwin says that there are hundreds of billions of dollars in Modi’s Swiss and Panama bank accounts, all deposited by the conglomerate.

 Sharwin is a part of several online forums and especially the hair restoration network forum. He is very regular there and makes several posts each week.

I have read some of the funniest posts by Sharwin on different online forums including a post where he made a claim that premarital sex is beneficial for both physical health and mental well-being. He says that people who have already had premarital sex are expected to have ever-lasting marriages as they already know how to make their spouse happy and content.

In another post, Sharwin claimed that extramarital sexual relationships make the marriages stronger contrary to the popular belief that they worsen it. He says that if the spouses are not so obsessive and possessive about their so-called soulmates, then extramarital sex is a boon and he says that like masturbation, extramarital sex too will be recommended by the medical practitioners, experts and therapists soon enough.

Drew Brazier believes he knows a lot about the Indian subcontinent, he says the first origami was created in India

Drew Brazier (name changed) loves to read a lot of ancient history and his all-time favorite is the ‘Indian History’. Drew claims that Chola dynasty were the best rulers that the Indian subcontinent has ever had.

Drew makes another claim that Alexander the Great never came in conflict with the Kamboja people. Drew says that the Kamboja people were never capable enough to confront Macedonian army in their dreams. Drew says that Kambojas instead wanted to be a part of Alexander’s mission so desperately but Alexander didn’t like them.

Drew claims that the Indian culture is more Persian, Arabic and Turkic than Bharatiya. He says that you just need to see what the Indians like to eat on a daily basis, what they wear and their ethics to comprehend what he means by that.

Drew says that Spartans are overrated and the Kingdom of Sparta was never as strong as mentioned by most, they had their own peculiar discipline but that discipline wasn’t enough to make them as strong and powerful as the media claims to be.

Another claim that Drew makes is that Ramayana cannot be true, it is just a story of a strong-willed husband created by ancient Hindu socialist sages to inspire the common people.

Drew claims that the Ogres existed in ancient times and there are tales about Ogres in almost every culture, tradition and religion.

Drew is a successful businessman who used to be a full-time ghost music composer back in his teenage and early 20 years. Drew doesn’t compose music anymore and he says that he misses it a lot. To make his brain working at its full-potential, Drew folds origami whenever he can and during the Christmas season, he loves folding the Origami Christmas.

Catholic man claims that women cannot attain the state of eternal bliss

Samuel Davis (name changed) says that anime has destroyed countless lives. He is a strict catholic who is very against the lewd material including the images of the bikini models on the magazines, sexually explicit material on the television and the internet, pro-sex and pro-masturbation articles and television shows.

Samuel has a son named Les who believes everything that he reads on the internet. Samuel has a CCTV camera installed in his room to check whether he is reading and believing some pro-masturbation or pro-sex material. He always stays vigilant about the videos that Les watches on the television and the internet.

One of Samuel’s beliefs which he calls scientific truth is that women can never attain enlightenment or the state of ‘choiceless bliss’ or ‘nirvikalpa samadhi‘ as they call it in Hinduism. A part of this belief is of Samuel is that women cannot be celibate in thought, word and deed. He says that they can be pure and pious in their deed and word but they can never be pure and pious in their thoughts and dreams. In their subconscious minds, they always desire men, he says. Samuel says that the chastest women he knew turned out to be wankers who would rub themselves out in the private unlike chastest men who practice abstinence of all sorts, when Samuel was young, he would fold origami whenever he had an urge to jerk off.

Samuel says that in order to enjoy the eternal and choiceless bliss, you just need to be a celibate in thought, word and deed, you don’t need any other religious or spiritual instructions once you have attained that state. That’s the biggest reason why he respects the catholic religion so much.

Brazilian teacher took an oath to not shave his beard unless he becomes a millionaire

Matthew Ortega (name changed) is one of the most inspiring gentlemen that I have ever come across. He used to be a teacher at a school and while teaching at the school, all he could afford was a small apartment in a neighborhood where only the Muslims lived. He wanted to get out of that place no matter what it took. He took an oath to not shave his beard until he is able to buy a villa in a plush neighborhood.

Matthew didn’t have enough money to start a real life business but he knew that he could start an e-commerce for pennies but he didn’t have any idea anything about what to sell, how to sell, how to create a website. He used the internet only to watch Youtube videos, check out Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter and last but not the least to look for the better and improved ways to teach his students.

When Matthew put his house for sale, one after another, each and every prospect ran away after seeing women wearing niqabs, chadars, burkas and men wearing white Muslim hats and saying ‘Subhanallah’ all the time. It took Matthew 2.5 years to sell this one cheap apartment and he had to sell it for lesser than the half of what he expected.

Matthew’s grandfather is still alive and well; this old gentleman is very empowering and encouraging. Matthew’s grandfather should become a motivational speaker, he will be more popular than Tony Robbins in no time if he does.

Matthew has already developed a great product but he is unable to sell the same yet, he is learning the art of selling with top e-commerce related websites like ‘ecommercegenius’ and many others.

This successful pizza restaurant chain in Karachi accepts cryptocurrency

Diya Kwatra (name changed) is one of the very rare Punjabi-Arora Christians living in Pakistan, Indian Subcontinent. Most of the converted Christians living in the Indian subcontinent used to be Dalits (the untouchable people) before becoming Christians. Diya’s ancestors were one of the very very few Arora people (considered a very high caste in the Indian subcontinent) to choose to convert to Christianity and even one of the fewer to retain their Arora surname.

Diya’s father owns 5 pizza restaurants in the financial capital of Pakistan – Karachi. Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan and the capital of one of their four provinces – Sindh as well. All of the 5 pizza restaurants have two things in common, first – they make some of the finest pizzas in Pakistan, and second – they all accept major and popular cryptocurrencies, all thanks to the cryptocurrency market, anyone can stay updated with the latest cryptocurrency price with this website.

It is hard for Diya to survive as a minority in one of the most dangerous countries that is Pakistan. Diya is such a stunner that Judah wouldn’t have been able to resist her even if Er were alive, and Onan would do nothing but make love to her all the time. Imagine a foursome between Onan, Er, Judah and Tamar, the God would have felt so happy if he saw the father and sons appreciating the beauty that he created with such great effort.

Diya has tinnitus. She is a very career-oriented lady which is very rare in Pakistan. She uses HabitBull (a habit tracking app) to track down her habits. She has the free version which can track only 5 habits, lol.

Diya has been following the Pomodoro technique to make the best use of her time for the past 3 months and she claims that it has increased her productivity by a huge margin.

Kudchod – A Columbine high school massacre witness was folding Christmas Origami when the incident happened

Kudchod Lundeera (name changed) is the one and only son of a wealthy landowner. Kudchod was born and raised up in Columbine, Colorado, USA. Kudchod was in 5th standard and present in the Columbine High School when the infamous Columbine High School Massacre happened. If Kudchod can go back in time, that Columbine High school shooting is the one thing that he would change, Kudchod was folding Christmas origami back then with his classmates when the incident happened.

Kudchod hates everything fan-fiction and fan-art. He calls it a disgusting cancerous garbage.

Kudchad is a bit socially awkward and he attributes his lack of social skills to not being socially active from a very young age. Kudchad says that just like all skills social skills are also learnable.

Kudchod still drives a Honda Fit. His father has been persuading him to buy a luxury European car for so long but he wouldn’t listen, he says that he has some goals to achieve and until he achieves those, he wouldn’t drive anything but the same Honda Fit.

Kudchod got into a bad addiction of amphetamine abuse while he was in college, one of the guys whom he Kudchod was great friends with in school had a great reputation of being an alcoholic, he would sometimes drink more than 2 bottles of Scotch whiskey while he was still in school and he would brag about it to everyone. One day Kudchod was out to buy some Red Bulls at a nearby Costco, he saw that alcoholic friend of his wearing a ripped pants like a romper. Kudchod couldn’t believe his eyes, Kudchod went towards him and he was smelling worse than a fish. He came to Costco to buy some beers for himself and he was counting pennies while paying at the counter. Kudchod stopped taking amphetamine that very day after looking at this guy’s condition.

High achiever businesswoman wants her future kids to learn origami folding

Velma Ahlquist (name changed) has been having crazy super-vivid dreams since she started performing frontal lobe exercises which she learnt after watching a Youtube video by a neurology student. Since Velma started performing these frontal lobe exercises, the first thing that she does in the morning is that she writes about the dream that she had the previous night. She writes each and every detail that she can recall and maintains a complete journal and record of those dreams in a huge diary.

One of the things that Velma dreams the most about is having super-cute and intelligent babies with wonderful hair. Velma has already started researching on the internet the ways to raise babies in order to make them reach their full potential, one of the things that is taking the whole internet by the storm when it comes to make your kids develop perfect hand-eye coordination is easy origami. Velma has already started origami folding daily to become perfect at it so that when the time comes to teach the same to her upcoming kids, she is able to do it with a touch of excellence.

Velma started her professional career with working for a shoe company. Velma worked for this particular shoe company for 13 months and then resigned. Velma is very capable high achiever, she is very wise, flexible in her behavior and she non-hesitantly undertakes tasks which other consider impossible and doesn’t stop working on those until the goal is achieved. When Velma resigned working for the shoe company to create her own women accessories brand, everyone was calling Velma crazy for it. All the experienced and intelligent well-wishers of Velma told her that she has made a mistake which she would regret soon enough but Velma wouldn’t listen and she proved them all wrong. It only took her 6 months to create her own full-fledged women accessories brand with no previous know-how of doing business.

Major ceramic supplier, sigil magic performer and conspiracy theorist has got the best natural gas tankless water heater

Allison Waters (name changed) owns a ceramic company that is responsible for supplying ceramic to one of the most popular microwave oven companies of Europe. Allison claims that since performing sigil magic, she has signed endless contracts with big customers.

Allison loves to read and write sexual poems and she is a regular contributor to the most popular sex stories site – literotica.

Allison claims that sexuality is greater than spirituality and if people are happy sexually they don’t need any spiritualism. Allison and her husband – Richard make tremendous love taking a hot shower with the best natural gas tankless water heater.

Richard is a complete pervert, he loves to see his secretary bending in the office and he cannot get enough of making excuses to make her bend over. Allison knows how big of a pervert Richard is but she doesn’t care or bother about it.

Allison says that sex is about bringing a rhythm in life and she says that she herself and Richard are living a very rhythmical life.

Allison says that Tesla was the real deal and Edison was not. She says that Edison stole many of his ideas and took all the credits. She also claims that the belief that Nikola Tesla died a virgin is untrue, he lost his virginity at the age of 35.

I don’t know where Allison is learning all these stories from, I don’t trust them at all but her posts and threads on Reddit are getting crazy upvotes.

Allison also made a crazy claim on Reddit and her own blog recently that Arabic is the world’s oldest language and because other races fear Arabs in many respects, the historians are trying to bury the Arab legacy in all possible ways.

Biggest camel milk importer in Balkan peninsula loves trading bitcoins

Lada Abramov (name changed) always does what is best in her capacity. She is like a lioness, she hunts with all her heart. She has developed an idiosyncratic shorthand writing for personal use which only she understands and she has never even tried to teach it to anyone else. She claims that her shorthand writing style is a lot more advanced and time saving than that of Pitman, Gregg and Teeline.

Lada loves how Volkswagen and Skoda cars look but she only bought a Yeti once only to regret it later. Recently, she wanted to buy a luxurious German car and all her friends were recommending Audi A6 to her but she rather went for a BMW 5 series because she is never buying an Audi, Skoda or Volkswagen again.

Lada’s husband – Gojko is a professional bodybuilder and businessman. One of his businesses is importing camel milk from Saudi Arabia and selling it under his brand name which is one of the most popular camel milk brands in Balkan peninsula.

Gojko trades bitcoins and dogecoins as a hobby and is the only one who uses QIWI wallet in his friend circle. He regularly exchanges his QIWI money to bitcoin (киви на биткоин).

Gojko’s main focus is always on work, critical relationships, career and health, he doesn’t care about the rest at all.

Gojko recently started a street wear clothing brand which failed disastrously. Gojko didn’t bother about what the customers were demanding, he didn’t even care about what the competitors were doing, he just went ahead with his own imagination and creativity, only to fell on his face later on.

Gojko hates automatic transmission cars and only drives cars with manual transmission.

Ex-womanizer doesn’t look at other women anymore since his wife got fit

There was a time when Chloe Messi (name changed) could not get enough of trolling Neo-Nazi forums and chatrooms.

Chloe loves to take a break on the weekends, she escapes from a high-speed stream of a working rhythm and relaxes her body, soul and thoughts together. She loves to dine-out or accompany her husband to some luxurious entertaining venue or stay with her husband in the house and have some good time together. They thoroughly enjoy feeling each other for a while in the cozy nest.

Chloe’s husband Uziel has become almost like a slave to her since the day she got fit with the help of running on the best treadmill for sale that she could find. She indeed possesses divine looks now.

Chloe is such an open-minded woman that she lets Uziel book escorts when he is on a business trip. He hates spending nights alone and Chloe knows this. When once Chloe went to Malta on a business trip, she invited her best friends who are twin sisters come to her house and do anything that they like with Uziel. The three made love the whole night slowly, their bodies pressed against each others’, cheeks against cheeks.

Since Chloe got into her new divine shape, Uziel hasn’t been showing interest in any other woman than Chloe. Chloe has lovely 34 DD breasts which are really wonderful with very sensitive nipples that love being sucked.

Chloe owns one of the most popular soft toys store on eBay. Her store is a cut above all others on the website and she provides a great customer service, most of her customers continue to buy from her. She really has a lovely selection of soft toys.

Husband and wife reward each other with loads of gifts

Something that Bree McGraw (name changed) used to regard as a no-no earlier is something that she can’t live without now. Bree’s life changed when her then boyfriend and current husband went for a penile implant surgery after hearing from a colleague how successful and beneficial it is.

Bree is her own person, she never cares about what others think of her but she only cares about what her husband and she herself think of herself. Her only philosophy is ‘staying true to herself’.

Bree’s husband’s philosophy is that you must have fun when you make love and you must make love to have some fun. No other activity can compare the pleasure that comes with making love and you must spend all your life discovering better techniques of making love so that you can make it for longer and at the same time, be able to have ten times the fun that an average fellow has while doing the same.

You won’t find any example the way Bree’s relationship with her husband works. They live so smoothly and passionately with each other. Their relationship is all about extreme passion. They both reward each other with loads of tips and gifts.

Bree’s husband gets his condoms out the moment she arrives back home from work. If you are of the opinion that marriage is boring than you must take a look at Bree and her husband together, their chemistry and happiness will change your opinion forever.

The quest for each husband and wife couple is to touch a level of perfectionism.

Cryptocurrency trader wife makes more money than the hard-working young immigrant husband

Diana Roosevelt (name changed) believes that common sense is not common. Diana has been married twice and her current husband is 7 years younger than  Diana. He is lucky to have a wife like Diana who is bright, bubbly, fun, intelligent, witty, a pleasure to spend time with, slender, leggy, beautiful who is always perfectly dressed, very open-minded and adventurous. Diana is still a head-turner at the age of 43. After making love to her husband, she gets very chatty for some reason that she doesn’t know herself.

Diana’s husband Vladimir is from Russia. He speaks fluent English and Russian. He likes cocktails, vodka, Chinese cuisine, gerberas and sports. Vladimir believes that life is about leadership and being truthful to yourself.

You will always find Vladimir working, he seldom feels any tired. He owns a popular Pizza restaurant that guarantees delivery within 30 minutes. He has disguised his Pizza restaurant in a way that it looks like it is owned by some Italian gentleman. His Pizza restaurant’s name is ‘Don Luciano’s’ with nothing but Italian chefs and Italian waiters and waitresses. Vladimir’s restaurant has so many everyday eaters that the waiters and waitresses now seem like family members to them.

Diana spends her whole day trading top cryptocurrencies and she makes almost as much money with her one intangible business as Vladimir does with his several tangible businesses.

Vladimir’s parents divorced when he was 5 and he was raised up by his mother who never married again. His father had a series of wives after that. Now when the doctors told Vladimir’s dad that he has got only 6 months to live. He wants his children to give him a second chance but the children don’t seem interested in having any relationship with him anymore.

Made a lot of money with digital marketing now watches Bollywood movies during spare time

Lance Moshe (name changed) is a Brazilian gentleman who hates his Pakistani customers. He says that they bargain all the time and do it even though it is clearly written everywhere in his store that it is a fixed price store. Lance recently went to India and he met several Bollywood actresses there include the Chopra sisters (Priyanka and Parineeti). Lance has been watching the Bollywood movies since he was a teen.

Lance made a lot of money with mkt digital when it was still in its infancy and with the savings opened this departmental store that I mentioned about in the beginning of this post. After Lance got rich, he started looking down upon his poor friends.

Lance wants to redesign his store before the Christmas festival begins. With the kind of crowd that Lance’s store has been entertaining for the last couple of months due to the festive season, it looks like it would be impossible for him to redesign his store.

Lance has been taking a lot of nutritional yeast supplements for the past 6 months as he has a very weak immune system and he was told by a college friend that nutritional yeast really strengthens your immune system. Lance is very happy with the results nutritional yeast provided him. If it were someone other than that friend to tell Lance that nutritional yeast is beneficial, he would have never tried it.

Lance has a habit of calling his lawyer immediately no matter how petty the issue is. Even his lawyer gets annoyed by this habit of him many times and doesn’t pick up his phone.

Extremely smart cosmetic tycoon can’t stop looking at hair transplant images

Nur Kurnia (name changed) owns a fleet of several luxurious high performance SUVs. The latest toys in Nur’s garage are a Volkswagen Touareg and a Volkswagen Tiguan gifted to Nur by her one and only sister who owns a Volkswagen dealership. Nur shook up the Turkish cosmetic product industry with her innovations back in 2015.

Nur claims that one of her major business competitor’s stooge was working as Nur’s personal chefs who used to mix up intoxicating pills in her food to make her go mad. Nur suffered all of 2017 from paranoid rages due to drug withdrawal.

Nur’s business is currently suffering due to her absence from the business in all of 2017. Nur is trying her best to become the queen of Turkish cosmetics industry again but it will take a lot more time. Nur’s brand has lost the appeal that it enjoyed till 2016 but Nur says that she is confident enough to get back the same reputation very soon.

Nur’s boyfriend puts personal pleasure above everything else. He left Nur when she needed him most.

Nur has also lost a great amount of hair on her head due to the hormonal imbalances created first by drug intoxication and then by drug withdrawal. She has been looking at hair transplant images for a while thinking about getting one done on herself as well.

For the past 4 months, Nur has been spending an hour before she falls asleep writing a book on similarities and differences between the Asian and European culture.

Nur has been doing a research lately on whether her business will do great in the Indian subcontinent. She comprehends that the Indian subcontinent has a problem with the job creation and she think she can create some jobs there and make some profits doing so simultaneously. If she ever starts her business in the Indian subcontinent, her country of business inauguration would be Nepal.

A living meme is loving the hair growth of her wife after the hair transplant

Fishel Efron (name changed) is a denier of the fact that an average human being uses only 2% of its brain. He claims that an average human being uses its complete brain all the time and it is astonishing how he does it with so much of confidence without any study or research to back that up. Fishel has a beautiful wife named Martha who always finds Fishel funny and while she is an extremely serious lady, Fishel is a living meme.

As they say you can’t give away something you don’t have, Fishel can’t give away his wisdom to anyone because he doesn’t possess any.

Fishel hates both fearful and fearless men/women he ever met. Martha is a fearless women and Fishel hates Martha too for it and Martha laughs off at it. Being a fearless woman, Martha recently got hair transplant done on her head and Fishel was against her decision to get one. He claimed that there are several ways that work to grow back the hair on the head and all of those work. Martha had already tried those and none of those worked at all on her. So, once Martha got the hair transplant done, seeing her hair growth after hair transplant, Fishel forgot all about his hate for the hair transplants and he is enjoying her intimate life more than ever before. He thanks Dr Tayfun Ogozoglu (the doctor that did hair transplant on Martha) every time he sees his wife.

Fishel was born to a merchant who found no joy in anything in life. Fishel’s mother was a homemaker and she was a victim of domestic violence by Fishel’s father and she wouldn’t talk at all. Fishel’s dad taught his philosophy about life to Fishel as well but thank god Fishel didn’t turn up a violent pessimist like him but he has become a living meme which is much better than being a violent pessimist in my personal opinion.

Amateur author and a wannabe historian won millions playing lucky day

Bayla Gurvich (name changed) is a descendant of Jewish refugees from Ukraine who came to Brazil from Ukraine during the 1940s. Bayla never wrote a book before in her life but owing to her obsession with the Indian history, mythology and the land itself, she has done an extensive research on India and Hinduism and now she is returning the favor with writing a book on the life of Karnavati, the one and only wife of the legendary Rajput Indian king of Mewar.

It took Bayla an extensive research of 18 months to get to know almost everything about Karnavati. Those 18 months include her rendezvous with some of the most popular Indian historians, Indian history professors, school teachers and the common people of Mewar, Rajasthan. Bayla has also written a great deal about the life of Rani Karnawati’s personal maid who sacrificed her own son in order to save the life of Udai Singh (Karnavati’s son).

Bayla’s e-book will be available for free. Yes, Bayla is not making any profits at all on this book. You may be wondering why is she working so hard on this book when she is only going to spend money on its marketing and going to get nothing out of it? The answer is Bayla is not much of a materialist and she recently won millions playing a game which is very popular in Brazil currently called the lucky day (dia de sorte) in Portuguese. Bayla is not ever willing to get married and she is not even ever willing to have babies. The prize money that Bayla won is enough for the rest of her survival, she told me.

Compulsive reader can’t appreciate his newfound zero hair loss hairline enough

Juliusz Adams (name changed) used to drive an old Toyota Pick Up truck in his 20s. His friends and family used to tell him that he will never be able to make it but he was always quite confident about himself.

Juliusz Adams recently read Robert Glover’s infamous book “No More Mr Nice Guy” and found it full of cliche and lacking applicability in real life.

Juliusz recently gave his life a brand new start with a new hair transplant hairline. He had lost 65% of the hair on his head but no need to worry anymore, to his good luck, he found Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu aka Dr T to his rescue. Juliusz is an expert search engine surfer and he was shrewd enough to find nothing but the best for the hair on his head.

Juliusz loves to read in the free time and his all-time favorite writer is Mircea Eliade. He has read his Sacred and the Profane, History of Religious Beliefs and Youth without Youth multiple times each. Juliusz recently became a great fan of Robert Kiyosaki after reading his book – “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.

Juliusz is a car enthusiast too. He only drives cars with automatic transmission.

Juliusz is an optimist and looks for good in every bad situation and the funny thing is that he always succeeds in finding something good in every bad situation.

Juliusz hates people that maintain double standards. He particularly hate the people who become religious in difficult times or old age and act all atheist or agnostic in the good times or young age. “These weak and stupid people lack vision”, Juliusz says.

Commitment, dedication and Prudence can take you far ahead in life

Gie Tran (name changed) is an Australian businessman from the city of Melbourne. Gie was born in Melbourne, he grew up there and he now owns a supermarket there which he wants to extend so badly and with the commitment, dedication and pace he is going, I am certain that he will be able to achieve his business goals.

Gie used to be a cashier at one of the Woolworths store in Melbourne before starting his own. Gie is a heiress and he was about to inherit enough money to build his own supermarket in any prominent neighborhood of Melbourne after the death of his grandfather but he worked at the Woolworths to gain some experience.

After receiving millions as inheritance after his grandpa’s death. Gie went on to build his own supermarket in one of the most popular neighborhoods of Melbourne and he did it against his every wellwisher’s wish. The neighborhood had several top supermarket stores already including Woolworths, Coles, IGA, ALDI and Star Mart. Every friend and relative of Gie advised him to not open up a supermarket there but Gie was determined to win over all the rivals.

Gie with all his determination, commitment, dedication, shrewdness and experience really won and he did it within a short span of 8 months. His supermarket is currently the most popular in that neighborhood of Melbourne and receives at least double the amount of business than any 2 rival supermarket stores combined. To add to his rivals’ injury, yesterday Gie made a deal with Tie Store Australia that he will buy bulk quantities of bow ties from them and sell it in his store. Tie Store Australia usually doesn’t enter any such contracts but watching Gie’s immense and rapid success they couldn’t resist.

Popular Downtown Omaha Restaurant Owner going to Jogja to meet online girlfriend

Isaac Navon (name changed) owns a very popular drive-by restaurant in Downtown Omaha and his restaurant has been featured in several TV programs that cater to foodies.

Isaac’s mother is 22 years younger than his father and Isaac loves her for that. Isaac is proud of the fact that she didn’t marry his father for his looks or sexual prowess but rather for his prudence.

Isaac has currently been studying and researching the anthology of medieval Arab poetry.

Isaac loves Asian women and he is going to meet a girl from Indonesia that he met online in January 2019. She lives in Yogyakarta aka Jogja and Isaac has already booked all the arrangements required for himself and her on the vacations including hotel room, rental mobil Jogja, etc. Isaac believes that the institution of marriage is ridiculous and he is also interested in fathering a child which he says he will do through surrogacy after the age of 40. Isaac just wants to have fun with the women and doesn’t want any serious relationship.

Isaac is already a millionaire but he wants to be a billionaire during the course of this lifetime. Isaac has the guts, determination and the grip required to accomplish the task.

Isaac met this beautiful cougar online once who was raised by an adoptive mother. Isaac made out with her twice until he learnt that she used to be his dad’s girlfriend before his marriage. Isaac felt very ashamed and embarrassed after that and couldn’t sleep for nights. The woman was a certified nurse and was trying her best to play a victim.

Isaac firmly believes that you can never be too fair and too kind to the other people.

Obsessed with staying young forever? Read Hasan Akbas’ story for inspiration

Hasan Akbas (name changed) is a 40 year young Turkish gentleman from the city of Ceyhan in the Adana Province. I used the word “young” instead of old because since Hasan turned 30, he has been obsessed with getting his youth back. He regularly visits his school building to bring back the memories of his teenage years and feel like a teenager again.

Hasan likes to keep a journal about all the important things and one of those things once was getting a hair transplant by one of the best hair transplant specialists in the world whose name is Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu aka Dr T. Hasan spends more time eating health food and exercising that he gets a very little time to work at all and this describes his not-so-well financial condition. Hasan very much wanted to get a hair transplant done on his head after losing a lot of hair in his 30s but he was extremely concerned about the hair transplant price 2018.

Hair transplant is very cheap in Turkey when compared to Scandinavian countries or USA and the quality offered by the hair transplant clinics in Turkey is also much better when compared to the hair transplant clinics in the USA and Scandinavian countries.

One of Hasan’s friends who has a habit of disrespecting everybody was mocking Hasan a lot on social media including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for no hair on crown and temples, but after seeing him having his hair back, he has been spreading the message everywhere that Hasan has been wearing a wig. Hasan laughs off at those allegations and minds his own business. For the last couple of months, Hasan has been spending more time and energy on his business than on his health too.

96 year young mama presented her old son a capillary hair transplant on his 60th birthday

Brian LaRoche (name changed) is a French-American gentleman who was popular for his long hippie style hair back in the college days. Brian never lived in San Francisco but he was asked every time everywhere whether he was from San Francisco.

Brian is heading for his 60th birthday in the December of this year. Brian’s mother is 96 and she will also participate on the event of her son’s birthday, when Brian went to invite his mother to her home to his birthday party, she noticed that her son has lost most of his beautiful hair. She asked him to do something about it and Brian replied that hair transplant is the only solution and he doesn’t have money for it.

Brian’s mother has at least a few hundred thousand dollars in her bank account which she is going to give to Brian before she dies and she is confident that her death is not going to happen anytime soon. She decided to give some of it for the capillary transplant (Greffe Capillaire) to him. Brian’s mother called Brian and told him that she wants to present him a capillary hair transplant as the birthday present and he can ask her for whatever it costs. Brian decided to have a little vacation as well if his mother is willing to pay all the amount that it is going to cost. Brian looked for the best hair transplant clinic abroad and found out that Dr T Hair Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey has the best reviews and looks most promising. Brian called his mother and told her that he is going to have his capillary hair transplant done in Istanbul, Turkey and he will be more than happy if she pays whatever it costs. His mother agreed and next week Brian is going to Turkey to enjoy his vacation and new hair.

Young Indian Alpha Female enjoyed her tour to Jogja with family thoroughly

Anushka is so full of energy all the time. She unlike her friends, doesn’t care about petty things like gaming. She doesn’t care about whether what she said hurt her friends or made them happy. She doesn’t care at all.

One of her friends whines all the time and Anushka doesn’t like her at all. Anushka used to be a very talented music student and she is now considering starting her own Youtube channel which she is going to monetize as well.

Anushka is a great believer of evolution and she claims that homo sapien sapien is a possibility not yet a finished product. She also claims that the more advanced and upcoming form of homo sapiens sapiens will be able to fly.

Anushka’s mother is 22 years younger than her father and the family has a great bonding together. They recently traveled to Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia together. At a glance, they traveled all of Indonesia, thanks to paket wisata jogja, the company offered them a wonderful package and a wonderful vacation experience that they can’t ever forget.

Anushka never asked her parents for financial aid since she turned adult. Anushka hates the retards who believe everything and anything that media tells them to.

Anushka recently built a new Hindu temple with all her savings. She did her best to upsell the temple to cater to high class devotees. The temple was built with the help of some of the best architects in Anushka’s hometown, the parking costs Rs. 100 for only a few hours. Anushka replaced the free parking with paid parking scheme in order to discourage cheap devotees to come into the temple.

Charismatic and Magnetic but needs to lose weight

Owen’s best friends call him the agitator and seducer of the people because of his astounding charisma, magnetism and aura. Owen is currently learning the wiring mechanism of the brain (Owen is no neurologist).

Owen used to stay ill at least a few months of the year when he was a kid. Owen condemns psychiatry and psychiatrists and says that they took him for a long ride telling him that he had disorders which he never did and put him on the medications.

Owen recently fell in love with a 19 year young homeless mom. She and her son have been living with Owen since they met each other. They both make love almost every night and Owen believes that him being overweight is coming a lot in his way to a great love-making experience. Owen recently hired an online personal trainer Australia to lose those extra pounds.

Owen’s friends are condemning his decision of losing weight’s motive for a better sex instead of better fitness. Owen doesn’t care at all. Owen’s newfound lover on the other hand is feeling so happy and lucky that he is doing so much to make her happy and that’s what all Owen needs at the moment.

Owen looks up to Ayn Rand a lot. Owen has watched all of her interviews available on the Youtube and also has read all of her books. Owen also believes that females can do and achieve things males find impossible. He says that they just need a few more decades to become much more successful financially and in other fields.

Owen loves to watch Australian Television programs and his favorite is Wentworth.

Materialist and Ambitious American Woman Won 10 Million Brazilian Reals


Melody was born in Valdez, Alaska but she has lived in almost every part of the world throughout 31 years of her life. She lived in India, she lived in Mexico, she lived in Japan and currently she is living in the small and one of the coldest towns of Brazil that goes by the name Bom Jardim de Serra, Santa Catarina.

Her worst experience was living in India. She lived in Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru and Goa. She found Indian people extremely annoying, selfish, stupid, rude and irrational. They don’t obey the traffic rules, they swear on each other like it’s nothing (for no big reason most of the times), she couldn’t criticize her experience in India enough.

When Melody was in Sayulita, Mexico. She experimented with Kabbalah magic for a long time only to find out that it never works. Melody loved her overall living experience in Mexico.

Melody and her husband are very faithful to each other and they can never stop missing each other when they are in different countries. Currently, Melody’s husband has been living in the Guadalajara City, Mexico for the past 13 months while Melody has been living in Bom Jardim de Serra, Brazil for the past 7 months. Melody claims that these past 7 months have been the best time of her life. Last month, she won 10 million Brazil Reals in the popular Rio de Prêmios (River of Awards).

Melody and her husband are extremely materialist and ambitious and they are not willing to have children until they fulfill their dream of owning a mansion in the Beverly Hills, California.

They also have a website where they campaign against the gun laws in United States and ask for a donation to keep continuing the ‘good job’.

Super-energetic, super-smart and super-charismatic lady can’t stand bathtub scums

Arete loves to travel the hills. Arete is a very charismatic lady and she can captivate even the most asocial person with the way she talks. Arete is always so full of energy that she feels so much alive all the time. Arete’s mother introduced her to the eastern mysticism and she always overemphasized on the fact that the life is energy. Arete always takes it so seriously and spends her energy so wisely. Not only energy, Arete spends her money very wisely too. She hates the soap scums on her bathtub and she only buys the best bathtub soap scum remover.

Arete is a do-it all girl. She drives a Mercedes E Class and still says that hatchbacks make more sense than the sedans. She also has an automobile blog and currently she is writing an analysis on Ford vs Volkswagen for her blog. Arete was still a high school student when she bought a brand new Daewoo Lanos with her own money that she earned doing businesses online when the internet was very new.

Arete says that it is always the smartest and most prudent decision to buy the most popular vehicle in the segment if you don’t have much knowledge about the vehicles and are looking for value for money. She says that mostly it is the fuel economy that is the most critical thing to look at while buying a car nowadays. Arete herself is looking to buy a new Audi Q8 herself in upcoming few months.

Arete is prone to taking decisions quick. She recently chose a companion for her life without thinking much. They both arrest attention wherever they go together.

Clumsy and exceptionally nice gentleman got hair transplant done in Turkey

Argus is a noob when it comes to looking for the right doctor. He is a bit clumsy in every way too. Argus considers himself primarily a family man before an individual. He watches a lot of videos on the internet about how to raise better kids and how to make your wife happy. It happens only once in a while that he thinks for himself.

Before heading to sleep, Argus loves to reads lots of studies and surveys. That is the best part of his day.

Argus is 42 now and he got a hair transplant done in the month of March this year. Argus lives in the Patras city, Greece and he knows that Greece is not the best place to get a hair transplant done at. So, he researched thoroughly about the best place to get a hair transplant done and he found out that Turkey is exceptionally great for the same in all of Europe. Argus researched more about hair transplant cost in Turkey and he found out that it was much cheaper than he believed.

Argus likes to avoid supplements as long as possible but he has to take that 5-HTP (Hydroxytryptophan) because he otherwise he gets depressed. Argus’ father used to be a pilot in the Turkish Air Force.

Argus is a great fan of justice and his most favorite story ever is that of the Moses (PBUH) taking his people back to the Holy Land and the Pharaoh and his people getting drowned.

Argus does his best to look at the truth and weigh it up while most people don’t. He still doesn’t think he is 100% like that but he looks at the truth more deeply than anyone else I know.

41 year old plays games or reads books all day while Financial Planners do the work for him

Lewis has a PhD in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Lewis is now 41, never married, adopted 2 daughters about 5 years ago; Lewis and his daughters live the lives of millionaires while Lewis does nothing but takes care of his daughters or play video games or reads books all day.

Lewis didn’t inherit a fortune. Lewis didn’t win a lottery. Lewis is no loan shark or a drug dealer. But still, Lewis makes on an average 250k USD in profits a year. Lewis loves to listen and read Earl Shoaff. In one of his books, Earl Shoaff wrote “Don’t work yourself as long as you can make others work for you and with the ever-growing population you will always have someone working for you. There is no shortage of such people.” Lewis took it very seriously and invested a small amount that he had on a Financial Planner company in Prescott, Arizona.

Lewis is an anti-racist and he volunteers a lot against the racists on internet forums, chatrooms and other places visible to large crowds. Lewis never discriminates among black, white, ugly, beautiful, tall, short, poor, rich. Lewis is a real humanitarian and that may be one reason why he commands respect anywhere he goes.

Lewis has a very deep and interesting voice. Everywhere he goes, he is asked whether he does broadcasting? His voice is very similar to that of Ted Williams, a homeless American man who became very popular in the year 2011 with his video getting viral. It is the most viewed video on the RT yet with over 44 million views.

Lewis’ favorite book is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and he has read it over 5 times. It is the only book which he has read more than once.

Muscle Cars lover Shimla boy doing MBBS in Bangladesh

Satyadev is a young medical student doing his studies at the best MBBS college in Bangladesh. Satyadev is originally from the Indian city of Shimla. Satyadev misses the cold temperature of Shimla too much in Bangladesh but he can’t help it.

Satyadev’s family is all very well-educated. His uncle is a famous astronaut who went to the moon as well. Satyadev’s grandparents sacrificed a lot to raise their kids in the best environment with the best education possible.

An aunt of Satyadev is a general practitioner. She always annoys Satyadev by saying the same thing “Medical Science has undergone great changes within only a couple of decades”.

Satyadev loves muscle cars and that’s the reason why he drove a HM Contessa in Shimla. He bought an old Toyota Camry in Bangladesh. He looked for a Contessa on the newspaper, internet and magazine ads but couldn’t find one.

Satyadev’s sister has recently started experimenting with a raw vegan diet and Satyadev is absolutely against it. A Christian uncle of Satyadev is a flat-earther and he always ends up arguing with Satyadev on a random subject whenever they meet.

An aunt of Satyadev is against all sorts of artificial contraceptions and women in the workplace. This aunt of Satyadev has a reputation of never lying. She is a writer by profession and has ghostwritten several songs as well for the Punjabi and Bollywood Hindi movies. She used to be absent all the times in her school. Her favorite season is winter. She loves to write in the winters with a room heater on with a blanket wrapped all over her body.

This aunt of Satyadev also suffers from chronic migraine and mild depression in the summers.

Spiritual Young Guy loves everything about his new life but misses that daily jog

Oswald is a half-Indian and half-American young man who was born and raised in the small town of Robertsdale, Alabama. Oswald currently lives in the Moundsville city in West Virginia. Previous to this, Oswald shifted to the New York from Arlington after completing his senior high school. He wanted to become rich quick and he thought college and universities are a waste of time.

Growing up in the small town of Robertsdale, the idea of rich people’s lives in the mind of Oswald was totally different than what it really is. After coming to New York he saw that most of the rich people are not happy at all, and he moved towards spirituality due to that.

After becoming more spiritual than materialist, Oswald studied a lot about the Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism. Hinduism appealed to him the most and he shifted to the Moundsville city in West Virginia. Oswald applied for a job in all the towns and cities of the United States where they have an ISKCON temple. He got a job in the Moundsville city and hence shifted there.

In this sex-crazed world, Oswald is a young voluntary celibate. He wants only a platonic relationship with his future wife. There was a time when Oswald used to have hallucinations about being a child of the god. Luckily, those times are over and Oswald recognized it only after a few months.

Oswald is loving his life in the Moundsville city, and the only thing that he misses once in a while is his daily jogging routine. He used to go for a jog every morning wearing his favorite Madoxx sweatshirts and sweatpants. He really misses that daily morning jog.

Female Arm Wrestler in Estonia loved her shopping experience with the Pample Mousse

Zara is a female arm wrestler born and raised in the Tartu city of Estonia. Zara’s parents converted from Christianity to Islam when she was not even born. Zara or her mother do not wear niqab. Zara’s mother used to teach mathematics at school and she recently retired. Zara’s father is a small businessman who is also somewhat influential in the neighborhood they live in.

Zara loves to wear revealing clothes and she also creates Youtube videos which you must have by now understood get so many views and for what reason. Zara is 25 now and she has never been in a relationship before. Although Zara’s parents both converted to Islam, they are very liberal.

Zara recently went to the Tallinn city in Estonia. Those luxury cars and big mansions really fueled her ambition. After coming back to Tartu, she couldn’t stop thinking about the ways to becoming rich. While lifting weights, all she was thinking about was how she could have one of those Bentleys and a Mansion by the beach.

After coming back home from the gym that very night, Zara needed to order some wireless bluetooth headphones. Normally, she would have ordered the cheapest ones but she decided to fake it till she make it, so she ordered the best wireless bluetooth headphones from the Pample Mousse.

Zara’s mom used to be a big Seinfeld fan and since she can now buy the series from the Amazon, she can’t stop watching it over and over. Zara’s mother’s favorite character in the Seinfeld is Dr. Ross Eustace Geller. Along with liking his acting, she also finds him very handsome.

Zara’s family is planning to tour China once they have enough funds for the same. They will be touring Shanghai, Beijing, Dongguan, and several other cities.

Pakistani Couple inspired from Prescott Kitchen Remodel decided to start their own Kitchen Remodeling Company

Fawad is a Pakistani old man from the city of Rawalpindi. Fawad was only 2 when his father and real mother died in a car accident. He was raised by his stepmother. Fawad’s stepmother like most other stepmothers discriminated among her own kids and him.

After a few days of Fawad’s 16th birthday, he moved out. After moving out, he migrated to the city of Lahore and started working at a local grocery store there.

After 5 more years, Fawad met an uncle of his at the grocery store he worked at, he took Fawad to his house and promised that Fawad won’t have to work here anymore, he will provide Fawad with everything.

Fawad’s uncle wanted him to marry his one and only daughter whose name is Shanza. Shanza and Fawad got married. They now had a son together whom they named Rehan.

Fawad and Shanza wanted their son to receive the best education possible. They got him enrolled into one of the best schools in the city of Lahore. They also got a free laptop from the government of Punjab, but it had Windows 7 installed. One relative of theirs came to the house of Fawad and Shanza once and asked which Windows version do you guys have installed in your laptop. They told her that they have Windows 7 installed. The relative then replied that Windows 10 is the latest and the best version. They asked her the price and she replied about 20, 000 Pakistani Rupees. They told her that it is too costly they can’t afford it.

The couple decided to migrate to the United States but a relative who works for Preston Kitchen Remodel told them that it is better to stay in their own country. They then stayed in their own country and decided to start their own kitchen remodeling business as well.

Real Estate Agency Chain Owner relies on XMEyepc to manage his 20 branches

Grayson is a very courageous, wise, intelligent, spiritual and ambitious young man born and raised in Annapolis, Maryland. Grayson’s parents moved to the Miami, Florida in the late 70s looking at the opportunity that the city could offer them. They could still get nothing but laboring jobs there in Miami, Florida, the only difference was that they were getting more tips there.

Grayson’s parents also lived for a while at the Osho Commune. That was only for a couple of months. Grayson himself is very spiritual and materialist at the same time. He has a positive attitude about everything and his positive attitude is what transformed him from a chauffeur of one of the real estate’s kingpins to the owner of one the largest real estate agency chains in America.

It wasn’t easy for Grayson to create one of the largest real estate agency chains, but he did it. He doesn’t have a degree in business, he didn’t even go to the college. He just completed high school.

Grayson owns more than 20 real estate agency branches in some of the biggest US cities and one of the ways he keeps a check on his employees is by using a marvelously great remote viewing app for cameras at

Grayson made his first million when he was 29 and he tells like most other multi-millionaire and successful people that the first million is the hardest to make. Another great quality that Grayson possesses like many other self-made millionaires is that he doesn’t care about the triumph or the failures, he just gives his best after analyzing almost everything about the market.

Grayson recalls how at one time he used to compare himself with the others all the time but then he changed and put all his focus on improving himself only.

Swiss woman chooses Yolong for Yeast Propagation System over any other

Carleigh is a 36 year old Swiss woman who just started her own beer brewery in the city of Lugano. Carleigh had to buy the beer brewery equipment from her best friend otherwise she would get angry on her and their friendship would have been in trouble, otherwise Carleigh was interested in buying the brewery equipment from the undisputed best Chinese brewery equipment company that goes by the name Yolong.

Carleigh had to finally deal with Yolong after getting to know that her friend’s company doesn’t make Yeast Propagation System. Carleigh didn’t take a minute to decide where she is going to get the Yeast Propagation System from. She immediately called the people at Yolong Brewtech in Ningbo city, China and ordered one.

Carleigh also does bitcoin trading at a major level along with running her brewery. Recently she lost 500, 000 Euros with the falling price but it doesn’t bother the rich lady so much. She is certain that the prices will be up soon and they will be much higher than ever before.

Carleigh is the kind of a lady who never cares about what the society thinks of her. Carleigh married her boyfriend when she was 25 and divorced him just a year later. Her husband is a broke guy now living with her broke and ugly new wife while Carleigh is a self-made millionaire living her life.

Carleigh believes that success is the greatest revenge and after being successful she has never looked back, and her husband is so envious and jealous of her. He wants to ask her for a job but he never will, even if he dares to ask, I am certain that she is never ever going to recruit her ex-husband who is so jealous and envious of her.

There was a time after her divorce when Carleigh became very anti-social, but now she is very social and loves socializing.