Kathe always asks for a yellow Honda when she calls her favorite car rental company in Crete

Kathe Shenton (name changed) drives nothing but Honda cars and she drives nothing but yellow painted cars as she believes that it is her ‘lucky’ color. Kathe visits Crete each winter season and she always uses Cosmo Cars for Car Rental Crete and it goes without saying that she demands nothing but yellow car from the Cosmo Cars, now even the employees working for years with Cosmo Cars can identify that it is Kathe when she asks for a yellow car.

Kathe has traveled around the world and she knows a lot about the different cultures of the world. She claims that the brother-in-laws (sister’s husbands) show ton lot of attitude in the Indian subcontinent.

Kathe owns 15 pink luxury bags which she all bought online.

Kathe knows a satanist who named his son ‘Lucifer’ and his daughter ‘Afrodite’. The kids get bullied a lot in the school but the satanist father is too happy with the kids being bullied in school as he claims that these experiences will make the kids stronger spiritually and emotionally this way. He says that his kids soon will soon start bullying the bullies, we all just need to wait and watch the miracle happen.

This satanist friend of Kathe on the contrary also claims that the physical wounds and bruises have a huge impact on the victim’s willpower, they can either make your willpower stronger or destroy it completely altogether.

This satanist also claims that the satan himself will appear to tell the mystery of the different seasons, weathers and temperatures. Human beings need not bother about these things.

Anyways, I just called Bertha and she was busy writing a positive review for car rentals Crete that she always uses.