Jaguar cars ain’t as unreliable as they are perceived to be and Super Bowl Liii is going to be more fun than you can even imagine

Amie Egerton (name changed) recently bought a Jaguar F-Pace after seeing nothing but negative comments against Jaguar, Mercedes Benz and Audi to defame Jaguar as Amie was sure that these commentators couldn’t even afford a Renault. So, Amie went ahead with her decision to buy the Jaguar. After driving Jaguar F-Pace for 15000 miles, Amie has come to the conclusion that Jaguar is not as unreliable as mentioned by those commentators but it is extremely unreliable when compared to its Japanese and Swedish counterparts – Infinite, Acura, Lexus and Volvo but it is on the same level of unreliability when compared to its German counterparts. Amie is still pretty happy with her decision of buying a Jaguar.

Amie runs a clothing retail store and Amie claims that the internet has only increased her business due to positive honest reviews and what comes as surprising is that Amie never tried to sell anything online.

Amie’s sister-in-law – Miley had a pretty unsuccessful run with her online book store. Amie says that all online book stores start with the dream of becoming the next Amazon or Flipkart but only 0.00001% ever make it to the top.

Amie offers special discounts on Hindu, Muslim, Jewish and Christian festival at her online clothing store.

Miley claims that sky is purple, in the night time it becomes darker and appears black, in the day it appears brighter and hence looks sky blue. Miley says that sooner or later, the scientists will also agree with her ‘purple sky’ theory and call it a reality.

Miley is not  Super Bowl Liii fan but she is super-excited to watch it this time as it is going to be a get together time for her family.