Don’t tweet against your loyal and beautiful wife or you will have to drive a taxi for the rest of your life

Ettore Marley (name changed) is not an antisemitic guy but he was recently perceived to be one when he wrote a post on his blog with the title “Ancient Jews used to breed like rats and that’s why they look like rats too”.

Ettore gave so many reasoning, logic and argument in his post giving several references like the number of King David’s kids, number of famous Jewish patriarch – Jacob’s kids and a reference in the Genesis that the number of Abraham’s descendants will be too many to count.

Ettore loves to read and he loves to read love genre novels, his most favorite novel of all time is “Midnight Fantasies” by Vickie Lewie Thompson, Stephanie Bond and Kimberly Raye.

Ettore says that there are lots of commonalities between the Hindu Priests and Rabbis which makes him believe that either over half of the Hindu Brahmins used to be ancient Jewish priests or all of Hindu Brahmins have their roots in Israel and Judaism.

Ettore says that Jacob’s ladder has no mystery behind it – the ladder only showcases some angels traveling down to the earth and the other angels who have gone bore while staying on earth traveling back to the sky or heaven. Ettore claims that the Jews have been taking the entire world on a long ride by portraying this very simple picture of Jacob’s ladder into something extremely mysterious.

Ettore’s wife recently divorced him after he kept tweeting against her. Ettore’s wife has bore him 5 kids (2 daughters and 3 sons) in 11 years and he still doesn’t have the etiquette enough to respect her. Ettore used to be an unemployed and he didn’t have anything that his wife could take away from her. Ettore’s wife was the one who used to run the household, the day Ettore got single, he realized that he needs to do something in order to make a living so he checked out the Lyft driver sign up bonus and has been working at Lyft ever since.