We are living in the end times, get your bathrooms renovated before we disappear from the face of the earth – Mannequin Rockefeller

Mannequin Rockefeller (name changed) is an author from Newmarket, Ontario. Mannequin is a firm believer of the notion that we are living in the end times and it is evident from her books. Mannequin recently wrote a book called “Good news for the Antinatalists – End Times and Dajjal”. I have read the complete book and I must say that Mannequin makes it look real that we are really living in the end times. According to Mannequin, the real Dajjal is Angela Merkel – the Chancellor of Germany. To back her claim up, Mannequin says that according to the Islamic and Christian eschatology, the Dajjal will be the greatest deceiver and although it is perceived to be a male, it is a female in reality and her name is Angela Merkel.

Mannequin claims that Angela Merkel has made her best efforts to destroy the catholicism in Germany and she has done it quite successfully. Mannequin claims that Protestantism ultimately leads to the atheism and that’s what Dajjal wants. Mannequin says that Feminism, Protestantism,  LGBT and other things that are happening in the modern times will turn a regular straight man into a wanker and a wanker is good for nothing. Mannequin has written over and over again in her book that these groups of wankers will not be able to save themselves from Dajjal and ultimately either the whole mankind except the Jews will be wiped out or everybody will have to submit to the Jews and the whole mankind will be on the mercy of the Jews.

Mannequin rejects the Islamic belief that the Muslims will kill everybody else and take over the earth. Mannequin has literally told the Muslims to forget about it in her book.

Mannequin wrote this whole book while all the bathrooms in her house were going through bathroom renovation Newmarket.