You can get an ios app done on anything and make a bank with it like Jan Koum and Brian Acton

Kamille Takahashi (name changed) has a sister – Kim who has been a citizen of India for the past 2 decades. Kim recently got bluffed by a fraud who has been luring potential customers of vintage and classic cars by making Youtube videos. Kim fell for an Opel Astra 1.6, a car that used to be available in India from 1996-2003, she was told by the seller that the car was bought in 2002 which he had the proof of but he lied about how much the car has run, he knows the art of busting miles aka odometer fraud. He changed the odometer to 20, 000 Kilometers and the car ran so smoothly for a week that Kim was sure that it has only done 20, 000 Kilometers whereas a voice in her head was telling her that she has been bluffed which turned out to be true. After a week, Kim started noticing that the car has done not 20, 000 but rather somewhere around 150, 000 to 200, 000, the car started needing workshop all the time and finally Kim decided to sell it, nobody was willing to buy it, Kim felt like a complete fool for buying it and sold the car finally to a scrap dealer who paid her only 1000 USD for the same.

Inspired from Kim’s story, Kamille has decided to create an app that will help the car buyers to check if the deal they are getting is worth it or not, Kamille or any of her kids or family members doesn’t know how to code but no problem, she has already hired an ios application services (jasa aplikasi ios) from Indonesia for the purpose. Kamille is certain that the company she has hired will do a great job and she has her fingers crossed till the app is created.