Kathe always asks for a yellow Honda when she calls her favorite car rental company in Crete

Kathe Shenton (name changed) drives nothing but Honda cars and she drives nothing but yellow painted cars as she believes that it is her ‘lucky’ color. Kathe visits Crete each winter season and she always uses Cosmo Cars for Car Rental Crete and it goes without saying that she demands nothing but yellow car from the Cosmo Cars, now even the employees working for years with Cosmo Cars can identify that it is Kathe when she asks for a yellow car.

Kathe has traveled around the world and she knows a lot about the different cultures of the world. She claims that the brother-in-laws (sister’s husbands) show ton lot of attitude in the Indian subcontinent.

Kathe owns 15 pink luxury bags which she all bought online.

Kathe knows a satanist who named his son ‘Lucifer’ and his daughter ‘Afrodite’. The kids get bullied a lot in the school but the satanist father is too happy with the kids being bullied in school as he claims that these experiences will make the kids stronger spiritually and emotionally this way. He says that his kids soon will soon start bullying the bullies, we all just need to wait and watch the miracle happen.

This satanist friend of Kathe on the contrary also claims that the physical wounds and bruises have a huge impact on the victim’s willpower, they can either make your willpower stronger or destroy it completely altogether.

This satanist also claims that the satan himself will appear to tell the mystery of the different seasons, weathers and temperatures. Human beings need not bother about these things.

Anyways, I just called Bertha and she was busy writing a positive review for car rentals Crete that she always uses.

Jaguar cars ain’t as unreliable as they are perceived to be and Super Bowl Liii is going to be more fun than you can even imagine

Amie Egerton (name changed) recently bought a Jaguar F-Pace after seeing nothing but negative comments against Jaguar, Mercedes Benz and Audi to defame Jaguar as Amie was sure that these commentators couldn’t even afford a Renault. So, Amie went ahead with her decision to buy the Jaguar. After driving Jaguar F-Pace for 15000 miles, Amie has come to the conclusion that Jaguar is not as unreliable as mentioned by those commentators but it is extremely unreliable when compared to its Japanese and Swedish counterparts – Infinite, Acura, Lexus and Volvo but it is on the same level of unreliability when compared to its German counterparts. Amie is still pretty happy with her decision of buying a Jaguar.

Amie runs a clothing retail store and Amie claims that the internet has only increased her business due to positive honest reviews and what comes as surprising is that Amie never tried to sell anything online.

Amie’s sister-in-law – Miley had a pretty unsuccessful run with her online book store. Amie says that all online book stores start with the dream of becoming the next Amazon or Flipkart but only 0.00001% ever make it to the top.

Amie offers special discounts on Hindu, Muslim, Jewish and Christian festival at her online clothing store.

Miley claims that sky is purple, in the night time it becomes darker and appears black, in the day it appears brighter and hence looks sky blue. Miley says that sooner or later, the scientists will also agree with her ‘purple sky’ theory and call it a reality.

Miley is not  Super Bowl Liii fan but she is super-excited to watch it this time as it is going to be a get together time for her family.

Don’t tweet against your loyal and beautiful wife or you will have to drive a taxi for the rest of your life

Ettore Marley (name changed) is not an antisemitic guy but he was recently perceived to be one when he wrote a post on his blog with the title “Ancient Jews used to breed like rats and that’s why they look like rats too”.

Ettore gave so many reasoning, logic and argument in his post giving several references like the number of King David’s kids, number of famous Jewish patriarch – Jacob’s kids and a reference in the Genesis that the number of Abraham’s descendants will be too many to count.

Ettore loves to read and he loves to read love genre novels, his most favorite novel of all time is “Midnight Fantasies” by Vickie Lewie Thompson, Stephanie Bond and Kimberly Raye.

Ettore says that there are lots of commonalities between the Hindu Priests and Rabbis which makes him believe that either over half of the Hindu Brahmins used to be ancient Jewish priests or all of Hindu Brahmins have their roots in Israel and Judaism.

Ettore says that Jacob’s ladder has no mystery behind it – the ladder only showcases some angels traveling down to the earth and the other angels who have gone bore while staying on earth traveling back to the sky or heaven. Ettore claims that the Jews have been taking the entire world on a long ride by portraying this very simple picture of Jacob’s ladder into something extremely mysterious.

Ettore’s wife recently divorced him after he kept tweeting against her. Ettore’s wife has bore him 5 kids (2 daughters and 3 sons) in 11 years and he still doesn’t have the etiquette enough to respect her. Ettore used to be an unemployed and he didn’t have anything that his wife could take away from her. Ettore’s wife was the one who used to run the household, the day Ettore got single, he realized that he needs to do something in order to make a living so he checked out the Lyft driver sign up bonus and has been working at Lyft ever since.

Better book a cab than having your own car if you are not willing to even have a test drive

Abiah Moor (name changed) came back from India in October of 2018 and she was amazed to see some extremely stupid people there. Abiah met a family there in the city called Ghaziabad, it is a Punjabi Khatri family and they own a Dhaba (a Punjabi Indian restaurant) which is over 45 years old and is popular throughout the Ghaziabad city, you are not called a Ghaziabadwala (a citizen of Ghaziabad) unless you have eaten at this Dhaba of this family.

They invited Abiah to live with them in their house, they are total 6 members in the family including a son, a daughter-in-law, a grandson, a granddaughter, owner of the house and Dhaba and his wife. Abiah accepted their invitation.

Abiah really liked the courtesy that they provided her, one thing that she hated the most was that the son was staring at her all the time like he had never seen a woman before. Abiah really felt scared at times but the funny things that the entire family did made up for it.

The family owned 2 cars by the moment Abiah arrived there, one Hyundai i10 and a Honda Amaze (a compact car by Honda which is perhaps not available in most countries). They sold out the Honda Amaze to buy a Toyota Innova. None of the members in the family even took a test drive before planning to buy the car or MPV, whatever word you would like to use for it. Anyways, they started regretting buying the MPV by the moment it arrived, the son and father started arguing over selecting the MPV, the son blamed the father for choosing the particular MPV and the the father blamed the son for the same.

Abiah is planning to go to India once again this month, she is thinking about first landing in New Delhi, then eating at this Ghaziabad Dhaba, either of the son or father is always there, the moment one of the two has a look at her, they are going to invite her again to their home, she will go there and check what’s going on in there.

Anyways, Abiah was in Thailand the last time I spoke to her, she was booking a taxi to Hua Hin from Pattaya.

We are living in the end times, get your bathrooms renovated before we disappear from the face of the earth – Mannequin Rockefeller

Mannequin Rockefeller (name changed) is an author from Newmarket, Ontario. Mannequin is a firm believer of the notion that we are living in the end times and it is evident from her books. Mannequin recently wrote a book called “Good news for the Antinatalists – End Times and Dajjal”. I have read the complete book and I must say that Mannequin makes it look real that we are really living in the end times. According to Mannequin, the real Dajjal is Angela Merkel – the Chancellor of Germany. To back her claim up, Mannequin says that according to the Islamic and Christian eschatology, the Dajjal will be the greatest deceiver and although it is perceived to be a male, it is a female in reality and her name is Angela Merkel.

Mannequin claims that Angela Merkel has made her best efforts to destroy the catholicism in Germany and she has done it quite successfully. Mannequin claims that Protestantism ultimately leads to the atheism and that’s what Dajjal wants. Mannequin says that Feminism, Protestantism,  LGBT and other things that are happening in the modern times will turn a regular straight man into a wanker and a wanker is good for nothing. Mannequin has written over and over again in her book that these groups of wankers will not be able to save themselves from Dajjal and ultimately either the whole mankind except the Jews will be wiped out or everybody will have to submit to the Jews and the whole mankind will be on the mercy of the Jews.

Mannequin rejects the Islamic belief that the Muslims will kill everybody else and take over the earth. Mannequin has literally told the Muslims to forget about it in her book.

Mannequin wrote this whole book while all the bathrooms in her house were going through bathroom renovation Newmarket.

You can get an ios app done on anything and make a bank with it like Jan Koum and Brian Acton

Kamille Takahashi (name changed) has a sister – Kim who has been a citizen of India for the past 2 decades. Kim recently got bluffed by a fraud who has been luring potential customers of vintage and classic cars by making Youtube videos. Kim fell for an Opel Astra 1.6, a car that used to be available in India from 1996-2003, she was told by the seller that the car was bought in 2002 which he had the proof of but he lied about how much the car has run, he knows the art of busting miles aka odometer fraud. He changed the odometer to 20, 000 Kilometers and the car ran so smoothly for a week that Kim was sure that it has only done 20, 000 Kilometers whereas a voice in her head was telling her that she has been bluffed which turned out to be true. After a week, Kim started noticing that the car has done not 20, 000 but rather somewhere around 150, 000 to 200, 000, the car started needing workshop all the time and finally Kim decided to sell it, nobody was willing to buy it, Kim felt like a complete fool for buying it and sold the car finally to a scrap dealer who paid her only 1000 USD for the same.

Inspired from Kim’s story, Kamille has decided to create an app that will help the car buyers to check if the deal they are getting is worth it or not, Kamille or any of her kids or family members doesn’t know how to code but no problem, she has already hired an ios application services (jasa aplikasi ios) from Indonesia for the purpose. Kamille is certain that the company she has hired will do a great job and she has her fingers crossed till the app is created.

Well-read Sophia Ince never misses the Oscar Awards program

Sophia Ince (name changed) is an avid reader of religions and history. Sophia has studies several texts about Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and several extinct religions like the ancient Greek, Roman and Babylonian religions. Studying so many different religions, Sophia has found thousands of similarities among the different religions across the world, for example, Sophia says that the Luv and Kush of Ramayana in Hinduism show several similarities to the Ishmael – the son of Hagar and Abraham in Torah and Quran.

Sophia has studied a lot of history and she claims that the Indian Muslims used to be one of the wealthiest communities during the Mughal rule in India. Sophia says that the Khatri, Brahmin, Gujjar, Rajput and Jatt Muslims were the richest among these Indian Muslims as they were all wealthy landlords during this era. Sophia says that almost whole of the world had the system of feudalism in the medieval times and the Indian subcontinent was for the feudalism what United States of America is for the democracy. First feudal society didn’t appear in the Indian subcontinent but Indian subcontinent was really the greatest hub for the feudalism due to the large number of varied tribes and their chiefs.

Sophia has read a lot of stories about the resurrection of the Jesus and she claims to know a lot about the Kingdom of Judah and the Roman empire. She says that there is no hard evidence of Jesus being crucified.

Sophia is a huge Hollywood fan too. She never misses the Oscar awards and she is too excited about the Oscars 2019. She has already made a list of all the actors that can win the award this year and she claims that if 50% of the actors that she has shortlisted don’t win the lottery she will stop watching the Oscar awards after this one.

Conspiracy theorist from the Miami of Greece loves to watch movies with her kids more than anything else

Adele Belz (name changed) is a 35 year old Greek woman who was born and raised in what is called the Miami of the Greece, that is a coastal city called Chalcis in Greece. Adele has traveled the world and she has come to a conclusion that most Hindus and Muslims around the world except in western countries and Australia are oblivious of what is going in the world.

Adele says that almost no Indian is aware of what conspiracy took place in the 2015 Delhi elections. Adele says that the real contenders for the position of becoming Chief Minister from the current largest political party of India were Mr Satish Upadhyay and Mr Vijay Kumar Goel but the party chose to represent Mrs Kiran Bedi as the real contender instead and made Kiran Bedi believe that she is the most deserving candidate which she clearly was not. The day the party selected Kiran Bedi as the most eligible candidate for the Chief Ministership – Kiran Bedi had already started believing that she has won the elections and the same was evident from the way she gave interviews, election speeches and her body language.

Adele says that the real conspiracy of the BJP behind this tactic of announcing Kiran Bedi as the candidate for the Chief Ministership was to not disappoint the real contenders Mr Vijay Kumar Goel and Mr Satish Upadhyay contrary to what the mainstream media of India portrayed. Adele says that the Indian government was given orders from above somewhere to lose the elections deliberately in order to make Arvind Kejriwal come into power. Adele says that it is quite evident from every step and every major action of Arvind Kejriwal that he is an agent of the foreign powers in India.

Anyways, I will write more about this matter some other time, right now I myself and Adele are busy watching movies with our kids (παιδικεσ ταινιεσ). This is our way of celebrating the New Year, we just love to be happy, not shout out to the world loudly that the New Year has arrived, get drunk and harm ourselves, that’s not our style.