This American Jew traveled all the way to Hastings UK to relive the way her ancestors lived back in the day

Zita Kiehl (name changed) is an amateur anthropologist who claims that the first homo sapiens that evoluted from the monkeys, chimpanzees and Orangutans were in their adolescence age. Zita claims that only adolescents are capable of evoluting and the life after the adolescence is a rinse and repeat of what we learnt during the adolescence.

Zita is the daughter of a Jewish couple. Zita’s great-great-great grandfather immigrated from the city of Hastings, East Sussex, England to New York. Zita is very obsessed with knowing about the lives of her ancestors. To know more about how her ancestors and how the Jewish people lived in the England in those days, Zita traveled to Hastings and was really amazed to see the infamous English courtesy at Airport Taxi Hastings that she hired.

Zita has seven brothers and two sisters. Zita looks almost completely different from all her siblings but still looks more like her parents than any of her sibling and perhaps all her siblings combined. She even cares about her parents more than any of her siblings.

Zita claims that the World Trade Tower conspiracy theories are a plot by the catholic church to take over the assets of the Jews and ultimately destroy the Protestantism. She says that if you can believe the World Trade Tower conspiracy theories, you can believe anything.

Like most successful and intelligent Jewish people, Zita cherishes each and every moment of her precious life and she has some harsh things to say against the people and religions that believe in reincarnation, no matter how good their relationships with the Jews and/or United States are.

Zita is a very courageous businesswoman who doesn’t let the giants of her industry threaten her with their money, power and brand name.