Had a feud with your girlfriend? Visit Thailand to chill and forget about everything

Vaan Phan (name changed) is a Vietnamese lawyer from the beautiful coastal city called Da Nang in Hau Chau province of Vietnam. Vaan Phan has a love-hate relationship with beautiful women. Just a couple of months ago, he was in a relationship with this beautiful woman 2 years older than himself until she found out his profile on a matrimonial website. Instead of getting his feet shaking and body aching, Vaan Phan asked his beautiful ex-girlfriend – “How do you know that I have a profile there? Do you also have a profile on the same matrimonial website? Are you taking me for a ride by dating me?”

Vaan even argued and wasn’t ready to accept that the profile was created by himself or any member of his family or a friend, but Vaan claimed that it was created by some troll. Vaan says that he is so handsome that some scammer was trying to extort some money out of some desperate women by creating a fake profile on a matrimonial website with his picture. Her ex-girlfriend replied to Vaan that it is a paid website, trolls don’t create profiles on websites where they have to pay money to place an ad on. Vaan replied back that the modern trolls are very smart, they only create profiles on websites where they have to pay to place an ad on. Vaan’s ex-girlfriend replied “How do you know so much about the online troll industry? Are you one yourself? You told me that you are a lawyer. Did you mean a liar instead?” After saying that, Vaan’s ex-girlfriend threw the phone down and Vaan hasn’t tried to contact her ever since.

In the first week of December, Vaan traveled to Bangkok to chill for a while and forget all the stress and tensions. After enjoying with beautiful chicks of Bangkok, Vaan traveled from Bangkok to Koh Chang to enjoy some more.

Vaan says that the beautiful women act like the world owes them everything, and about the ones working to serve the tourists of Bangkok, he says that the world really owes them something.