Million Dollar Woman trying her best to make a website like texnologia

Bailey Hatzis (name changed) is an amateur political thinker and analyst who is notorious for claiming on her personal blogs that it was Russia that created and nurtured Taliban not the United States of America.

Bailey is a very rich businesswoman but she still always wears nothing but artificial jewelry, I don’t think that she even owns any pure gold jewelry. Being a conspiracy theorist, Bailey must be aware of another infamous conspiracy theorist – Sheikh Imran Hosein’s advice to his students and followers to invest most of their wealth into gold and silver. Sheikh Imran Hosein is against buying bitcoins and Bailey owns hundreds of bitcoins. I believe that Bailey believes in the opposite of what Sheikh Imran Hosein preaches or maybe Sheikh Imran Hosein is taking all of us for a long ride. Why do I say that? I say that because I know Bailey personally and she is a wonderful person and a great human being, she has nothing to gain from preaching those conspiracy theories but I cannot trust someone like Sheikh Imran Hosein.

Bailey is a very intelligent lady, one of her businesses retails top electronics and gadgets, to popularize and promote her electronic retail business, Bailey has created a website just like texnologia which she has been constantly updating and improving for the past 2 months. Unfortunately, Bailey has not yet come close to the level of texnologia but she will soon get there, she just has to keep trying.

Bailey divides her goals between being purposeless or purposeful; you will perhaps be surprised to know that Bailey considers formal education as a purposeless goal. Bailey claims that formal education didn’t help her anywhere in any of her businesses. I don’t fully agree with Bailey here but I certainly believe that formal education is overrated and only good for the followers, not the leaders.