This Thai Happy Taxi Driver is one of a kind, he takes you from Bangkok to Damnoen Saduak asking about your culture and traditions

Von Lange (name changed) is a driver for Thai Happy Taxi company. On his way from Bangkok to Damnoen Saduak he keeps meeting several different sorts of passengers, for example, last month by coincidence he met several Deobandi Muslims as passengers in his cab, Von Lange is amazed that Deobandi Muslims are much smarter than he believed them to be.

One of the Deobandi Muslims told him that what the Muslims call the Maghreb region used to be the most materially rich region on earth during the ancient times, he said that when most historians or people with some historic knowledge think of ancient riches, the pictures that come up in their minds are of India, Persia or China but in reality Maghreb used to be the richest place on earth.

When Von asked one of the Deobandis “Why is inbreeding allowed in Islam though all the medicine practitioners are against it?” To the question, the Deobandi replied that inbreeding makes the progeny smarter in the long run, he gave the examples of the most persecuted race ever – “The Jews”. He said that a great number of the Jewish people are inbred and they are unparalleled when it comes to the intelligence and brilliance. He also agreed with the claim of the medical science practitioners that inbreeding leads to more cases of osteoporosis and other bone related diseases but he also said that the people born out of inbreeding have less cases of depression. He knew the accurate suicide rates of different countries and the suicide rates in Islamic countries and Israel were among the least.

One of the Deobandis that Von met was a psychologist with a very deep and distinctive voice. Von didn’t dare ask him any question.