Cotton and Canvas Bags business is definitely a profitable one but do your research before getting into any business – Thanong Jensen

Thanong Jensen (name changed) is a half-Thai half-Swedish businessman who owns a coffee shop chain that is prevalent all over Thailand. Thanong’s coffee shop company believes in serving only what it specializes in; they only serve espresso and cappuccino at Thanong’s coffee shops.

As you may have already noticed from Thanong’s full name that his mother is a Thai and his father is Swedish. Thanong spent most of his childhood in Uppsala, Sweden but came to Thailand after completing his senior high school education.

Thanong started his business career as a translator and a guide. Thanong was a guide with an edge as he spoke 8 different major languages including Swedish, English, Thai, Vietnamese, Norwegian, Finnish.

Thanong even sold potteries after working as a guide as he was misguided and mislead by a friend of his that there is tons of money to be made in the pottery business. It is funny that a guide got misguided; how can someone trust a guide who can be misguided himself so easily? Pun intended.

Since being misguided by his friend, Thanong does an enormous amount of research, reading and a lot more before starting a business and that’s one of the main reasons why he is such a success today.

Thanong has a very choosy wife who wants to start a cotton and canvas bags (กระเป๋าผ้าแคนวาส) business, Thanong has advised her to do a whole lot of research before getting into it. Thanong always keeps sharing his past and present business experiences with his wife so that she doesn’t make the same mistakes that he did. Thanong even keeps telling her the future predictions about the business world. Thanong’s wife is a very smart lady who is half-Filipino, 25 % British and 25% Thai. She is a regular scene at the most high profile parties and functions of Thailand.