Drew Brazier believes he knows a lot about the Indian subcontinent, he says the first origami was created in India

Drew Brazier (name changed) loves to read a lot of ancient history and his all-time favorite is the ‘Indian History’. Drew claims that Chola dynasty were the best rulers that the Indian subcontinent has ever had.

Drew makes another claim that Alexander the Great never came in conflict with the Kamboja people. Drew says that the Kamboja people were never capable enough to confront Macedonian army in their dreams. Drew says that Kambojas instead wanted to be a part of Alexander’s mission so desperately but Alexander didn’t like them.

Drew claims that the Indian culture is more Persian, Arabic and Turkic than Bharatiya. He says that you just need to see what the Indians like to eat on a daily basis, what they wear and their ethics to comprehend what he means by that.

Drew says that Spartans are overrated and the Kingdom of Sparta was never as strong as mentioned by most, they had their own peculiar discipline but that discipline wasn’t enough to make them as strong and powerful as the media claims to be.

Another claim that Drew makes is that Ramayana cannot be true, it is just a story of a strong-willed husband created by ancient Hindu socialist sages to inspire the common people.

Drew claims that the Ogres existed in ancient times and there are tales about Ogres in almost every culture, tradition and religion.

Drew is a successful businessman who used to be a full-time ghost music composer back in his teenage and early 20 years. Drew doesn’t compose music anymore and he says that he misses it a lot. To make his brain working at its full-potential, Drew folds origami whenever he can and during the Christmas season, he loves folding the Origami Christmas.