Angelica Haddad claims she successfully discovered the offsprings of JH Kellogg and her android app had nothing to do with it

Angelica Haddad (name changed) says that drinking wine or beer socially once in a while is okay as long as you are certain that you are not going to get addicted.

Angelica has a sister named Ryan who drinks beer as the first thing in the morning. Angelica and her family is very upset with Ryan for the same but Ryan threatens them with warnings of committing suicide if they try to hard to stop her from drinking alcohol so much. Ryan says that she cannot imagine living without the alcohol.

Angelica likes to research a lot, she recently did an extensive research on what Dr John Harvey Kellogg’s 48 foster children turned out to be in the future and she has successfully located and discovered what all of them do for a living. Angelica says that 9 of those are still alive and the offsprings of the 48 foster children are living in all over Europe, United States of America, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Russia and even UAE.

Angelica fears that the majority of the world will soon become Muslim as the Muslims are reproducing like rabbits, rats and other animals while the Whites, Jews and Japanese are denying to reproduce. Angelica says that the United Nations and other similar organizations must give an ultimatum to the Islamic countries to check their population and don’t marry more than once.

Angelica doesn’t have many good things to say about the other religions either. Angelica accuses Hebrew bible of having very few talks and mentions about civil rights than there should have been.

Angelica is thinking about becoming a foster mother to several beautiful and intelligent kids that she can find as she now have enough money to take care of them. Angelica got a tour and travel related android application done by one of the best android application creation services (jasa pembuatan aplikasi android) in Indonesia. Angelica has been making 20 times the money with this app that she does with her full time fitness training business.

This American Jew traveled all the way to Hastings UK to relive the way her ancestors lived back in the day

Zita Kiehl (name changed) is an amateur anthropologist who claims that the first homo sapiens that evoluted from the monkeys, chimpanzees and Orangutans were in their adolescence age. Zita claims that only adolescents are capable of evoluting and the life after the adolescence is a rinse and repeat of what we learnt during the adolescence.

Zita is the daughter of a Jewish couple. Zita’s great-great-great grandfather immigrated from the city of Hastings, East Sussex, England to New York. Zita is very obsessed with knowing about the lives of her ancestors. To know more about how her ancestors and how the Jewish people lived in the England in those days, Zita traveled to Hastings and was really amazed to see the infamous English courtesy at Airport Taxi Hastings that she hired.

Zita has seven brothers and two sisters. Zita looks almost completely different from all her siblings but still looks more like her parents than any of her sibling and perhaps all her siblings combined. She even cares about her parents more than any of her siblings.

Zita claims that the World Trade Tower conspiracy theories are a plot by the catholic church to take over the assets of the Jews and ultimately destroy the Protestantism. She says that if you can believe the World Trade Tower conspiracy theories, you can believe anything.

Like most successful and intelligent Jewish people, Zita cherishes each and every moment of her precious life and she has some harsh things to say against the people and religions that believe in reincarnation, no matter how good their relationships with the Jews and/or United States are.

Zita is a very courageous businesswoman who doesn’t let the giants of her industry threaten her with their money, power and brand name.

Had a feud with your girlfriend? Visit Thailand to chill and forget about everything

Vaan Phan (name changed) is a Vietnamese lawyer from the beautiful coastal city called Da Nang in Hau Chau province of Vietnam. Vaan Phan has a love-hate relationship with beautiful women. Just a couple of months ago, he was in a relationship with this beautiful woman 2 years older than himself until she found out his profile on a matrimonial website. Instead of getting his feet shaking and body aching, Vaan Phan asked his beautiful ex-girlfriend – “How do you know that I have a profile there? Do you also have a profile on the same matrimonial website? Are you taking me for a ride by dating me?”

Vaan even argued and wasn’t ready to accept that the profile was created by himself or any member of his family or a friend, but Vaan claimed that it was created by some troll. Vaan says that he is so handsome that some scammer was trying to extort some money out of some desperate women by creating a fake profile on a matrimonial website with his picture. Her ex-girlfriend replied to Vaan that it is a paid website, trolls don’t create profiles on websites where they have to pay money to place an ad on. Vaan replied back that the modern trolls are very smart, they only create profiles on websites where they have to pay to place an ad on. Vaan’s ex-girlfriend replied “How do you know so much about the online troll industry? Are you one yourself? You told me that you are a lawyer. Did you mean a liar instead?” After saying that, Vaan’s ex-girlfriend threw the phone down and Vaan hasn’t tried to contact her ever since.

In the first week of December, Vaan traveled to Bangkok to chill for a while and forget all the stress and tensions. After enjoying with beautiful chicks of Bangkok, Vaan traveled from Bangkok to Koh Chang to enjoy some more.

Vaan says that the beautiful women act like the world owes them everything, and about the ones working to serve the tourists of Bangkok, he says that the world really owes them something.

This driven and ambitious million dollar couple is getting married in South Beach, Miami next month


Zorka Fuss (name changed) says that she is related to the primary national founder of the State of Israel and the first Prime Minister of Israel – Late David Ben-Gurion; although Zorka has nothing to back her claim up, she never fails to convince most others that she is really related to Late David Ben-Gurion.

Zorka says that doctors, inventors, scientists are not as smart as they are believed to be. Zorka orchestrated a dating scenario for her one and only sister, Sabrina, who is 2 years younger to Zorka with a doctor and inventor. The dating scene didn’t went as Zorka expected and Zorka puts the blame on that doctor-inventor.

Zorka is getting married next month to a leading motivational speaker and author of several books in Miami whom we will refer to as Johnny Daniel here. Zorka and her fiance have already booked the venue and they are too excited about their wedding.

Johnny Daniel has several free self-help, personality development and motivational audio books available on the Youtube for free in his own voice which he passes out for free voluntarily and makes sure that it reaches to as many as people as possible as a way of promotion for his paid programs, CDs, DVDs and books.

Johnny himself started out his career working at the laboring jobs and worked his way up to become a million dollar motivational speaker owing to his marvelous communication skills, drive and excellent time management skills.

Johnny won the heart of Zorka when he said “I am profoundly sorry” in a huge gathering to Zorka when they weren’t even dating. It was a very little mistake for which Johnny said that to Zorka and Zorka fell for his down-to-earthiness.

Million Dollar Woman trying her best to make a website like texnologia

Bailey Hatzis (name changed) is an amateur political thinker and analyst who is notorious for claiming on her personal blogs that it was Russia that created and nurtured Taliban not the United States of America.

Bailey is a very rich businesswoman but she still always wears nothing but artificial jewelry, I don’t think that she even owns any pure gold jewelry. Being a conspiracy theorist, Bailey must be aware of another infamous conspiracy theorist – Sheikh Imran Hosein’s advice to his students and followers to invest most of their wealth into gold and silver. Sheikh Imran Hosein is against buying bitcoins and Bailey owns hundreds of bitcoins. I believe that Bailey believes in the opposite of what Sheikh Imran Hosein preaches or maybe Sheikh Imran Hosein is taking all of us for a long ride. Why do I say that? I say that because I know Bailey personally and she is a wonderful person and a great human being, she has nothing to gain from preaching those conspiracy theories but I cannot trust someone like Sheikh Imran Hosein.

Bailey is a very intelligent lady, one of her businesses retails top electronics and gadgets, to popularize and promote her electronic retail business, Bailey has created a website just like texnologia which she has been constantly updating and improving for the past 2 months. Unfortunately, Bailey has not yet come close to the level of texnologia but she will soon get there, she just has to keep trying.

Bailey divides her goals between being purposeless or purposeful; you will perhaps be surprised to know that Bailey considers formal education as a purposeless goal. Bailey claims that formal education didn’t help her anywhere in any of her businesses. I don’t fully agree with Bailey here but I certainly believe that formal education is overrated and only good for the followers, not the leaders.

This Thai Happy Taxi Driver is one of a kind, he takes you from Bangkok to Damnoen Saduak asking about your culture and traditions

Von Lange (name changed) is a driver for Thai Happy Taxi company. On his way from Bangkok to Damnoen Saduak he keeps meeting several different sorts of passengers, for example, last month by coincidence he met several Deobandi Muslims as passengers in his cab, Von Lange is amazed that Deobandi Muslims are much smarter than he believed them to be.

One of the Deobandi Muslims told him that what the Muslims call the Maghreb region used to be the most materially rich region on earth during the ancient times, he said that when most historians or people with some historic knowledge think of ancient riches, the pictures that come up in their minds are of India, Persia or China but in reality Maghreb used to be the richest place on earth.

When Von asked one of the Deobandis “Why is inbreeding allowed in Islam though all the medicine practitioners are against it?” To the question, the Deobandi replied that inbreeding makes the progeny smarter in the long run, he gave the examples of the most persecuted race ever – “The Jews”. He said that a great number of the Jewish people are inbred and they are unparalleled when it comes to the intelligence and brilliance. He also agreed with the claim of the medical science practitioners that inbreeding leads to more cases of osteoporosis and other bone related diseases but he also said that the people born out of inbreeding have less cases of depression. He knew the accurate suicide rates of different countries and the suicide rates in Islamic countries and Israel were among the least.

One of the Deobandis that Von met was a psychologist with a very deep and distinctive voice. Von didn’t dare ask him any question.

Cotton and Canvas Bags business is definitely a profitable one but do your research before getting into any business – Thanong Jensen

Thanong Jensen (name changed) is a half-Thai half-Swedish businessman who owns a coffee shop chain that is prevalent all over Thailand. Thanong’s coffee shop company believes in serving only what it specializes in; they only serve espresso and cappuccino at Thanong’s coffee shops.

As you may have already noticed from Thanong’s full name that his mother is a Thai and his father is Swedish. Thanong spent most of his childhood in Uppsala, Sweden but came to Thailand after completing his senior high school education.

Thanong started his business career as a translator and a guide. Thanong was a guide with an edge as he spoke 8 different major languages including Swedish, English, Thai, Vietnamese, Norwegian, Finnish.

Thanong even sold potteries after working as a guide as he was misguided and mislead by a friend of his that there is tons of money to be made in the pottery business. It is funny that a guide got misguided; how can someone trust a guide who can be misguided himself so easily? Pun intended.

Since being misguided by his friend, Thanong does an enormous amount of research, reading and a lot more before starting a business and that’s one of the main reasons why he is such a success today.

Thanong has a very choosy wife who wants to start a cotton and canvas bags (กระเป๋าผ้าแคนวาส) business, Thanong has advised her to do a whole lot of research before getting into it. Thanong always keeps sharing his past and present business experiences with his wife so that she doesn’t make the same mistakes that he did. Thanong even keeps telling her the future predictions about the business world. Thanong’s wife is a very smart lady who is half-Filipino, 25 % British and 25% Thai. She is a regular scene at the most high profile parties and functions of Thailand.

Popular on Soundcloud, pro-formal education, capitalist and successful businesswoman, meet Terri Frank

Terri Frank (name changed) has a great fan following on Soundcloud. She makes great music and once you hear her, you don’t go back.

Terri says that formal education is not overrated, it is just that few people have the quality to think beyond it. She is a pro-formal education in short.

Terri owns several successful online businesses and the secret to her businesses’s success is google bewertung abgeben.

Terri is a huge fan of the legendary steel tycoon – Late Andrew Carnegie. She says that Andrew Carnegie contributed more to the steel industry than anyone else.

Terri says that fear and worry are the greatest enemies of success, wealth and creativity. Terri used to be broke when she traveled from Czech Republic to Germany, today she owns several different businesses. She recently made an alliance with a cousin of her who is a tycoon. Terri couldn’t think of coming in parallel to this cousin of her just years ago. Terri herself is a proof that fear and worry are the greatest enemies of success, wealth and creativity because she never fear or worry about anything.

Terri’s mother who lives in Prague, Czech Republic suffers from several diseases, Terri always prefers private hospitals over public hospitals because she can afford to send her mother there.

Living in Germany, Terri has met thousands of Jews throughout her life and she says that each one of them was a mastermind. Terri has also met several bible students living both in Czech Republic and Germany and she says they are some of the most passive people she has ever met.

Terri says that all the creative people she knows are very extrovert and don’t lie in general. She says that creative people including herself have great characters.

Hair restoration network forum

Sharwin Aksoy (name changed) is half-Indian and half-Turkish, he is amazed at the stupidity of the Hindu people and their stupid beliefs. They blame all the bad things on luck and other nonsense factors including bad karma in the previous incarnation.

Sharwin claims that Narendra Modi is a stooge of the European and American conglomerate that runs the world. He says that he has been hired like a donkey by the conglomerate to buy their weapons with all the taxes that he collects and he has been collecting it with both hands, Sharwin claims. Sharwin says that he is working on the American and European policy of dividing the Indian subcontinent into several different parts, containment of China policy of America and to destroy the Muslim world. Sharwin says that there are hundreds of billions of dollars in Modi’s Swiss and Panama bank accounts, all deposited by the conglomerate.

 Sharwin is a part of several online forums and especially the hair restoration network forum. He is very regular there and makes several posts each week.

I have read some of the funniest posts by Sharwin on different online forums including a post where he made a claim that premarital sex is beneficial for both physical health and mental well-being. He says that people who have already had premarital sex are expected to have ever-lasting marriages as they already know how to make their spouse happy and content.

In another post, Sharwin claimed that extramarital sexual relationships make the marriages stronger contrary to the popular belief that they worsen it. He says that if the spouses are not so obsessive and possessive about their so-called soulmates, then extramarital sex is a boon and he says that like masturbation, extramarital sex too will be recommended by the medical practitioners, experts and therapists soon enough.

Drew Brazier believes he knows a lot about the Indian subcontinent, he says the first origami was created in India

Drew Brazier (name changed) loves to read a lot of ancient history and his all-time favorite is the ‘Indian History’. Drew claims that Chola dynasty were the best rulers that the Indian subcontinent has ever had.

Drew makes another claim that Alexander the Great never came in conflict with the Kamboja people. Drew says that the Kamboja people were never capable enough to confront Macedonian army in their dreams. Drew says that Kambojas instead wanted to be a part of Alexander’s mission so desperately but Alexander didn’t like them.

Drew claims that the Indian culture is more Persian, Arabic and Turkic than Bharatiya. He says that you just need to see what the Indians like to eat on a daily basis, what they wear and their ethics to comprehend what he means by that.

Drew says that Spartans are overrated and the Kingdom of Sparta was never as strong as mentioned by most, they had their own peculiar discipline but that discipline wasn’t enough to make them as strong and powerful as the media claims to be.

Another claim that Drew makes is that Ramayana cannot be true, it is just a story of a strong-willed husband created by ancient Hindu socialist sages to inspire the common people.

Drew claims that the Ogres existed in ancient times and there are tales about Ogres in almost every culture, tradition and religion.

Drew is a successful businessman who used to be a full-time ghost music composer back in his teenage and early 20 years. Drew doesn’t compose music anymore and he says that he misses it a lot. To make his brain working at its full-potential, Drew folds origami whenever he can and during the Christmas season, he loves folding the Origami Christmas.

Catholic man claims that women cannot attain the state of eternal bliss

Samuel Davis (name changed) says that anime has destroyed countless lives. He is a strict catholic who is very against the lewd material including the images of the bikini models on the magazines, sexually explicit material on the television and the internet, pro-sex and pro-masturbation articles and television shows.

Samuel has a son named Les who believes everything that he reads on the internet. Samuel has a CCTV camera installed in his room to check whether he is reading and believing some pro-masturbation or pro-sex material. He always stays vigilant about the videos that Les watches on the television and the internet.

One of Samuel’s beliefs which he calls scientific truth is that women can never attain enlightenment or the state of ‘choiceless bliss’ or ‘nirvikalpa samadhi‘ as they call it in Hinduism. A part of this belief is of Samuel is that women cannot be celibate in thought, word and deed. He says that they can be pure and pious in their deed and word but they can never be pure and pious in their thoughts and dreams. In their subconscious minds, they always desire men, he says. Samuel says that the chastest women he knew turned out to be wankers who would rub themselves out in the private unlike chastest men who practice abstinence of all sorts, when Samuel was young, he would fold origami whenever he had an urge to jerk off.

Samuel says that in order to enjoy the eternal and choiceless bliss, you just need to be a celibate in thought, word and deed, you don’t need any other religious or spiritual instructions once you have attained that state. That’s the biggest reason why he respects the catholic religion so much.

Brazilian teacher took an oath to not shave his beard unless he becomes a millionaire

Matthew Ortega (name changed) is one of the most inspiring gentlemen that I have ever come across. He used to be a teacher at a school and while teaching at the school, all he could afford was a small apartment in a neighborhood where only the Muslims lived. He wanted to get out of that place no matter what it took. He took an oath to not shave his beard until he is able to buy a villa in a plush neighborhood.

Matthew didn’t have enough money to start a real life business but he knew that he could start an e-commerce for pennies but he didn’t have any idea anything about what to sell, how to sell, how to create a website. He used the internet only to watch Youtube videos, check out Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter and last but not the least to look for the better and improved ways to teach his students.

When Matthew put his house for sale, one after another, each and every prospect ran away after seeing women wearing niqabs, chadars, burkas and men wearing white Muslim hats and saying ‘Subhanallah’ all the time. It took Matthew 2.5 years to sell this one cheap apartment and he had to sell it for lesser than the half of what he expected.

Matthew’s grandfather is still alive and well; this old gentleman is very empowering and encouraging. Matthew’s grandfather should become a motivational speaker, he will be more popular than Tony Robbins in no time if he does.

Matthew has already developed a great product but he is unable to sell the same yet, he is learning the art of selling with top e-commerce related websites like ‘ecommercegenius’ and many others.

This successful pizza restaurant chain in Karachi accepts cryptocurrency

Diya Kwatra (name changed) is one of the very rare Punjabi-Arora Christians living in Pakistan, Indian Subcontinent. Most of the converted Christians living in the Indian subcontinent used to be Dalits (the untouchable people) before becoming Christians. Diya’s ancestors were one of the very very few Arora people (considered a very high caste in the Indian subcontinent) to choose to convert to Christianity and even one of the fewer to retain their Arora surname.

Diya’s father owns 5 pizza restaurants in the financial capital of Pakistan – Karachi. Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan and the capital of one of their four provinces – Sindh as well. All of the 5 pizza restaurants have two things in common, first – they make some of the finest pizzas in Pakistan, and second – they all accept major and popular cryptocurrencies, all thanks to the cryptocurrency market, anyone can stay updated with the latest cryptocurrency price with this website.

It is hard for Diya to survive as a minority in one of the most dangerous countries that is Pakistan. Diya is such a stunner that Judah wouldn’t have been able to resist her even if Er were alive, and Onan would do nothing but make love to her all the time. Imagine a foursome between Onan, Er, Judah and Tamar, the God would have felt so happy if he saw the father and sons appreciating the beauty that he created with such great effort.

Diya has tinnitus. She is a very career-oriented lady which is very rare in Pakistan. She uses HabitBull (a habit tracking app) to track down her habits. She has the free version which can track only 5 habits, lol.

Diya has been following the Pomodoro technique to make the best use of her time for the past 3 months and she claims that it has increased her productivity by a huge margin.