High achiever businesswoman wants her future kids to learn origami folding

Velma Ahlquist (name changed) has been having crazy super-vivid dreams since she started performing frontal lobe exercises which she learnt after watching a Youtube video by a neurology student. Since Velma started performing these frontal lobe exercises, the first thing that she does in the morning is that she writes about the dream that she had the previous night. She writes each and every detail that she can recall and maintains a complete journal and record of those dreams in a huge diary.

One of the things that Velma dreams the most about is having super-cute and intelligent babies with wonderful hair. Velma has already started researching on the internet the ways to raise babies in order to make them reach their full potential, one of the things that is taking the whole internet by the storm when it comes to make your kids develop perfect hand-eye coordination is easy origami. Velma has already started origami folding daily to become perfect at it so that when the time comes to teach the same to her upcoming kids, she is able to do it with a touch of excellence.

Velma started her professional career with working for a shoe company. Velma worked for this particular shoe company for 13 months and then resigned. Velma is very capable high achiever, she is very wise, flexible in her behavior and she non-hesitantly undertakes tasks which other consider impossible and doesn’t stop working on those until the goal is achieved. When Velma resigned working for the shoe company to create her own women accessories brand, everyone was calling Velma crazy for it. All the experienced and intelligent well-wishers of Velma told her that she has made a mistake which she would regret soon enough but Velma wouldn’t listen and she proved them all wrong. It only took her 6 months to create her own full-fledged women accessories brand with no previous know-how of doing business.