Major ceramic supplier, sigil magic performer and conspiracy theorist has got the best natural gas tankless water heater

Allison Waters (name changed) owns a ceramic company that is responsible for supplying ceramic to one of the most popular microwave oven companies of Europe. Allison claims that since performing sigil magic, she has signed endless contracts with big customers.

Allison loves to read and write sexual poems and she is a regular contributor to the most popular sex stories site – literotica.

Allison claims that sexuality is greater than spirituality and if people are happy sexually they don’t need any spiritualism. Allison and her husband – Richard make tremendous love taking a hot shower with the best natural gas tankless water heater.

Richard is a complete pervert, he loves to see his secretary bending in the office and he cannot get enough of making excuses to make her bend over. Allison knows how big of a pervert Richard is but she doesn’t care or bother about it.

Allison says that sex is about bringing a rhythm in life and she says that she herself and Richard are living a very rhythmical life.

Allison says that Tesla was the real deal and Edison was not. She says that Edison stole many of his ideas and took all the credits. She also claims that the belief that Nikola Tesla died a virgin is untrue, he lost his virginity at the age of 35.

I don’t know where Allison is learning all these stories from, I don’t trust them at all but her posts and threads on Reddit are getting crazy upvotes.

Allison also made a crazy claim on Reddit and her own blog recently that Arabic is the world’s oldest language and because other races fear Arabs in many respects, the historians are trying to bury the Arab legacy in all possible ways.