Biggest camel milk importer in Balkan peninsula loves trading bitcoins

Lada Abramov (name changed) always does what is best in her capacity. She is like a lioness, she hunts with all her heart. She has developed an idiosyncratic shorthand writing for personal use which only she understands and she has never even tried to teach it to anyone else. She claims that her shorthand writing style is a lot more advanced and time saving than that of Pitman, Gregg and Teeline.

Lada loves how Volkswagen and Skoda cars look but she only bought a Yeti once only to regret it later. Recently, she wanted to buy a luxurious German car and all her friends were recommending Audi A6 to her but she rather went for a BMW 5 series because she is never buying an Audi, Skoda or Volkswagen again.

Lada’s husband – Gojko is a professional bodybuilder and businessman. One of his businesses is importing camel milk from Saudi Arabia and selling it under his brand name which is one of the most popular camel milk brands in Balkan peninsula.

Gojko trades bitcoins and dogecoins as a hobby and is the only one who uses QIWI wallet in his friend circle. He regularly exchanges his QIWI money to bitcoin (киви на биткоин).

Gojko’s main focus is always on work, critical relationships, career and health, he doesn’t care about the rest at all.

Gojko recently started a street wear clothing brand which failed disastrously. Gojko didn’t bother about what the customers were demanding, he didn’t even care about what the competitors were doing, he just went ahead with his own imagination and creativity, only to fell on his face later on.

Gojko hates automatic transmission cars and only drives cars with manual transmission.