Kudchod – A Columbine high school massacre witness was folding Christmas Origami when the incident happened

Kudchod Lundeera (name changed) is the one and only son of a wealthy landowner. Kudchod was born and raised up in Columbine, Colorado, USA. Kudchod was in 5th standard and present in the Columbine High School when the infamous Columbine High School Massacre happened. If Kudchod can go back in time, that Columbine High school shooting is the one thing that he would change, Kudchod was folding Christmas origami back then with his classmates when the incident happened.

Kudchod hates everything fan-fiction and fan-art. He calls it a disgusting cancerous garbage.

Kudchad is a bit socially awkward and he attributes his lack of social skills to not being socially active from a very young age. Kudchad says that just like all skills social skills are also learnable.

Kudchod still drives a Honda Fit. His father has been persuading him to buy a luxury European car for so long but he wouldn’t listen, he says that he has some goals to achieve and until he achieves those, he wouldn’t drive anything but the same Honda Fit.

Kudchod got into a bad addiction of amphetamine abuse while he was in college, one of the guys whom he Kudchod was great friends with in school had a great reputation of being an alcoholic, he would sometimes drink more than 2 bottles of Scotch whiskey while he was still in school and he would brag about it to everyone. One day Kudchod was out to buy some Red Bulls at a nearby Costco, he saw that alcoholic friend of his wearing a ripped pants like a romper. Kudchod couldn’t believe his eyes, Kudchod went towards him and he was smelling worse than a fish. He came to Costco to buy some beers for himself and he was counting pennies while paying at the counter. Kudchod stopped taking amphetamine that very day after looking at this guy’s condition.

High achiever businesswoman wants her future kids to learn origami folding

Velma Ahlquist (name changed) has been having crazy super-vivid dreams since she started performing frontal lobe exercises which she learnt after watching a Youtube video by a neurology student. Since Velma started performing these frontal lobe exercises, the first thing that she does in the morning is that she writes about the dream that she had the previous night. She writes each and every detail that she can recall and maintains a complete journal and record of those dreams in a huge diary.

One of the things that Velma dreams the most about is having super-cute and intelligent babies with wonderful hair. Velma has already started researching on the internet the ways to raise babies in order to make them reach their full potential, one of the things that is taking the whole internet by the storm when it comes to make your kids develop perfect hand-eye coordination is easy origami. Velma has already started origami folding daily to become perfect at it so that when the time comes to teach the same to her upcoming kids, she is able to do it with a touch of excellence.

Velma started her professional career with working for a shoe company. Velma worked for this particular shoe company for 13 months and then resigned. Velma is very capable high achiever, she is very wise, flexible in her behavior and she non-hesitantly undertakes tasks which other consider impossible and doesn’t stop working on those until the goal is achieved. When Velma resigned working for the shoe company to create her own women accessories brand, everyone was calling Velma crazy for it. All the experienced and intelligent well-wishers of Velma told her that she has made a mistake which she would regret soon enough but Velma wouldn’t listen and she proved them all wrong. It only took her 6 months to create her own full-fledged women accessories brand with no previous know-how of doing business.

Major ceramic supplier, sigil magic performer and conspiracy theorist has got the best natural gas tankless water heater

Allison Waters (name changed) owns a ceramic company that is responsible for supplying ceramic to one of the most popular microwave oven companies of Europe. Allison claims that since performing sigil magic, she has signed endless contracts with big customers.

Allison loves to read and write sexual poems and she is a regular contributor to the most popular sex stories site – literotica.

Allison claims that sexuality is greater than spirituality and if people are happy sexually they don’t need any spiritualism. Allison and her husband – Richard make tremendous love taking a hot shower with the best natural gas tankless water heater.

Richard is a complete pervert, he loves to see his secretary bending in the office and he cannot get enough of making excuses to make her bend over. Allison knows how big of a pervert Richard is but she doesn’t care or bother about it.

Allison says that sex is about bringing a rhythm in life and she says that she herself and Richard are living a very rhythmical life.

Allison says that Tesla was the real deal and Edison was not. She says that Edison stole many of his ideas and took all the credits. She also claims that the belief that Nikola Tesla died a virgin is untrue, he lost his virginity at the age of 35.

I don’t know where Allison is learning all these stories from, I don’t trust them at all but her posts and threads on Reddit are getting crazy upvotes.

Allison also made a crazy claim on Reddit and her own blog recently that Arabic is the world’s oldest language and because other races fear Arabs in many respects, the historians are trying to bury the Arab legacy in all possible ways.

Biggest camel milk importer in Balkan peninsula loves trading bitcoins

Lada Abramov (name changed) always does what is best in her capacity. She is like a lioness, she hunts with all her heart. She has developed an idiosyncratic shorthand writing for personal use which only she understands and she has never even tried to teach it to anyone else. She claims that her shorthand writing style is a lot more advanced and time saving than that of Pitman, Gregg and Teeline.

Lada loves how Volkswagen and Skoda cars look but she only bought a Yeti once only to regret it later. Recently, she wanted to buy a luxurious German car and all her friends were recommending Audi A6 to her but she rather went for a BMW 5 series because she is never buying an Audi, Skoda or Volkswagen again.

Lada’s husband – Gojko is a professional bodybuilder and businessman. One of his businesses is importing camel milk from Saudi Arabia and selling it under his brand name which is one of the most popular camel milk brands in Balkan peninsula.

Gojko trades bitcoins and dogecoins as a hobby and is the only one who uses QIWI wallet in his friend circle. He regularly exchanges his QIWI money to bitcoin (киви на биткоин).

Gojko’s main focus is always on work, critical relationships, career and health, he doesn’t care about the rest at all.

Gojko recently started a street wear clothing brand which failed disastrously. Gojko didn’t bother about what the customers were demanding, he didn’t even care about what the competitors were doing, he just went ahead with his own imagination and creativity, only to fell on his face later on.

Gojko hates automatic transmission cars and only drives cars with manual transmission.

Ex-womanizer doesn’t look at other women anymore since his wife got fit

There was a time when Chloe Messi (name changed) could not get enough of trolling Neo-Nazi forums and chatrooms.

Chloe loves to take a break on the weekends, she escapes from a high-speed stream of a working rhythm and relaxes her body, soul and thoughts together. She loves to dine-out or accompany her husband to some luxurious entertaining venue or stay with her husband in the house and have some good time together. They thoroughly enjoy feeling each other for a while in the cozy nest.

Chloe’s husband Uziel has become almost like a slave to her since the day she got fit with the help of running on the best treadmill for sale that she could find. She indeed possesses divine looks now.

Chloe is such an open-minded woman that she lets Uziel book escorts when he is on a business trip. He hates spending nights alone and Chloe knows this. When once Chloe went to Malta on a business trip, she invited her best friends who are twin sisters come to her house and do anything that they like with Uziel. The three made love the whole night slowly, their bodies pressed against each others’, cheeks against cheeks.

Since Chloe got into her new divine shape, Uziel hasn’t been showing interest in any other woman than Chloe. Chloe has lovely 34 DD breasts which are really wonderful with very sensitive nipples that love being sucked.

Chloe owns one of the most popular soft toys store on eBay. Her store is a cut above all others on the website and she provides a great customer service, most of her customers continue to buy from her. She really has a lovely selection of soft toys.

Husband and wife reward each other with loads of gifts

Something that Bree McGraw (name changed) used to regard as a no-no earlier is something that she can’t live without now. Bree’s life changed when her then boyfriend and current husband went for a penile implant surgery after hearing from a colleague how successful and beneficial it is.

Bree is her own person, she never cares about what others think of her but she only cares about what her husband and she herself think of herself. Her only philosophy is ‘staying true to herself’.

Bree’s husband’s philosophy is that you must have fun when you make love and you must make love to have some fun. No other activity can compare the pleasure that comes with making love and you must spend all your life discovering better techniques of making love so that you can make it for longer and at the same time, be able to have ten times the fun that an average fellow has while doing the same.

You won’t find any example the way Bree’s relationship with her husband works. They live so smoothly and passionately with each other. Their relationship is all about extreme passion. They both reward each other with loads of tips and gifts.

Bree’s husband gets his condoms out the moment she arrives back home from work. If you are of the opinion that marriage is boring than you must take a look at Bree and her husband together, their chemistry and happiness will change your opinion forever.

The quest for each husband and wife couple is to touch a level of perfectionism.

Cryptocurrency trader wife makes more money than the hard-working young immigrant husband

Diana Roosevelt (name changed) believes that common sense is not common. Diana has been married twice and her current husband is 7 years younger than  Diana. He is lucky to have a wife like Diana who is bright, bubbly, fun, intelligent, witty, a pleasure to spend time with, slender, leggy, beautiful who is always perfectly dressed, very open-minded and adventurous. Diana is still a head-turner at the age of 43. After making love to her husband, she gets very chatty for some reason that she doesn’t know herself.

Diana’s husband Vladimir is from Russia. He speaks fluent English and Russian. He likes cocktails, vodka, Chinese cuisine, gerberas and sports. Vladimir believes that life is about leadership and being truthful to yourself.

You will always find Vladimir working, he seldom feels any tired. He owns a popular Pizza restaurant that guarantees delivery within 30 minutes. He has disguised his Pizza restaurant in a way that it looks like it is owned by some Italian gentleman. His Pizza restaurant’s name is ‘Don Luciano’s’ with nothing but Italian chefs and Italian waiters and waitresses. Vladimir’s restaurant has so many everyday eaters that the waiters and waitresses now seem like family members to them.

Diana spends her whole day trading top cryptocurrencies and she makes almost as much money with her one intangible business as Vladimir does with his several tangible businesses.

Vladimir’s parents divorced when he was 5 and he was raised up by his mother who never married again. His father had a series of wives after that. Now when the doctors told Vladimir’s dad that he has got only 6 months to live. He wants his children to give him a second chance but the children don’t seem interested in having any relationship with him anymore.

Made a lot of money with digital marketing now watches Bollywood movies during spare time

Lance Moshe (name changed) is a Brazilian gentleman who hates his Pakistani customers. He says that they bargain all the time and do it even though it is clearly written everywhere in his store that it is a fixed price store. Lance recently went to India and he met several Bollywood actresses there include the Chopra sisters (Priyanka and Parineeti). Lance has been watching the Bollywood movies since he was a teen.

Lance made a lot of money with mkt digital when it was still in its infancy and with the savings opened this departmental store that I mentioned about in the beginning of this post. After Lance got rich, he started looking down upon his poor friends.

Lance wants to redesign his store before the Christmas festival begins. With the kind of crowd that Lance’s store has been entertaining for the last couple of months due to the festive season, it looks like it would be impossible for him to redesign his store.

Lance has been taking a lot of nutritional yeast supplements for the past 6 months as he has a very weak immune system and he was told by a college friend that nutritional yeast really strengthens your immune system. Lance is very happy with the results nutritional yeast provided him. If it were someone other than that friend to tell Lance that nutritional yeast is beneficial, he would have never tried it.

Lance has a habit of calling his lawyer immediately no matter how petty the issue is. Even his lawyer gets annoyed by this habit of him many times and doesn’t pick up his phone.

Extremely smart cosmetic tycoon can’t stop looking at hair transplant images

Nur Kurnia (name changed) owns a fleet of several luxurious high performance SUVs. The latest toys in Nur’s garage are a Volkswagen Touareg and a Volkswagen Tiguan gifted to Nur by her one and only sister who owns a Volkswagen dealership. Nur shook up the Turkish cosmetic product industry with her innovations back in 2015.

Nur claims that one of her major business competitor’s stooge was working as Nur’s personal chefs who used to mix up intoxicating pills in her food to make her go mad. Nur suffered all of 2017 from paranoid rages due to drug withdrawal.

Nur’s business is currently suffering due to her absence from the business in all of 2017. Nur is trying her best to become the queen of Turkish cosmetics industry again but it will take a lot more time. Nur’s brand has lost the appeal that it enjoyed till 2016 but Nur says that she is confident enough to get back the same reputation very soon.

Nur’s boyfriend puts personal pleasure above everything else. He left Nur when she needed him most.

Nur has also lost a great amount of hair on her head due to the hormonal imbalances created first by drug intoxication and then by drug withdrawal. She has been looking at hair transplant images for a while thinking about getting one done on herself as well.

For the past 4 months, Nur has been spending an hour before she falls asleep writing a book on similarities and differences between the Asian and European culture.

Nur has been doing a research lately on whether her business will do great in the Indian subcontinent. She comprehends that the Indian subcontinent has a problem with the job creation and she think she can create some jobs there and make some profits doing so simultaneously. If she ever starts her business in the Indian subcontinent, her country of business inauguration would be Nepal.

A living meme is loving the hair growth of her wife after the hair transplant

Fishel Efron (name changed) is a denier of the fact that an average human being uses only 2% of its brain. He claims that an average human being uses its complete brain all the time and it is astonishing how he does it with so much of confidence without any study or research to back that up. Fishel has a beautiful wife named Martha who always finds Fishel funny and while she is an extremely serious lady, Fishel is a living meme.

As they say you can’t give away something you don’t have, Fishel can’t give away his wisdom to anyone because he doesn’t possess any.

Fishel hates both fearful and fearless men/women he ever met. Martha is a fearless women and Fishel hates Martha too for it and Martha laughs off at it. Being a fearless woman, Martha recently got hair transplant done on her head and Fishel was against her decision to get one. He claimed that there are several ways that work to grow back the hair on the head and all of those work. Martha had already tried those and none of those worked at all on her. So, once Martha got the hair transplant done, seeing her hair growth after hair transplant, Fishel forgot all about his hate for the hair transplants and he is enjoying her intimate life more than ever before. He thanks Dr Tayfun Ogozoglu (the doctor that did hair transplant on Martha) every time he sees his wife.

Fishel was born to a merchant who found no joy in anything in life. Fishel’s mother was a homemaker and she was a victim of domestic violence by Fishel’s father and she wouldn’t talk at all. Fishel’s dad taught his philosophy about life to Fishel as well but thank god Fishel didn’t turn up a violent pessimist like him but he has become a living meme which is much better than being a violent pessimist in my personal opinion.