Commitment, dedication and Prudence can take you far ahead in life

Gie Tran (name changed) is an Australian businessman from the city of Melbourne. Gie was born in Melbourne, he grew up there and he now owns a supermarket there which he wants to extend so badly and with the commitment, dedication and pace he is going, I am certain that he will be able to achieve his business goals.

Gie used to be a cashier at one of the Woolworths store in Melbourne before starting his own. Gie is a heiress and he was about to inherit enough money to build his own supermarket in any prominent neighborhood of Melbourne after the death of his grandfather but he worked at the Woolworths to gain some experience.

After receiving millions as inheritance after his grandpa’s death. Gie went on to build his own supermarket in one of the most popular neighborhoods of Melbourne and he did it against his every wellwisher’s wish. The neighborhood had several top supermarket stores already including Woolworths, Coles, IGA, ALDI and Star Mart. Every friend and relative of Gie advised him to not open up a supermarket there but Gie was determined to win over all the rivals.

Gie with all his determination, commitment, dedication, shrewdness and experience really won and he did it within a short span of 8 months. His supermarket is currently the most popular in that neighborhood of Melbourne and receives at least double the amount of business than any 2 rival supermarket stores combined. To add to his rivals’ injury, yesterday Gie made a deal with Tie Store Australia that he will buy bulk quantities of bow ties from them and sell it in his store. Tie Store Australia usually doesn’t enter any such contracts but watching Gie’s immense and rapid success they couldn’t resist.