Popular Downtown Omaha Restaurant Owner going to Jogja to meet online girlfriend

Isaac Navon (name changed) owns a very popular drive-by restaurant in Downtown Omaha and his restaurant has been featured in several TV programs that cater to foodies.

Isaac’s mother is 22 years younger than his father and Isaac loves her for that. Isaac is proud of the fact that she didn’t marry his father for his looks or sexual prowess but rather for his prudence.

Isaac has currently been studying and researching the anthology of medieval Arab poetry.

Isaac loves Asian women and he is going to meet a girl from Indonesia that he met online in January 2019. She lives in Yogyakarta aka Jogja and Isaac has already booked all the arrangements required for himself and her on the vacations including hotel room, rental mobil Jogja, etc. Isaac believes that the institution of marriage is ridiculous and he is also interested in fathering a child which he says he will do through surrogacy after the age of 40. Isaac just wants to have fun with the women and doesn’t want any serious relationship.

Isaac is already a millionaire but he wants to be a billionaire during the course of this lifetime. Isaac has the guts, determination and the grip required to accomplish the task.

Isaac met this beautiful cougar online once who was raised by an adoptive mother. Isaac made out with her twice until he learnt that she used to be his dad’s girlfriend before his marriage. Isaac felt very ashamed and embarrassed after that and couldn’t sleep for nights. The woman was a certified nurse and was trying her best to play a victim.

Isaac firmly believes that you can never be too fair and too kind to the other people.