41 year old plays games or reads books all day while Financial Planners do the work for him

Lewis has a PhD in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Lewis is now 41, never married, adopted 2 daughters about 5 years ago; Lewis and his daughters live the lives of millionaires while Lewis does nothing but takes care of his daughters or play video games or reads books all day.

Lewis didn’t inherit a fortune. Lewis didn’t win a lottery. Lewis is no loan shark or a drug dealer. But still, Lewis makes on an average 250k USD in profits a year. Lewis loves to listen and read Earl Shoaff. In one of his books, Earl Shoaff wrote “Don’t work yourself as long as you can make others work for you and with the ever-growing population you will always have someone working for you. There is no shortage of such people.” Lewis took it very seriously and invested a small amount that he had on a Financial Planner company in Prescott, Arizona.

Lewis is an anti-racist and he volunteers a lot against the racists on internet forums, chatrooms and other places visible to large crowds. Lewis never discriminates among black, white, ugly, beautiful, tall, short, poor, rich. Lewis is a real humanitarian and that may be one reason why he commands respect anywhere he goes.

Lewis has a very deep and interesting voice. Everywhere he goes, he is asked whether he does broadcasting? His voice is very similar to that of Ted Williams, a homeless American man who became very popular in the year 2011 with his video getting viral. It is the most viewed video on the RT yet with over 44 million views.

Lewis’ favorite book is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and he has read it over 5 times. It is the only book which he has read more than once.