Muscle Cars lover Shimla boy doing MBBS in Bangladesh

Satyadev is a young medical student doing his studies at the best MBBS college in Bangladesh. Satyadev is originally from the Indian city of Shimla. Satyadev misses the cold temperature of Shimla too much in Bangladesh but he can’t help it.

Satyadev’s family is all very well-educated. His uncle is a famous astronaut who went to the moon as well. Satyadev’s grandparents sacrificed a lot to raise their kids in the best environment with the best education possible.

An aunt of Satyadev is a general practitioner. She always annoys Satyadev by saying the same thing “Medical Science has undergone great changes within only a couple of decades”.

Satyadev loves muscle cars and that’s the reason why he drove a HM Contessa in Shimla. He bought an old Toyota Camry in Bangladesh. He looked for a Contessa on the newspaper, internet and magazine ads but couldn’t find one.

Satyadev’s sister has recently started experimenting with a raw vegan diet and Satyadev is absolutely against it. A Christian uncle of Satyadev is a flat-earther and he always ends up arguing with Satyadev on a random subject whenever they meet.

An aunt of Satyadev is against all sorts of artificial contraceptions and women in the workplace. This aunt of Satyadev has a reputation of never lying. She is a writer by profession and has ghostwritten several songs as well for the Punjabi and Bollywood Hindi movies. She used to be absent all the times in her school. Her favorite season is winter. She loves to write in the winters with a room heater on with a blanket wrapped all over her body.

This aunt of Satyadev also suffers from chronic migraine and mild depression in the summers.