41 year old plays games or reads books all day while Financial Planners do the work for him

Lewis has a PhD in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Lewis is now 41, never married, adopted 2 daughters about 5 years ago; Lewis and his daughters live the lives of millionaires while Lewis does nothing but takes care of his daughters or play video games or reads books all day.

Lewis didn’t inherit a fortune. Lewis didn’t win a lottery. Lewis is no loan shark or a drug dealer. But still, Lewis makes on an average 250k USD in profits a year. Lewis loves to listen and read Earl Shoaff. In one of his books, Earl Shoaff wrote “Don’t work yourself as long as you can make others work for you and with the ever-growing population you will always have someone working for you. There is no shortage of such people.” Lewis took it very seriously and invested a small amount that he had on a Financial Planner company in Prescott, Arizona.

Lewis is an anti-racist and he volunteers a lot against the racists on internet forums, chatrooms and other places visible to large crowds. Lewis never discriminates among black, white, ugly, beautiful, tall, short, poor, rich. Lewis is a real humanitarian and that may be one reason why he commands respect anywhere he goes.

Lewis has a very deep and interesting voice. Everywhere he goes, he is asked whether he does broadcasting? His voice is very similar to that of Ted Williams, a homeless American man who became very popular in the year 2011 with his video getting viral. It is the most viewed video on the RT yet with over 44 million views.

Lewis’ favorite book is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and he has read it over 5 times. It is the only book which he has read more than once.

Muscle Cars lover Shimla boy doing MBBS in Bangladesh

Satyadev is a young medical student doing his studies at the best MBBS college in Bangladesh. Satyadev is originally from the Indian city of Shimla. Satyadev misses the cold temperature of Shimla too much in Bangladesh but he can’t help it.

Satyadev’s family is all very well-educated. His uncle is a famous astronaut who went to the moon as well. Satyadev’s grandparents sacrificed a lot to raise their kids in the best environment with the best education possible.

An aunt of Satyadev is a general practitioner. She always annoys Satyadev by saying the same thing “Medical Science has undergone great changes within only a couple of decades”.

Satyadev loves muscle cars and that’s the reason why he drove a HM Contessa in Shimla. He bought an old Toyota Camry in Bangladesh. He looked for a Contessa on the newspaper, internet and magazine ads but couldn’t find one.

Satyadev’s sister has recently started experimenting with a raw vegan diet and Satyadev is absolutely against it. A Christian uncle of Satyadev is a flat-earther and he always ends up arguing with Satyadev on a random subject whenever they meet.

An aunt of Satyadev is against all sorts of artificial contraceptions and women in the workplace. This aunt of Satyadev has a reputation of never lying. She is a writer by profession and has ghostwritten several songs as well for the Punjabi and Bollywood Hindi movies. She used to be absent all the times in her school. Her favorite season is winter. She loves to write in the winters with a room heater on with a blanket wrapped all over her body.

This aunt of Satyadev also suffers from chronic migraine and mild depression in the summers.

Spiritual Young Guy loves everything about his new life but misses that daily jog

Oswald is a half-Indian and half-American young man who was born and raised in the small town of Robertsdale, Alabama. Oswald currently lives in the Moundsville city in West Virginia. Previous to this, Oswald shifted to the New York from Arlington after completing his senior high school. He wanted to become rich quick and he thought college and universities are a waste of time.

Growing up in the small town of Robertsdale, the idea of rich people’s lives in the mind of Oswald was totally different than what it really is. After coming to New York he saw that most of the rich people are not happy at all, and he moved towards spirituality due to that.

After becoming more spiritual than materialist, Oswald studied a lot about the Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism. Hinduism appealed to him the most and he shifted to the Moundsville city in West Virginia. Oswald applied for a job in all the towns and cities of the United States where they have an ISKCON temple. He got a job in the Moundsville city and hence shifted there.

In this sex-crazed world, Oswald is a young voluntary celibate. He wants only a platonic relationship with his future wife. There was a time when Oswald used to have hallucinations about being a child of the god. Luckily, those times are over and Oswald recognized it only after a few months.

Oswald is loving his life in the Moundsville city, and the only thing that he misses once in a while is his daily jogging routine. He used to go for a jog every morning wearing his favorite Madoxx sweatshirts and sweatpants. He really misses that daily morning jog.

Female Arm Wrestler in Estonia loved her shopping experience with the Pample Mousse

Zara is a female arm wrestler born and raised in the Tartu city of Estonia. Zara’s parents converted from Christianity to Islam when she was not even born. Zara or her mother do not wear niqab. Zara’s mother used to teach mathematics at school and she recently retired. Zara’s father is a small businessman who is also somewhat influential in the neighborhood they live in.

Zara loves to wear revealing clothes and she also creates Youtube videos which you must have by now understood get so many views and for what reason. Zara is 25 now and she has never been in a relationship before. Although Zara’s parents both converted to Islam, they are very liberal.

Zara recently went to the Tallinn city in Estonia. Those luxury cars and big mansions really fueled her ambition. After coming back to Tartu, she couldn’t stop thinking about the ways to becoming rich. While lifting weights, all she was thinking about was how she could have one of those Bentleys and a Mansion by the beach.

After coming back home from the gym that very night, Zara needed to order some wireless bluetooth headphones. Normally, she would have ordered the cheapest ones but she decided to fake it till she make it, so she ordered the best wireless bluetooth headphones from the Pample Mousse.

Zara’s mom used to be a big Seinfeld fan and since she can now buy the series from the Amazon, she can’t stop watching it over and over. Zara’s mother’s favorite character in the Seinfeld is Dr. Ross Eustace Geller. Along with liking his acting, she also finds him very handsome.

Zara’s family is planning to tour China once they have enough funds for the same. They will be touring Shanghai, Beijing, Dongguan, and several other cities.

Pakistani Couple inspired from Prescott Kitchen Remodel decided to start their own Kitchen Remodeling Company

Fawad is a Pakistani old man from the city of Rawalpindi. Fawad was only 2 when his father and real mother died in a car accident. He was raised by his stepmother. Fawad’s stepmother like most other stepmothers discriminated among her own kids and him.

After a few days of Fawad’s 16th birthday, he moved out. After moving out, he migrated to the city of Lahore and started working at a local grocery store there.

After 5 more years, Fawad met an uncle of his at the grocery store he worked at, he took Fawad to his house and promised that Fawad won’t have to work here anymore, he will provide Fawad with everything.

Fawad’s uncle wanted him to marry his one and only daughter whose name is Shanza. Shanza and Fawad got married. They now had a son together whom they named Rehan.

Fawad and Shanza wanted their son to receive the best education possible. They got him enrolled into one of the best schools in the city of Lahore. They also got a free laptop from the government of Punjab, but it had Windows 7 installed. One relative of theirs came to the house of Fawad and Shanza once and asked which Windows version do you guys have installed in your laptop. They told her that they have Windows 7 installed. The relative then replied that Windows 10 is the latest and the best version. They asked her the price and she replied about 20, 000 Pakistani Rupees. They told her that it is too costly they can’t afford it.

The couple decided to migrate to the United States but a relative who works for Preston Kitchen Remodel told them that it is better to stay in their own country. They then stayed in their own country and decided to start their own kitchen remodeling business as well.

Real Estate Agency Chain Owner relies on XMEyepc to manage his 20 branches

Grayson is a very courageous, wise, intelligent, spiritual and ambitious young man born and raised in Annapolis, Maryland. Grayson’s parents moved to the Miami, Florida in the late 70s looking at the opportunity that the city could offer them. They could still get nothing but laboring jobs there in Miami, Florida, the only difference was that they were getting more tips there.

Grayson’s parents also lived for a while at the Osho Commune. That was only for a couple of months. Grayson himself is very spiritual and materialist at the same time. He has a positive attitude about everything and his positive attitude is what transformed him from a chauffeur of one of the real estate’s kingpins to the owner of one the largest real estate agency chains in America.

It wasn’t easy for Grayson to create one of the largest real estate agency chains, but he did it. He doesn’t have a degree in business, he didn’t even go to the college. He just completed high school.

Grayson owns more than 20 real estate agency branches in some of the biggest US cities and one of the ways he keeps a check on his employees is by using a marvelously great remote viewing app for cameras at  http://xmeyepc.com

Grayson made his first million when he was 29 and he tells like most other multi-millionaire and successful people that the first million is the hardest to make. Another great quality that Grayson possesses like many other self-made millionaires is that he doesn’t care about the triumph or the failures, he just gives his best after analyzing almost everything about the market.

Grayson recalls how at one time he used to compare himself with the others all the time but then he changed and put all his focus on improving himself only.