Rich and Happy – A story about rags to riches

Nicolau is a 36 year old man born and raised in the Teresina city, Piauí, Brazil. Nicolau now lives in one of the most beautiful cities on the planet that goes by the name Recife.

Nicolau never ate a candy in his childhood because he was raised in abject poverty, but he opened a candy store on demand of his son and daughter.

Nicolau wore torn shoes all his childhood and window shopped Nike, ASICS and Adidas stores all the time. His kids now wear designer shoes.

Nicolau always wondered what coffee tasted like after seeing so many rich and handsome suited booted men visiting the Starbucks. He is now very regular to the Starbucks and other expensive coffee shops.

Nicolau bought his son a PS4 on his 9th birthday and his daughter a XBox on her 9th birthday too. The family is also planning to visit the Disneyland at the end of this year.

His kids drink smoothies twice a day. They have two chefs at their house making whatever the kids ask for. The kids choose the car they want to travel in when they have to go anywhere. From G-Wagon to Porsche Panamera, they have it all.

Nicolau didn’t want a middle-class life for his kids. He wanted to become rich first and then have kids. To his good luck, he became rich way too earlier than he believed. By the time Nicolau was 23, he was a millionaire. How did all that happen? Nicolau had a great business plan in his mind since he was 19. Nicolau put that plan into action with his hard work when he was 21. Nicolau wanted to get rich early on in life. He was certain about his plan but didn’t have the money to put it in action.

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