Sneaker company made 700 million dollars in the first year

Deenana (name changed) is a new sneakers manufacturing company. Deenana started in the business just about 18 months ago. Deenana’s founders believed that only creating quality product is enough to get a lot of business. They spent all the money on creating a quality product and kept only 0.2% budget for the advertisement.

Deenana’s founders had no idea that their strategy is going to be a total flop. It is not workable at all. Today, sneaker companies are spending as much as 90% on the advertisements and only 10% on the products. To their good luck, Deenana understood the problem very early and went on a hunt to find a perfect marketing company. They came across several of those, but the only one they trusted was mtsyconsulting. MTSY had a fixed price and they had already made so many sneaker companies popular.

Deenana’s first priority while looking for a marketing company was experience, and they found that in MTSY. They wanted a marketing company that has already worked with many sneaker manufacturing companies.

MTSY made Deenana more popular in a shorter time than Deenana expected. In the last 2 quarters of 2017 and the first 2 quarters of 2018, Deenana sold sneakers for over 700 Million US Dollars. Deenana is a family company, so a couple of members sell the stuff at online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, etc. Their job is to take the manage the orders that come through these websites.

Only a 0.2% advertising budget is not going to do anything for any company these days, you need at least 5-10% advertising budget and that too if you have a product that is of unparalleled quality. Just like in the case of Deenana, they are spending 7% on the marketing and made a revenue over 700 million dollars in the first year. Marketing + Great Product = Fantastic revenue, great profits, happiness and prosperity.