Spiritual Boy got back to his home and took admission in an Engineering College

Pujari Baba (name changed) got tired of his materialistic life after completing the school. Pujari Baba used to be a science stream student in the school and he was a really brilliant and bright student. Pujari Baba scored 91% in the 12th standard, his family was very happy about it, but Pujari Baba had something else in his mind.

After a couple of days, Pujari Baba disappeared. The family wanted to find him at any cost. They reported in the police station, posted advertisements in the newspapers, posted advertisements in the local cable TV channels. Nobody could find him out.

Pujari Baba turned into a Naga Sadhu. Most people, when they think of India, the first picture that comes into their mind is that of a Naga Baba. Naga Babas stay naked, rub their body with ashes, smoke weed all the time, do dances on religious Hindu songs and do almost nothing else. At first, Pujari Baba was very happy to become a Naga Sadhu, but after about 6 months, he started to get bored. The Naga Sadhus weren’t the holy people that Pujari Baba was thinking them to be. Most of them were evil and they smoked weed not due to some religious purpose, but because they were addicted to the stuff. Pujari Baba also got to know that several of them are ex-prisoners who have turned into Naga Sadhus in order to hide because they broke the prison.

Pujari Baba decided to go back home. Pujari Baba went back to his home. Pujari Baba’s family was more than happy when he finally came back. Pujari Baba started dressing normally now and he also wanted to study further and pursue a degree in engineering. He started looking for a college and also started looking forĀ best laptop for engineering students for 1000.

After he got both the admission and the laptop, Pujari Baba started studying better and more than ever before.