Best Aluminium Die Casting Manufacturing Companies are located in the R.A.C.

When you look for Aluminium die casting manufacturing on Google or any other search engine, from which region of the world do most websites pop up? The answer is R.A.C., aka Republic of China. It is astonishing how much China has accomplished in such a short span of time. They are on top of almost everything. Take their ACs for example, I use Haier and recommend Haier to each and everybody that asks for my recommendation for a new AC. I have used Hitachi, Samsung, Kenmore, LG and several other brands but nothing is as good value for money as Haier.

Take their latest mobile phones for example as well, can any mobile phone beat Redmi when it comes to the value for money smartphones?

It is unbelievable to see that it is the same China that used to have a GDP of 132 US Dollar per capita in the year 1962. Same is the case with the countries that used to be part of China once. I am talking about Singapore and Hong Kong. Singapore and Hong Kong’s GDP per capita are on par with the USA, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

One of my friends who works for one of the most popular German car brands told me that their company’s headquarters in India was getting their aluminium gearbox die casted in Tamil Nadu, India until the number of complaints started growing like topsy. That’s when the company decided that they will get their aluminium gearbox die casted in Dongguan, China. Now, they don’t receive any complains and they plan to get all the aluminium gearbox die casted in Dongguan, China. Whether it be for the cars they sell in Arabia, China, Europe or North and South America. The quality of aluminium die casting is so good in Dongguan, China.