Ex-Uber Driver making over 100, 000 Dollars doing almost nothing

Young Boston lady named Mindy is no astrologer but she prophesied that her cousin Manuel who was an Uber cab driver back then will become very rich and happy by the end of the year 2017. Manuel didn’t believe her and thought that she is saying the same to console him because he wasn’t happy with his life. The thought that he is a mere driver and one day he will be unemployed when each and every American will have a car of his/her own and there will be self-driven cars would give him nightmares and kept him depressed.

One friend of Manuel once told him that he is making over 100, 000 Dollars per year doing web scraping and creating niche websites. Manuel wasn’t interested initially but after his depression increased, he determined to change his life forever by hook or by crook. He went to his friend’s home and learnt what web scraping is. His friend also told Manuel about Rank Tracker API, and he also told him that he doesn’t need proxies to perform the act which will make it too easy for the kind of money involved in the business.

Manuel cut his driving hours and started working with his friend with all his heart and energy. Manuel learnt faster than his friend expected and by the end of 2017, he was making over 10000 Dollar a month. His cousin’s prophesy was real.