Housewife made the lizards disappear from her house with just 2 applications of a wonder product

Whether you say that you can or you can’t, you are mostly right, and this attitude and statement doesn’t only apply in the tough situations or achieving an aim which seems almost impossible to you. This statement is applicable in almost everywhere. For example, most people in India don’t know that there are products available in the market that can shoo away the lizards. They are clueless about some such product. In the Thailand, such products are available everywhere but not everyone knows about those. One such story is of Kohsoom (a housewife), she didn’t know that there are products available in the market that can make the lizards (in her language จิ้งจกrun away and never come back until she discovered a website called Shopee. She has now become a total online shopping freak and most of her pass time she spends upon a website that goes by the name Shopee. She once accidentally discovered a herbal product that claimed shoo away all sort of lizards without killing them. She didn’t believe her eyes at first but she trusts the website so much that she ordered one.

The next day only, more than half of the lizards disappeared. She looked for the lizards everywhere but couldn’t find one. She thought that all of them have vanished. She told the husband after he came back home and they both were so happy. She didn’t know that so many lizards cannot go away with just one time application. The next day, she saw 3 lizards and she thought that she is dreaming and she is so crazy that she touched the lizard with her fingers and then started screaming once she got to know that she is real. She called her husband who couldn’t stop laughing and he told her to apply the product once again and the rest will go away too. She did what her husband suggested her to and since then the lizards stay away from house.