Ex-Uber Driver making over 100, 000 Dollars doing almost nothing

Young Boston lady named Mindy is no astrologer but she prophesied that her cousin Manuel who was an Uber cab driver back then will become very rich and happy by the end of the year 2017. Manuel didn’t believe her and thought that she is saying the same to console him because he wasn’t happy with his life. The thought that he is a mere driver and one day he will be unemployed when each and every American will have a car of his/her own and there will be self-driven cars would give him nightmares and kept him depressed.

One friend of Manuel once told him that he is making over 100, 000 Dollars per year doing web scraping and creating niche websites. Manuel wasn’t interested initially but after his depression increased, he determined to change his life forever by hook or by crook. He went to his friend’s home and learnt what web scraping is. His friend also told Manuel about Rank Tracker API, and he also told him that he doesn’t need proxies to perform the act which will make it too easy for the kind of money involved in the business.

Manuel cut his driving hours and started working with his friend with all his heart and energy. Manuel learnt faster than his friend expected and by the end of 2017, he was making over 10000 Dollar a month. His cousin’s prophesy was real.

Chan Brothers is the fastest growing A/C repair company in Singapore

Is it possible for you to answer a question if you are a Singapore resident :- Where to find the best aircon repair company in Singapore? Do you know the answer already? I think you do, you surely do if you are a Singapore resident for decades and the answer is Woodlands 11. The Chan Brothers is a registered Private Limited company with a history of nothing but client’s satisfaction.

The only difference between the Chan Brothers and the other A/C repair companies is that the Chan Brothers work for your satisfaction and your A/C’s health while the other companies work for the money.

I have a friend who has come back from the Turkey to my country and he told me how hard it is to find a reliable air conditioner repair company there.

Housewife made the lizards disappear from her house with just 2 applications of a wonder product

Whether you say that you can or you can’t, you are mostly right, and this attitude and statement doesn’t only apply in the tough situations or achieving an aim which seems almost impossible to you. This statement is applicable in almost everywhere. For example, most people in India don’t know that there are products available in the market that can shoo away the lizards. They are clueless about some such product. In the Thailand, such products are available everywhere but not everyone knows about those. One such story is of Kohsoom (a housewife), she didn’t know that there are products available in the market that can make the lizards (in her language จิ้งจกrun away and never come back until she discovered a website called Shopee. She has now become a total online shopping freak and most of her pass time she spends upon a website that goes by the name Shopee. She once accidentally discovered a herbal product that claimed shoo away all sort of lizards without killing them. She didn’t believe her eyes at first but she trusts the website so much that she ordered one.

The next day only, more than half of the lizards disappeared. She looked for the lizards everywhere but couldn’t find one. She thought that all of them have vanished. She told the husband after he came back home and they both were so happy. She didn’t know that so many lizards cannot go away with just one time application. The next day, she saw 3 lizards and she thought that she is dreaming and she is so crazy that she touched the lizard with her fingers and then started screaming once she got to know that she is real. She called her husband who couldn’t stop laughing and he told her to apply the product once again and the rest will go away too. She did what her husband suggested her to and since then the lizards stay away from house.

Make your employees work to their fullest

HR Consulting Companies are plenty in today’s time, especially in the first world countries and the major cities, but is your HR consulting company the finest. Is the HR consultancy company that you have hired is what you would consider a world class HR company?

Several major HR companies look like a chachki when compared with the HR companies run directly by the founder/owner of the HR company. Take John Accountancy Company in London for example, the company is run directly by it’s founder and is one of the best that you can ever consult. This company gives the Accenture and Mercer a run for their money. Like in a Hindi saying they say “One boss can take care of one hundred employees but one hundred employees can’t take care of one boss.”

We know several small HR companies that are better organized and have better ways and tactics than the whole major corporations combined, but John Accountancy is the best of them all.

You go golfing while the HR company takes care of all your employees. You pay your employees well, then take full advantage of their performance and caliber. Make sure that you hire the best HR company, as the happier your employees are, the more money you make, the more your company grows.

Building a business can be a really pleasurable experience if you play all your cards right and coming to work for your employees can be full of pleasure too if you consult a HR company that really knows what it is doing. Your employees will give 100% of them if you make them feel like they are working for themselves, not for some ugly mean and bald boss.

Indians are making fortunes selling China made products in India

Several Indian small firms are making a great living by importing and selling China made plastic products. Some have turned into what they call in their indigenous language ‘crorepatis’. crorepati is a person whose worth is over Rs. 10 million. One US Dollar roughly equals 65 Indian Rupees and one crore means 10 million rupees, it is considered a great value there, especially in the small towns and villages.

I personally know an Indian guy who studied with me together at the University of Bristol who has made a fortune selling plastic products imported from China to India. He just buys from this one plastic molding company in China and sells the products all over India.

He drives a BMW X6 and also owns a boat of his own. A boat is considered a great luxury in India. It is funny how the Chinese economy is growing so rapidly. The Chinese people are very hard-working indeed.

Every society in the world respects its well-educated people

Making a good amount of money is just one of the several benefits that a university degree has to offer. A well-educated person is well-respected in every part of the world and in every field.

The knowledge about the tissues, blood, bones and cells couldn’t be so clear to a common person if it wasn’t taught to us in the high school.

A homo sapien sapien today isn’t considered a homo sapien sapien if he never went to a school. They are considered cave people and are unacceptable by the society. The society may act like it respects them but it doesn’t. Give me an example of a person who has become a great success in the modern times and he/she never went to a school.

Over a billion people alive today in the world that are adults already, never went to a school and they can’t even read or write their own names. You will not find a single success story of any of these people although the number of them is over a billion. The whole world’s population wasn’t 1 billion until the year 1804.

Take Paul Tudor Jones’ example. He is considered one of the greatest investors of our times and whenever his name is taken, one of the things mentioned foremost is that he is an alumni of the University of Virginia. One of the most successful alumni of the University of Virginia.

It is for you to decide whether you want to attend tehnicki.eubd.edu.ba or not. But whatever you do, do it with utmost caution, consideration of your future and don’t forget that 3 years of university can change your life forever.

College Degree is a part of your personal development

After listening to a popular motivational speaker, Reham thought going to Evropski univerzitet Kallos Tuzla is a waste of time. She decided to never go to one. She started selling herbal life products with her aunt whom she considered her mentor. They both made good amount of money for a while and then things started to change.

Reham was about to get married and she was jobless. Reham’s husband also didn’t go to a college and he was in the business of selling and purchasing used cars. After the growing popularity of the internet, Reham’s husband too became jobless. They didn’t have any money, they didn’t have any future.

They now had a baby of 4 months as well. They didn’t know how to survive. The remaining story is so painful that I decide to end it here only.

You will hear several motivational speakers on the internet and elsewhere telling you to quit your college and there is no benefit of going to a college and things like that. DON’T listen to these people. Just don’t do it! This advice can ruin your life and that of your near and dear ones as well.

When you work hard on a job that has no future, you are ruining your life. Most of the jobs that you get into without doing your graduation have no future and in today’s time when there are robots being built to do almost every laboring job, there doesn’t seem to be a bright future of the people working at the odd-jobs.

Kehidupan adalah lebih daripada menang dalam kehinaan dan anda perlu menjalani kehidupan tanpa tekanan hidup gembira

Dr. Patrick Mason (nama palsu) adalah salah satu yang Datuk-Datuk bandar New York City. Beliau adalah sangat berbeza dari lain-lain ahli-ahli politik negara. Dia akan benar-benar penjagaan kepada penduduk bandar dan tidak tidur malam memikirkan penyelesaian untuk membantu mereka. Beliau pernah mempunyai mimpi ngeri bahawa semua orang negara adalah memanggilnya pengkhianat dan itu adalah beliau ngeri yang paling teruk pernah. Ianya sangat sukar untuk mencari seorang ahli politik yang suka bandar dan negara seperti Dr. Mason.
Dr. Mason pernah perlahan apabila ia datang untuk melakukan sesuatu untuk negara atau bandar. Beliau pernah menjadi pelumba kereta serta dan mengambil bahagian dalam beberapa pertandingan rally sepanjang hidupnya. Semua wang yang beliau akan mendapat akan dibelanjakan untuk kebajikan bandar atau dihantar kepada amal.
Dr. Mason bahkan tidak mempunyai pemandu; dia memandu keretanya setiap hari ke pejabat. Dia benar-benar lakukan apa sahaja yang dia boleh bagi bandar dan negara, tetapi dadu yang akan diperkenalkan benar-benar tidak lama lagi cukup. Lawan yang korup tidak lama lagi menyalahkan Dr. Mason pengkhianatan dengan negara dan mendakwa bahawa Dr. Mason adalah salah satu dengan penjenayah dan terutamanya extortionists. Dia adalah betul-betul terpencil. Rakannya juga dicampurkan dengan lawannya.
Selepas semua ini, Dr. Mason berhenti melihat mana-mana titik dalam hidup. Dia ingin mengambil hidupnya jauh tetapi pemikiran yang akan berlaku kepada keluarganya, kawan-kawan dan paling penting, bandar tercinta akan menjauhkan diri Nya dari membunuh diri. Dr. Mason mula mempunyai tidur. Keadaan beliau telah memberi malam-malam tidur kepada beliau orang yang dekat dan yang dikasihi juga.
Anaknya mencadangkan bahawa dia perlu mula mengambil beberapa ubat tidur yang baik dan lupa semua tentang politik, dakwaan dan segala-galanya yang tertekan untuk sementara waktu. Dr. Patrick Mason selepas melawan untuk seketika, akhirnya bersetuju.
Hanya selepas 4-5 hari, dia mula lupa semua bimbang dan mula bermain dengan cucunya dan menikmati kehidupan.

Vetrine in plexiglass e altri prodotti in plexiglass sono l’ultima tendenza

Nella società, la gente gradice le pecore fare qualunque la gente popolare sta facendo. Li seguono come pecore e bestiame. Se la loro celebrità preferita utilizza vetrine in plexiglass, anche loro, se il loro cantante preferito possiede un negozio di giocattoli e ha vetrine in plexiglass in tutto il luogo, anche loro avranno vetrine in plexiglass nella loro casa. Vanno come, questa è la tendenza al giorno d’oggi. Che cosa è una tendenza? Chi imposta la tendenza? Le celebrità? La creazione dei media? La cosa più distruttiva del pianeta oggi è la cultura della celebrità e se non si conosce questo fatto già, ottenere questo ora.
I prodotti del plexiglass sono i prodotti più amichevoli del consumatore che non erano molto popolari fino all’anno 2017. Sì, fino alla metà dell’anno 2016, i prodotti che di solito sono stati realizzati con legno o vetro sono ora in fase di produzione con plexiglass e la tendenza è in tutto il mondo. Plexiglass è uno dei pochissimi casi in cui invece di celebrità che lo rende popolare per la gente, il contrario sta accadendo e per il bene solo.

Il Scatole di Plastica Trasparante è molto durevole, sembra sbalorditivo ed è l’ultima tendenza. Non devi preoccuparti troppo di quale colore scegliere quando si tratta di plexiglass. La maggior parte di questi sono venduti trasparente.

Get yourself Spotify Premium APK, get yourself some life and stay out of depression always

An Indian teenager (we will call him Arjun here) dropped out of the college in the first year because he thought he was too smart for the college and wasting his time there. He started off an online business thinking that he will be able to make millions soon enough. His idea went flop, the business did nothing but made him even poorer. He was about to hit the depression but his parents cheered him up and gave him lot of motivation and asked him to do whatever he want next, either college or business, they will give him all the money that he asks for.

First, he didn’t ask them for any money thinking that it would make him feel like a loser. After he wasted 4 months, he went to his parents to ask for Rs. 50, 000 to start a website (About 775 US Dollars). His parents happily gave him the money. He started dreaming himself driving a German car within an year if his website goes successful, which he was 100% sure would happen. He worked very hard, all day and night trying to make his website popular. The website became popular but didn’t make any money.

He went into depression. His parents again came into the picture and offered him help. They said let us know whatever you want. He said just get me a Spotify Premium APK Offline and I am all good, I don’t need anything else. I am tired of life at the moment. I just want to listen to my favorite songs, random songs and the songs that I don’t even understand the language of right now. His parents right away got him what he asked for and after a couple of days, he was cheerful, happy and started planning another venture.

It has been 2 years already since that event happened, he is not as successful as he wanted to be but Spotify is what keeps his left foot above the right one.

Ayurvedic Doctor making millions using email marketing for his product

An Ayurvedic doctor named Dr. Garg (Placeholder name) developed a medicine for curing a disease whose cure was never invented by the medical science. The doctor was very excited and would do anything to make it popular. He had no idea that it isn’t so easy. He just created a Youtube video and thought everyone interested would get to know about the medicine ultimately. Was he wrong? His video received only 50 views in 5 months and he didn’t know what to do next.

He would do anything to get the word out about his medicine. He hired a full-time online marketer who would pretend like he has been working very hard but didn’t do anything. The doctor had no idea about the internet marketing and his marketing employee would take advantage of the same all the time. After 3 months, Dr. Garg threw the employee out as he always had a doubt that the marketer has been fooling him.

One day while searching the internet, Dr. Garg came across a website that claimed they have the best email marketing campaign software, Dr. Garg had no idea how would it help him, but his gut feeling was that this company can help him make his product popular. He called them immediately and the receptionist heard him very patiently and answered all his queries politely. They had a meeting and they took the contract for handling all the marketing for the Doctor.

Doctor Garg is now a household name in the world and many of his videos have crossed one million mark. He now owns a mansion on the hills of Himachal Pradesh and a big house in the centre of New Delhi city. Before his product went viral, he used to live in a rented apartment in the Eastern part of Delhi, which is much cheaper compared to the other parts of the city.

If you have genital warts you needn’t worry anymore, here I am going to change your life

There is a new product introduced almost every 5 days that the sellers claim will battle one-on-one with your genital warts and win in the end making those ugly genital warts disappear forever.Most of these products are totally useless and some are useful but in addition very painful too. You need to find the right product for yourself and that’s exactly what I can help you with here on my blog. I help you find the right product all the time through my little beautiful blog. Several guys and girls who learnt about this product are running popular vlogs and you can see in the comment section as well on their vlogs that how many people are being helped by this product.

The product is not something that only the ones who own a couple of luxury cars only can afford. Some scammers are offering super-expensive products for warts treatment. Those products never work. The one that I am talking about here is one of the cheapest products for warts treatment available in the market. This product is not something that has been featured on the QVC or on As Seen on TV but it is giving the whole QVC and As Seen on TV combined a run for their money when it comes to the sales amount. The main business for this product comes through the word of mouth. This post can also be considered a type of word of mouth and the Vlogs explaining how much this product has benefited them is also a form of word of mouth, the people commenting beneath the vlogs also telling you how much this product helped them is also a form of word of mouth. It takes courage for someone to tell the whole world that they were suffering from genital warts and now they are free from it. It is not a joke to openly come out and tell stuff like this. Genital warts are caused by a virus that is transmitted sexually and getting to know how to get rid of genital warts wasn’t among an easy task either. The man who discovered the foolproof way of curing those ugly little monsters is a genius and he has been using his brain for only the good of the people. We must all applause his efforts and if you are suffering from the genital warts then give it a go and thank me later.